on borrowed time…….


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  • RealityChick

    Great video, Rainmaker. Gotta add this one to yours as well:

    Dr. Helen Caldicott has been exposing the horrific consequences of depleted uranium and nuclear waste for decades. Her warnings in this video are simply mindblowing…

  • Country Codger

    Excellent video. I don’t think we are going to wake people up. Jim, you probably saw the response i got to the email i sent out. Sarcasm is a coping device when everything seems out of contol. It is easier to be sarcastic than pro-active, I know that.

    • Rainmaker

      I know Codger. But we still gotta try. Most the yokes inside the eggs have no idea how things are in the Fuku region, let alone on the planet. This video only scratches the surface. We all been programmed too damn long…we still gotta hope that Dr. Ron can save us all. He is a good man, but he is a better idea. This shit is going down no matter what we all hope for.

  • urban sling-bow

    What is going to come next – an Alien invasion?

    There is a problem with Fukushima but its not an end of the world event. Its about fear, because from fear comes control, and my word, are they pushing the boat out with Fukushima.

    In my view that new-world-government in waiting, the UN, are simply experimenting with what they can get away with and what it would take for the people to ask for global co-operation, or to accept a new global government to fight the threat to our very existance on planet earth.

    So now its Fukushima that is going to wipe us all out. Add it to the list and move on.

    What was it last month – Solar flares, cme’s or something of that ilk, that will send the earth back to the stoneage.

    A few more months before that it was the pole shifts and the earth-changes (ie massive earthquakes and volcanic erruptions).

    Prior to that we had the comet Elenin.

    Before that it was planet X / nibiru.

    Prior to that we had H1N1, and all sorts of other mankind-killing mutant viruses.

    What was before that?, cant remember, but so what, I think you get the point – its all about fear. From fear comes control.

    Oh, Dont forget to watch out for those pesky terrorists too – they are everywhere now.

    Then there is always ‘global warming’, which just refuses to go away, if all else fails.

    As that great leader of nothingness once said:

    “You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on.”
    – George W Bush.

    • Rainmaker

      Urban sling-bow,

      On this one, I am going to disagree. Completely. Life will go on after Fukushima, except that we are all going to live with higher cancer rates, higher birth defects, and over the next ten years, the negative affects to all living things attributed to Fukushima will be unimaginable.

      Solar flares are real and that is something else we will have to deal with over time. They have been around forever and are not going away.

      Regarding H1N1, earlier this century there was in 1918 The Spanish Flu. The Spanish Influenza pandemic is the catastrophe against which all modern pandemics are measured. It is estimated that approximately 20 to 40 percent of the worldwide population became ill and that over 50 million people died.

      Regarding Elenin, Niburu, no one knows. Global warming is just another Taxable meme.

      History has a way of repeating itself, and while fear does equal control, we don’t need to be afraid anymore, we are already controlled. Completely.

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