There is a video that keeps getting yanked from YouTube and Google and it is called Mediaopoly. The video is pulled because the video, “content that is owned or licensed by NBC Universal.” The video that I posted and was rejected was not even the full video. It was a commentary of the cartoon Mediaopoly. You can watch the video below and see for yourself. There is no due process just a computerized judgement. In fact if you are in violation of this thought crime 3 times, your account can be closed. This is a very disturbing trend especially as the Elite seek to shut down the internet. They are pushing for complete internet shut down of the entire household if say a child downloads three Britney Spears songs illegally.

According to the FAIR USE ACT you may use copyrighted media if “(v) an act of circumvention that is carried out to gain access to a work of substantial public interest solely for purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, or research.” Here is a very important issue of media consolidation and censorship and it get censored.

Mediaopoly is a short clip from Robert Smigel that played only once on Saturday Night Live. The cartoon was a play on the School House Rock cartoons from when we were young. These cartoons took adult ideas like how does a law get passed, into the child’s world of cartoons. Robert’s Conspiracy Theory Rock focused on the Mediaopoly that a hand full of corporations control just about everything you see, hear and read.

Understanding this Mediaopoly issue is key to understanding how the Elite control our reality. The Elite own and control the Central Banks of the world. They then control our corporations, politicians, military and media. This system’s weakest link is the media because ideas are ultimately what enslave people. If you can control their thoughts and actions through the media manipulation then you control their actions.

The Elite use the media to use a mocking bird approach to keep repeating an idea over and over again. Your perception becomes reality. This was apparent during the Bankster Bailout when the corporate media said that we had better negotiate with the financial terrorists and meet their demands. Or even more subtle approaches such as all of the “earth friendly” programing. Do you remember NBC having a week long Green Programming where protecting the environment was interlaced into all of their shows?

The other way the Elite manipulate us is through the constant nonsense they pump out to distract us. Everything from Football to American Idol is to have us distracted with bread and circuses. Our silence has been bought off with gadgets as we mentally masturbate ourselves to death. Even when Anna Nicole Smith died, there was almost as much coverage on her death as the entire Gulf War during the same time. Same goes for Michael Jackson, Brittney Spears and Charlie Sheen. If fact his is usually a good clue to start hunting for some real story that they do not want you to follow.

I strongly encourage you to join the FREE Sons of Liberty Academy and see how you can become totally free.

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