Silver Shield Report #31- Important SSR Member Update

I know it has only been 2 days since my last Silver Shield Report, but I really wanted to share some important time sensitive information on what I am up to right now.

Silver Shield Report #30- Confessions Of A Conscientious Objector has been receiving some stellar reviews.

“Very powerful and moving. Great interview. Brings new meaning to the term “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” -Rainmaker

“I think this is one of the best Silver Shield reports you have done in awhile. I think it is a powerful message that you have put forth.”– Ben S.

“I am finishing listening to the interview you did.  Holy shit, Chris, that was very powerful. Really. Its that moving. I think this interview will touch a lot of people. Wow.” -John F.

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I had to make another SSR about something that has been driving me nuts in the past few days.  This hour long update is about why I made some fairly large silver purchases yesterday and today.  As you know I have developed an acute sense of what is going on below the radar.  The most powerful feelings I have had was when I sold my house at the top and then bought silver in 2005.  I had my strongest feeling in May of 2008 when I left my business.  I had similar feelings when I did the SSR #9 December 14th 2011- The Big Silver Picture.  Two weeks after that call, I made the largest purchases since 2005 between Christmas and New Years, so much so that I had $0 in all of my accounts to end the year.

This feeling that I have been building up is that this market is about to burst.  I lay out all of the reasons and angles I see on why right now is a very good time to make a purchase.  The complacency, the rhetoric, the BRICS, the Debt Limit, the US Elections, the return of Putin, the defeat of Sarkozy, Israel and Iran.  This bull market is far from over and when it is this quiet, it is the time to buy, not when everyone is hooting and hollering “Silver Bitchez!”

I hope you enjoy this silver update and I am might be doing a call the Drew Mason of Constitutional Silver on the floor of the NYSE, of all places, next week.  If you have not contacted Drew about buying silver before, please contact him before you buy anywhere else.  He has the best deals and service, but he also does complex deals that no one else does.  You can reach Drew at or

Please allow the video to buffer awhile before you push any buttons.

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20 comments to Silver Shield Report #31- Important SSR Member Update

  • NZAllBlack

    It does feel like the end (of manipulation/the system) is near. Trotting out Bill F’n Gates to disparage Gold/Silver! A final smack down before a QE announcement…? Whatever! #DoubleDown!! See you on the other side of $60!

    • Silver Shield

      Seriously, they could not have brought out a worse bag man for this.
      I can’t wait until Paris Hilton starts to bash it on CNBC.

  • risingstar

    Chris, for what it is worth, I TOTALLY resonate, and the conviction cometh from the deep. Thank you for putting it out there, and having such integrity, for many will heed your wise words. I logged on only because I just knew you would have something to say on this TODAY, and you had just the message I knew you would. Very exciting time!!!! Sell what you can folks, and buy the shiny!

    • Silver Shield

      That is the crazy thing about this market, the average investor buys more as it goes up and sells as it goes down.
      I have learned to buy when it is very uncomfortable and those are the times that become the big no brainer moments.
      I used to sweat over .20¢ moves when silver was at $7 now it is dollars.
      I have to look at the fundamentals I laid out in the SBSS and wait for the day the dollar does not buy silver.
      I used to get excited about striking it rich with silver but know that the Ultimate Exit Strategy is in my head, and I have spoken to more people from the SSR, I M more excited about the new way of life we can build.

  • Joshua Stewart

    im doing a large buy myself anything below 30 is a gift!!!

    • Silver Shield

      It is but after a year of this it is easy to get complacent about this and that is why I have spent so much time this year hammering the fundamentals in the SBSS.

      Seriously I have 5 hours of material in the SBSS talking about silver in multiple aspects of why you should but silver.
      I doubt Steve Jobs could have done that on why you should buy Apple.

  • Gareth

    Your star wars collection? I reckon it’d need to go below $26 for you to do that :-)

    • Silver Shield

      I would hit the credit cards and credit lines before that but I do have it in the back of my mind…

      • Gareth

        I’ve thought the same thing. I got some star wars stuff when I was nine/ten and never really used them. They are in perfect boxes :-) They also hold no memories. Maybe……………..

        My memorable figures still have tape on them after I taped the weapons to ’em thirty years ago. It’s cool to look at them and think back :-)

  • rocky theboat

    Can’t see the video

    only hearing you speak

  • rocky theboat

    Ive downloaded it and its ok

  • pianoman

    Great info Chris and a good venette of your history as well. Was able to get an order out for a few more coins. I figure it all helps create that shield. Ha Gates, what a hack!

  • Cory Barnes

    Chris – I never really hear about where to store food. I currently just keep it in an extra closet in my house, but didn’t know if it should be stored somewhere other than inside the house.

  • Silver42

    Here are a couple images I created that is similar to what I imagine as I store silver and food.

  • Petter Dolk

    Just ordered food, water filtration, extra clothes, fire axe. Had the silver but lacked the stuff to survive. Feel better now! Will buy more silver soon also.

    Posted this in the other post, but will post again:

    Share images if you like, I don’t have the rights to the original picture but i added the text, so use on you own risk :)

  • matt campbell

    “The psychological difference between having an E-Trade account with SLV, and seeing the pain coming, and knowing that pain can be gotten rid of by one click, that, to me, is something physical does not offer…”

    I didn’t become a stacker two weeks because I want to buy high and sell low, I did it because I saw that bad economic times are coming, and that’s where preservation of wealth is in tough economic times. I’m glad I found your website(s) last week; it’s good to know I’m not the only one who’s getting off the ship BEFORE the iceberg. All your info gave me the courage to “pull the trigger” on closing my 401k account — I’m almost anxious to get the funds so I can send in a part of it to

    The message must be getting out: I went to buy another $50 in constitutional silver from my local coin shop, and they were sold out save two thin dimes.

    Thanks a lot for your research and insight; I’ll keep doing my own.


  • Terry Biterlich

    I really like your teaching and one of your topice really resonated with me, your topic on allodial title to gain tax free property once we pay for it. I live in Colorado and no one has any information on this, where can we find info on allodial title

    • Silver Shield

      Allodial Title is not readily available in this paradigm but I am very confident we will be able to negotiate for one in the next paradigm as local governments will be very willing to develop land and get much needed capital.

  • James Tetreault

    While I agree with you on all this, Chris. I think it’s very ill advised to say that “everything” about our lives is a lie. This is too sweeping and it must be off putting when encountered by people who are somewhat receptive but not entirely on board yet.

    Regarding preparations, I do a little something every time I go to the market. Even if I’m just getting one or two things, I add a 5 lb bag of rice to it or a nice 1 pound canned ham or both. You can get to six months food in reserve in a month or so’s time.

    • Silver Shield

      Everything is lie our economics, politics, psychology, consumerism, etc.We have been indoctrinated into sacrificing our self for some societal good and it leaves us broke and empty. Break through that and find what is real in your life.

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