Silver Shield Report #30- Confessions Of A Conscientious Objector

“Man is free at the instant he wants to be.”  -Voltaire

I have been making a very strong case that we do not need to organize and “fight” this corrupt world, we simply need to expose and walk away from it.  This is the opposite consciousness that will ensure victory. No more wasted efforts, marches and organizations, just leaderless, independent revolution.  No more fearing mysterious bad guys.  No more waiting for knights in shining armor.  We have the power to free ourselves the moment we are honestly seeking the truth and take the responsibility that comes with it.  Once you take responsibility to make yourself totally free you become stronger and independent.  It also has the opposite effect of depriving the collective forces from your time, talent and money.  This is the underlying thesis of the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield, but it works in personal relationships, careers and governments.

“Don’t believe them, don’t fear them, don’t ask anything of them” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

I said that counter party risk would the world of the year and a recent poll seems to be backing that up.  In Nothing We Trust from the National Journal talks about how people are losing trust in everything as the corruption spreads.  This will eventually lead to the collapse of all paper assets which we are preparing for in the Silver Shield Report.  The thing that did surprise me was how high the military ranked in the trust category.  On some level I get the hero worship of the typical American but having served I can tell you that while most military men are decent people who are under the illusion of defending the Constitution, the organization of the military is as corrupt and psychopathic as any other organization.  Hence my saying, “love the men, hate the machine.”

In today’s Silver Shield Report, I speak with another member of the SSR, Ben, who had very similar experiences of the military I had when I was activated with the Marine Infantry after 9/11.  Unlike Ben I did not wake up from the illusion until 2 years after my contract ended.  Please listen to our discussion on the real military experience and why they should not be trusted, like all other collective organizations.  This Report should help some to walk away like Ben did and also break the illusion that is drilled into our head with the hero worship of the brutalizing class.

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8 comments to Silver Shield Report #30- Confessions Of A Conscientious Objector

  • Ben

    **NOTE: Not the Ben from the SS report.**


    I think this is one of the best Silver Sheild reports you have done in awhile. I think it is a powerful message that you have put forth. As a boomer, and as someone who has also served, most of what you both spoke about hit right in my wheelhouse. When I joined, I joined to get college money, nothing more, at the time I joined, it was relatively peaceful, no wars and no conflicts. The economy was booming and joining the military was just another way to make money for school. Like a part time job right? That’s how they sold it back then.

    When I got in however, things dramatically changed for me. I was in the Army, and it was not “be all you can be”, it was…”you be who we want you to be to serve the collective”. I could go on about what I saw while on active duty, but the both of you covered just about everything. I think even what I saw back in the 80’s was relatively tame to what is going on nowadays. Rampant sexual abuse, drug use and the quality of soldiers, airmen and marines is at an all time low. One of the biggest problems in the Army is rival gang members trying to jocky for power. Is this the kind of Army we want to field? Think any of those gang members would fire on American citizens? Payback?

    I also want to say, as a boomer, I am not offended in the least by this report. I hope others feel the same way. I also am not ashamed of my service. I knew what I was getting into and it gave me a lot of positive reinforcement. I guess I have tried to take the good with the bad from that whole experience.

    So, while I do not support the wars and the psychopathic behavior of the “machine”. I do support those men and women who come home. I have worked with vets in the past and some of the things they have gone thru breaks my heart. I will always have a soft spot for those men and women. Just like I had a soft spot for my dad and his friends from WWII.

    I could go on and on, but I will leave it at that spot.

    One last thing. I think we all could agree on, aren’t recruiters some of the biggest mind manipulators of all time? Some of them can do a great job getting young men and woman into service. The machine trains them well! Sometimes I think that would be the worst job. If those men and women ever sat back and thought about how many lives they have affected. This whole mess might stop….

    ….then again…it will never happen.

    Great report!

    • Son of Liberty

      This is Ben from the interview… thanks for sharing your experiences. I’ve had conversations on this topic with people who served in the 80’s and usually my viewpoints are met with righteous indignation – something like this:

      I understand what you mean about the WWII veterans and that whole idea… I know that my ideas about my grandfather’s service in WWII had an influence on my decision to enlist on 2003. The problem is that the people we respect who are war veterans are respectable in spite of their combat trauma, not because of it (my opinion).

      And, to you last point, I agree with you 100% about military recruiters! From people that I’ve talked to in the Army recruiting is indeed the worst job… they even get paid extra because it is such a lousy job. Actually from my conversations there seems to be some contention about whether being a recruiter or drill sergeant is worse… as for the mind manipulation, it is at a whole new level as far as I can tell:

      Army commercial targeting kids who play military video games –
      Pop culture says when things get tough join the Marines –
      In recruiting speak, “parent” and “influencer” are synonymous –

      I could go on all day about this stuff, but I won’t. I just want to encourage SSR members to prevent the people that they care about from falling into the military-industrial-dehumanization-destruction complex.

  • Rainmaker

    Very powerful and moving. Great interview. Brings new meaning to the term “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

  • FlyingCloud

    Thank you Ben and Chris for this very insightful conversation, not only about the Army, but about questioning everything, leaving the former believes behind, and turning away from the lies and the liars. It takes much courage and confidence not only to think about it, but to really take action.

    But talking about WWII, it wasn’t a “good” war, for no-one. A small elite drove all countries into it, Germany didn’t start it, and Germans didn’t do the evil things they have been accused of. It’s all propaganda, and the elite hides behind it.

    Have you heard about the Eisenhower death camps, where huge numbers of disarmed German soldiers were starved intentionally by US soldiers? Maybe not.

    And most people didn’t ever ask themselves any question about the official “Holocaust” version, although it is very questionable. It’s the Elites strongest foothold, but also their weakest point (that makes them very aggressive when protecting their version). To look further into it, here is a brief introdution: just as a start. itself is a huge database with a lot of documents from different sources, to explore the topic. They’re not nazis, but truthers.

    You might have heard of Benjamin Freedman, who uncovered many of the underlying motifs of the two World Wars. He makes clear how much the US Army has been and still is misused for Non-American purposes.

    The western civilisation is built on those phony myths. And you are right, the exposure of the hidden truth would make many people turn their back on the liars, on their businesses, media and wars.

    For me personally, the Sons of Liberty Academy was the possibility to have lessons in a very compressed but reliable way, and I’m still grateful. From there on, I did my own researches, especially in the medicine sector, to take much more responsibility for my and my family’s health. And the holocaust topic sent me through a second awakenig, which was even harder than the first. But the first one had prepared me, so I could take it. Thanks again for everything, Chris!

  • Petter Dolk

    Excellent report. I identified myself in that one because of my time in the Swedish military. During Afghanistan I got more and more aware that we didn’t really do anything worthwhile there. Why where we there?

    After I woke up I now see It for what it was and I’m not going back.

    On the theme of leaving the old behind and walking away I threw together a couple of images based on the slogan “JUST GALT IT”. (I don’t have the rights to the pictures… but please use mine and share as much as you want on your own risk)

    Thanks for your work Chris!

  • FlyingCloud

    I thought this was very touching:

    War Veterans Throw Medals at NATO Summit!

  • James Tetreault

    Your rejoinder to Lord Acton’s maxim is almost exactly the same take as in chapter 8 of The Road To Serfdom. The title of that chapter is “Why the Worst Get on Top”. And Hayek’s answer is that when a job has no honor and requires that one do things to which a sensible person will object, then it’s the sociopaths who gravitate toward that job.

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