Preparation is always the Key to Success and Survival-George Matheis–10.May.12 presents:

George Matheis, Jr. helps train the police and the military in basic survival skills. He’s made this specialty his life’s work and he has the experience and knowledge to help you prepare for almost any emergency. While it is impossible to be ready for every possibility, you can be ready for many different scenarios where normal public services and infrastructure are not functioning. George doesn’t believe you need to become and extreme prepper to survive most emergencies but having a sensible and well thought out plan will go a long way towards protecting you, your loved ones and your community from these regularly occurring disasters.

You can find his list for essential survival items below. According to George, these are must-haves during periods where either natural or manmade disasters are occurring. Surprisingly, the top items on George’s list have little to do with self defense. Rather, they deal with providing you with enough water and nutrition to get through supply disruptions that have occurred in places like Japan, Miami and New Orleans in the aftermath of extraordinary natural events.

George’s list of things you should have with you whenever you leave the house:

Stainless Steel water bottle (to boil water and soup/ramen in)
Aquamira Frontier Emergency Water Filter
Headlamp (that runs on AAs)
Leatherman Mulit-Tool
First Aid Kit (that includes 72 hrs of personal OTC and RX meds)
Baby wipes
Lightweight Rain Jacket (keeps you dry and can be used to layer to keep warm, should be considered your first line of shelter)
Eye Protection (your sunglasses should be OK)
Gloves (I prefer Mechanix)  during any emergency situation there are going to lots of things that you can cut or burn your hands on, you have to protect your hands
Food (that is high in protein and fat, I prefer Almonds and Beef Jerky)

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3 comments to Preparation is always the Key to Success and Survival-George Matheis–10.May.12

  • Country Codger

    You number one tool in any emergency is a prepared mind. You must keep your “cool” and be able to think yourself through a given situation. A person with all the latest gizmos, tons of food, water, guns and ammunition who is not prepared mentally to deal with the situation will probably fail. It is like the old saying: “the worst fisherman with the best fishing gear will never catch as many fish as the best fisherman with the worst gear.” Everyone should start by preparing themselves mentally, then physically. Hiking out of Kansas City along a railroad track with 50 pounds of gear on your back so you can keep yourself and your family alive is a fine time to remember you never used your membership at Gold’s Gym.
    Good luck and God bless.

    • Country Codger

      Hi kerry,
      Here is an older article i wrote that gives a “fairly” complete list of things that can and should be stocked in a retreat or homestead. It ain’t sexy but it will keep you alive. Good luck and God bless.

    • urban sling-bow


      I totally agree with you that mental attitude / state of mind is the single most important factor in any tough spot, if not life in general.

      I have seen determined / fired up people do some extraordinary things against extraordinary odds, without equipment, support, or resources. Had they not had the ‘mindset’ they would not have acheived what they did. I am sure you too could pull out many such examples.

      As Henry Ford said, “Whether you belive you can do something or not, you are right”.

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