Greek bank run

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  • aurochs

    Preview of comming attractions.

  • marz

    Argentina 2001, same story.

  • Fiat Facade

    Bank runs, yet gold and silver prices are going down. Are people running to the USD? Tell me, does this make sense?

    • lastmanstanding

      lots of people worldwide still believe in the American way of life…it is still far better than elsewhere. they still believe in those of us who have “freedom”. (as loose of a term as that is right now.)

      nothing makes sense…unless one has already given up and has taken the govt will help route.

    • Rainmaker

      Nope, makes no sense, but you must remember the markets are manipulated. Yes, people are running to the USD, but thats only a temporary fix. Its just the next best worse place to be. US Treasuries and Bond Auctions are not being attended by any soveriegn govts. Buyer of last resort is and will be the FED. No big, they conjure up money out of nowhere, control the velocity and value……..could gold and silver continue to slide, most definitely. How much more, who knows? But its like land, they quit making it, meaning there is a finite amount of it and because of oil and other commodity inflation, it continues to be more expensive to mine. Hold on to your PMs (grab some more if you can) and wait for QEIII, IV, V ….. and ZIRP forever.

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