Listen to What I Said 1 Month Ago…

6 comments to Listen to What I Said 1 Month Ago…

  • Rick

    She may be evil but c’mon, I’d still do her. LOL

  • arg3ntino

    Get in line, bud!

  • Pete

    Chris you nailed it again! Those crooks at JPM were up to something. Time for a little good press before the bad news comes out.

  • Will

    yeah i bought some JPM puts about 6 weeks ago (w/ my fiat paper gambling $$). Just closed em out last week at a profit but—OUCH. Today could have closed them at %700 higher

  • aletoledo

    Thank-you for your work in covering this issue. This has really been a life saver for me.

    IMO it seems that TPTB will create a silver standard in the future. JP Morgan is going to be the fall guy. Socializing the loses and privatizing the winnings.

  • […]   It seems like there is another “I told you so” every week.  Case in point; look at what I said about JP Morgan only a month ago.  In fact, it seems that the only major prediction that has not come to fruition is my boldest […]

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