SBSS 28. 6 Reasons for Hyperinflation

I believe that we will have a hyperinflation for 6 simple reasons.
1. The sick symbiotic relation between the bankers and the politicians guarantee it.  Bankers get profits from lending debt/money and politicians get power from spending money/debt.  The Fed is the lender of last resort and .gov is spender of last resort.  These two are all that is necessary for the system to inflate itself into oblivion.  When everyone is in debt and unwilling to take on more debt, the only two left to spin the musical propaganda and spike the monetary punch bowl are the ones that started it and benefit the most from it.

2.  This is the first time in history that the entire world is unhinged from any monetary anchor.  There is no market mechanism to stop the Fed to throw another 20 trillion on to the fire.  And it is not just the Fed it is the Bank of Japan, ECB and Bank of England. The whole world depends on the status quo of constant expansion of the money supply. With privately held central banks monetizing all the sovereign debt there is no stopping the governments worldwide to blowing another 16 trillion in wasteful government spending.  These two entities have no limits to their quest for more power.
3. Inflation benefits those that have power, that is why you can count on it.  Why would those that own our paradigm not print unlimited amounts of money or bailout their buddies, they are after all, too big to fail.  Inflation disproportionately hurts the rest of Americans and disproportionately  benefits the Elite who own all of the assets.  Do you really think the Elite care if gas goes to $10 a gallon?  No, food and energy make up such a small portion of their over all consumption and it just makes their assets worth more since they own it, transport it, sell it and tax it.

4.  History has shown that over and over again that whenever there is a whiff of deflation (a market crash) it is met with a tsunami of new money.  At what point do the deflationists think that this is going to stop?  The bankers want it.  The politicians want it.   The corporations want it.  Even the average American wants it.  No one wants to see the end of a paradigm, no one wants a hard new reality.  “Give us more monetary drugs so that we can keep on living the American dream.”  Money printing is denial of a reality.  People delude themselves all the time, and so do societies.  If given the choice of sobering up and facing the hangover or shakes, the alcoholic will choose over and over again to go back to the drug until they hit rock bottom and they are forced to deal with the consequences of their actions.  Only then will alcoholics and societies sober up.

5. No nation prints that their own fiat debt ever takes the hard road down to deflation.  While nations like Greece may default on a foreign debt and return to the Drachma, the US is never going to give up their privilege of printing the world’s reserve currency.  They will simply print and bailout anyone, anywhere until the dollar has no value what-so-ever.

6. Foreign nations will see that we are intent on destroying the dollar and will dump the dollar internationally.  We have already seen nations like Brazil, Russia, India and China dump the dollar in bilateral trade and now they are openly starting to create their own IMF and markets and seeking to break the petro dollar trade. These foreign dollar holders will eventually go to the only economy that must use the dollar, the USA.  Dollars will flood in and buy anything of real tangible value.  Then there will be currency controls and the dollars will flood the commodities markets internationally driving up the value of REAL assets as people the world over dump the dollar.  Ultimately there is no regulation or edict that will stop the market or an idea whose time has come.

9 comments to SBSS 28. 6 Reasons for Hyperinflation

  • Sharky

    The deflation/ inflation debate has been huge.

    One of the best explanations that made most sense to me is that you first get inflation in core essentials like energy food gas , as this takes more of peoples disposable income it causes temporary deflation in other non essential consumer goods , however as more money is printed it will simply overrule and wipe out this temporary deflationary downturn ,

  • Right now is a great time to buy up silver. Whatever they are doing to manipulate the market to possible scare people out of silver, should only make you want to jump on it and buy up and much as you can.

  • Jon

    America wake up!

  • Stryker


    I greatly enjoy your emails and videos, and I think that you have good insight into what awaits us. However, I deeply disagree as to the inevitability of hyper inflation. Trillions of dollars in Credit Default Swaps will turn up worthless, the stock market will tank,destroying billions in ‘wealth.’ US(and European) banks count liabilities as assets, pension funds are empty, and government on all levels verge on bankruptcy. Dollars are fixing to vanish on a galactic level
    and there is no hope that ‘they’ can print or create enough money to fill in the hole left by 30 years of piling up debt, and running scams on Wall Street. Any cash or commodities will have real value, and due to the scarcity of dollars we will experience massive deflation. The powers that be don’t want inflation, but there is no way they can stop it.

  • misterkel

    Your position has an internal contradiction – if the system is destroyed through hyperinflation, then the bankers lose their power. The currency is their power. If they will do anything to maintain their power, then they will try to prevent hyperinflation.

    I do agree it will probably happen – because they will lose control and start competing among themselves. They will start getting out of their huge piles of currency.

    • Silver Shield

      Their power is unnatural.
      Their position is uncontrollable.
      Their actions are unsustainable.

  • Peter

    The sentiment of the last two posters is interesting, and Chris’s argument could possibly be a linear extrapolation of past events. My gut feel would be that the TPTB benefits from either inflation or deflation, and that the two combined are their perfect tool for power and wealth consolidation. Pump and dump. Are we headed for the mother of all dumps? Chris id like to see you more thoroughly argue your case for championing inflation. Doenst inflation also benefit debtors? In particular id like to see a counter argument against the likes of Nicole Foss’ position.

    • Silver Shield

      One way or the other the unsustainable ends.
      Inflation or deflation… Deflation or inflation it does not matter the end of the book shows that this paradigm ends.

      What will be valued when all the debt paradigm ends is things, people, skills, technology that has real tangible valuable.
      I think real cash, real money, real silver is the answer in the next paradigm regardless how we get there.

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