On The Clock of Tyranny…

On the clock of tyranny we are 30 seconds from Midnight. I will not go into an analysis of the N.D.A.A.or the various Executive Orders from der fuehrer in the last five months. So many people have already done this that I think it unnecessary for me to add anything to their analysis. I just wanted to add a link to an older article that I wrote December of 2011. ( http://codgerville.wordpress.com/2011/12/15/it-is-not-a-brave-new-world-but-rather-a-world-only-for-the-brave/ ). The closer we get to the summer months the more likely these events will take place. As I have stated in other articles, I do not see Obama voluntarily leaving office. I still believe that the key time will be the period from August through the end of the year, with major emphasis on the period just prior to the general election in November.

In June, I will be heading back to New Mexico. In all honesty, I have no immediate plans on returning, but that is subject to change. This is not fear-mongering but what I consider to be the act of a “reasonably prudent man”. As I have stated in personal messages and phone conversations with some of you, I have been early many times in getting to the party, but I have never been late. I don’t care to start now.

Now, before some of you ask when you read my next article, “Why are you looking at staying in New Mexico if you are building a new home in southeast Texas?” Because I hope I am wrong! If I am, you can laugh at me all you want to and I will laugh with you. But, if I am right and some type of a coup takes place to totally enslave Amerika, no one will be laughing.

I think it is time that all of you who are serious about preserving your family check and re-check your bug-out bags, double check your vehicles, use up all your stale gasoline or diesel and buy fresh fuel for your spare fuel cans. NOTE: this is much more important for gasoline than diesel because of the way gasoline is produced. Fuel purchased in the winter is much more volatile than fuel purchased in the summer due to additives used in the cooler months. Gasoline purchased during the warmer months is less volatile and will store longer than fuel purchased in the winter. Just a hint.

I will continue to add articles until I leave for New Mexico, @June 20th. After I am there it will be very difficult for me to add anything. I may be able to work something out with PlanetPrisoner or Rainmaker to make postings for me but I have yet to discuss this possibility with them. (Guys, let me know what you think of this idea.)

If I say that I have faith but don’t translate that to action in my life then my faith is really dead. (The Book of James in the New Testament is one of my favorite.)

Having said all of this, this is NOT a bug-out call. It is a personal note to all of you of what I  am preparing to do in my own life. As of today, May 10th 2012 we still have a reasonably free nation and some hope of turning this thing around. But, when the roadblocks go up I think it will be too late.

Good luck and God bless you all.

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  • Ben


    I would never laugh at you…even if you were wrong. There is nothing funny about a man making prudent decisions to prepare for tough times. That my friend, is no laughing matter. I saw an article at another website asking if “people who prepare” are crazy. I don’t understand this notion. Don’t all of us prepare in some way or another? Don’t we all have life insurance? Homeowner’s insurance? Auto Insurance? Hell, even I have pet insurance and it has saved us a ton on our animal. And for people stuck in the paper paradigm…don’t they save money? Have 401k’s and IRA’s? Even if it is fiat currency? They are saving for tough times or for emergencies. If they don’t get out soon, they will be in for a rude awakening. How is “prepping” for the coming paradigm shift any different?

    I don’t think making a move at this time is a bad decision. You have the means neccessary to take care of yourself C. I wish I had those options but I don’t have the resourcces. I ain’t going anywhere and I am bugging in. That is why I want to work with my neighors. I hope to make it thru this “poop storm”. If not, I am prepared for the consequences that await me.

    You are doing what is best for you and none of us on this site should question that decision. You don’t need our approval for the decisions you make Cyrus. I can’t speak for everyone here, but I honestly look to your wisdom and experience on “things” to answer questions I have in my own preparations. I have a lot of respect for you brother. You have helped me out immensely. I will miss your postings and wisdom if you are not able to be in touch on the site.

    Take care my friend and best of call.


    • urban sling-bow


      I was going to write a few words giving CC my very sincere and heart felt thanks for his contribution to my preparations but you have said it all much better than I could have done. I stand behind everything you have said here.


      For what it is worth, I think you have judged the situation well – good call.

      Thanks for your words of wisdom in all your previous articles/postings and for telling-it-straight with no BS. You have most definately had a positive impact on my preps (and by default the chances my family have for getting through whats coming).

      I wish you and yours the very best for the future and God bless.

    • lastmanstanding

      Good God Ben…did you have to remind me of all the insurances that i’ve had over the years…

      i could have had a solar powered fortress, food for many for the long haul and a small well-armed force of men.

      geez…sounds like something that the elite might have.

      Like Cyrus, I’m get ready to hunker down…i work long days and turn fiat into tangible immediately.

      Everyone should be headed that direction just in case.

      • Ben

        You got room for a couple of mongrels out your way?

        • Country Codger

          Hi Ben,
          I love mongrels. Ol’ Yeller was a mongrel. 9/10’s of my family tree are mongrels. I always refer to myself as a Heinz 56. One more variety and I would be a purebred mongrel.

          • Ben


            I am actually almost 100 percent German….or more acturately Luxembourgy or whatever we call ourselves. Both sides of the family hale from some little place near Derenbach in the Ardenne. Ever been over there? People tell me it’s a great little country full of castles. I would like to go over there before it all falls down. We still have relatives over there.

            • Country Codger

              No Ben, never made it to Luxembourg. I tramped around Europe but didn’t make it to a lot of places. I researched a lot about the Templars while in Europe. I made friends at the University of Alexandria Egypt, the oldest continually operating university in the world, according to them, anyway. I learned how much i did not know. I studied under Dr. Schupert who studied under Freud in Vienna before WWII. I was thrown out of Israel and worked with the Brits in Cyprus briefly. I had the honor of making acquaintences with a great man of vision who was later assassinated by a CIA backed group. Egypt was a poorer place without him. I had the misfortune of making acquaintences with the “leader of the free world” and was not impressed and America was a poorer place because of him. Go figure.

              Anyway, if you like NM, check it out but I imagine Bill’s Montana will be right up your alley. Good luck and God bless.

        • lastmanstanding

          if you want to check Mt. out…please come and stay with us.


          • Ben

            I love Montana. I hear it has changed a lot in areas like Bozeman and Butte. If I were to move, I would move there or to Idaho. I hear they like mongrels.

            • lastmanstanding

              I’m nearly 100% “kraut” myself…we bit of scotch-irish…from my grandma…makes me a bit cranky at times.

              Bozeman is much bigger now, Butte slowly sliding into the abyss.

              It is a one hour drive south to Idaho…or a 3 hr hike west! you have the Selway_Bitterroot Wilderness and one of my favorites
              Frank Church “River of No Return” wilderness…gotta love that name.

    • SilverFox

      Ben, I think the people that call us preppers crazy also prep for a fire in the house with a fire extinguisher. . . Prep for an intruder with a gun or dare I say “gun’s”. . . Prep for an accident in the car with air bags and a seat belt. And I’ll bet they even have a spare tire. Some give blood to be stored, that’s prepping. Yes, everybody preps for something, but for some strange reason 99% of the people won’t prep for economic calamity weather it’s man made or natural. Perhaps they are all hypnotized by subliminal messages from our radios T.V.’s and computers. They are stupid for not taking action for fear of looking stupid for taking action. God bless um.

  • SilverEagle

    Same feelings here. We are unable to relocate to our retreat currently but have moved the items to a “GO” status. For us that means minimal travel away from home base, retreat members are communicated on a regular basis, bags are staged, car(s) have 3/4 tanks at all times, just finished cycling through winter stores of gas (+1 for that advice CC, even with preservative you need to cycle your stored fuel, daily calls to core family members, and those near retreat have been preparing site…….too soon? I don’t know, but better than too late!

    Be watchful of NATO meeting in Chicago later this month. Summer OWS/Black Panther/Union Disruption. Summer middle east conflict. Summer London Olympics. Fall Market Collapse. Fall October surprise. European Union Implosion pending through out the reminder of the year. Any event that may be highly visiable with maximum impact to create a crisis or chaos.

    • lastmanstanding

      My Scotland friends have moved their timetable to be here in the US before the Olympics…they would be here now if he didn’t have contract work until early August.

      His contract closes on the 6th…they will be on a plane immediately…if their home doesn’t sell, sounds like they are walking from it.

      The summit in Shicago is very suspect…I don’t need to tell any of you what will happen in something happens.

      • Ben

        I am looking for some kind of mini false flag. Of the “gas” or “small bomb” variety. Then watch the clamps come down.

  • Rainmaker

    I am here Codger, we will work something out.

    Regarding the fuel, it should be like your food stores. We should all have storage and rotate it in and out into our vehicles and replenish on a regular basis. We should try to keep track of whats older and whats not and use the old fuel first.

    Also, I would recommend a stablilizer for added preservation. The most common is STA-BIL or PRI-G and both come in gasoline or diesel. You should have some of these in stock for a rainy day, plus its good for you motor.

  • Gareth

    Leanne looked at images of New Mexico after I mentioned it to her a while back, after you’d mentioned it to me CC. She liked the look of the place. New Zealand looks nice too and is also ‘out of the way’.

    Baby bump’s gonna be a martial arts ace. He/she kicks the crap out of my back at night these days :-)

    Peace, CC
    Good luck

    • lastmanstanding

      I’m waiting for the call right now on my third grandson…

      it’s you ass he/she should be kickin to get you all out of the UK!

  • RealityChick

    Your updates keep us on our toes, and I know everyone reading this is as grateful as ever for your insight and wisdom. Good to re-read your prior posts again to help me keep focused (thanks for the link)! We are in this together, yet all on our own. And the only “collective” I support is that of the collective spirit, which I believe the awakened share and which will be our strength, whether we realize the connectedness or not. Blessings to you and yours, CC.

  • Country Codger

    I want to thank all of you for your support. My family believes that I am a high profile target and have voted that I need to stay in NM. I can overrule them if I choose but I have not decided to as of yet. Like i said in the article, I will try to work something out with Rainmaker and PlanetPrisoner to keep contributing articles if i should decide to stay. As of right now, I do not have plans to return. There are numerous issues i must take care of and this would be a great oppurtunity to do so. Time will tell. Maybe, i will be so wrong that after Ron Paul is president we can all sit around the fire at my place and drink Margaritas. The tequila is on me. My nephew Chris makes a mean Margarita. Hope are of you are well. We live in perilous times my friends. Be aware at all times.

  • CC,
    I moved to my bugout last month. Bring it on. I am ready! But of course, I hope it is not as bad as I think it will be. Coach David

    • Country Codger

      I had not heard from you in a while and was hoping that all was well with you and yours. God bless you and be careful. Let’s prepare for the worst but hope and pray for the best.

    • lastmanstanding

      Amen David…what a powerful move for the safety of yourself and family.

      Everyone thinks that they will see “signs” weeks in advance…I hope for their sake that they are right or that we can warn them…I have folks that live in places that will be next to impossible to escape from if even a small event happens.

      Good to here from you.

  • I had to take a break. I’m still reading, just have not been commenting. Thanks for all the help and encouragement! Coach David

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