Silver Shield Report #33: The Societal Operating System Pt. 1

The majority of humanity is in denial to the coming reality.  To the few that are going through the 5 Stages of the Awakening, the majority are focused on when is “it” going to happen.   To the few that are aware, we need to lay the intellectual foundation on what exactly we are going to be doing after “it” happens.
This two part Silver Shield Report is the most forward thinking report that I have ever done.  While most of my work is designed to keep us a step ahead of the crowd, these two reports are 3 or 4 steps ahead of the crowd.  This theoretical look at how our new community will function should pay huge dividends as we hit the ground running while the rest of the world wastes its time on Anger, Bargaining, and Depression.

If you are interested in joining this positive, aware and prepared group, click here. We have hours of great information that is unlike anything else out there, in the archives.  AND you will be supporting the on going efforts to awaken the world with The Greatest Truth Never Told and the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield.

If you are only interested in what the Silver Shield Report is, hear from the hundreds that have joined.


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0:00 Introduction
4:54 Connecting with others is our purpose
6:36 The intellectual foundation
7:20 The next law based on how best to get along
9:40 INTJ are attracted now but the rest will be coming soon enough.
Learn more about you…
Learn more about me and other INTJ’s
11:20 Atlas is shrugging
19:14 Dual Purpose Ideologies- Can be used to free or repress humanity.
23:01 Walk away
25:00 Getting back to basics
26:04 “Hey, that’s my idea.”
31:12 Flash of Genius
34:13 Creating ways to limit regulation and interference in our lives.
37:52 This is how community is founded
39:55 The “doer’s” can create the most successful society in human history
42:52 How do we quantify what we feel?
45:05 The Equitable Community
47:50 The Initial Vision: Three Shields from the outside world- Governmental, Corporate and Religious.
50:41 Our inside joke
51:22 After the experiment is over
53:47 Our “Conspiracy” to create our Operating System
54:58 The Equitable Stake
57:12 My deep intentions beyond this problem
1:00:17 Top secret research and the reality check
1:02:19 How do we protect our creation?
1:03:09 The history of competing social ecosystems
1:04:17 The Head vs.The Hand needs the Heart
1:05:11 Jeffersonian paradise
1:06:09 The heart of all religious/spiritual experience
1. There is more to this world than just the physical.
2. We are all connected.
3. We must seek balance and resonate with this experience.
1:06:47 The resonating experience
1:08:56 The sacred and the profane
1:12:10 The lazy programmer
1:14:11 Corrupting power or the power to corrupt?
1:17:13 The heart between the head and hand
1:18:25 Localism is the new globalism
1:19:55 Bookmark

49 comments to Silver Shield Report #33: The Societal Operating System Pt. 1

  • Joshua Stewart

    let me say I highly resonate with this SSR Great work guys!! making a big silver buy this week! silver is on sale baby!!!

  • mattthenuke

    I’m digging this idea of scouting around once things settle down, and I really think that’s one of the huge benefits of having us so scattered around right now, and not consolidating before anything happens. I’m sure there’s several of us in each state or region who would be able to gather information as far as what kind of deals we could get from the local and state governments, and report back to the group what our findings are. Once we get the information out to everyone, we can make an informed decision on what to do next. I think the hard part will be moving and disseminating this information. The internet may not work(Where will people go for their pictures of cats with captions?!?!), or heavily controlled(like they’re trying to do with all this ACTA/SOPA/PROTECTIP/NSA monitoring), and we’re not exactly on a mailing list. The real mail, I mean. What are some other ways we can think of to transmit information to maintain this secrecy in the “stealth phase?”

    • Silver Shield

      The stealth phase is something I have had a couple of discussions about but there have not been any realistic solutions yet.

    • Son of Liberty

      It might be worthwhile to have an exchange of encryption keys prior to the collapse to encrypt and validate messages… this will be practically impossible after the collapse.

      This is not necessarily even for secrecy, but also verification. For example once this goes down, who is to say that an imposter posing as Chris wouldn’t try to contact SSR members under false pretenses?

      If we exchange public PGP keys with each other we could at least digitally sign messages to one another or to the group. I realize these things can be compromised, but something would be better than nothing, if only to let each other know that we are ok. I don’t think the PGP algorithms can be cracked by any technology that is publicly available… if the government already has quantum computers then I think it can be, but realistically I think that just be a few steps ahead of the rest will be enough to keep us off the radar of any control measures.

      As far as alternative communications go, I wonder if anyone know enough about ham radio to comment if this is a viable option?

      • Silver Shield

        I have asked Mustafa about this and he is getting back to me…

        • Mustafa Cohen

          Thank you for bringing this up.

          1. I have no idea about ham radio, thus cannot comment.

          2. PGP keys are OK. This avenue requires neither centralization nor development. Everything is already done. (Windows users please look here:

          Generate a key -> send the public part to those with whom you want to communicate privately -> get their keys -> encrypt every message between yourselves you think should be encrypted.

          Keep your keyring backed up in more than one physical location (2 or more USB drives with TrueCrypt).

          And try to remember your supercrazy passwords. They should be supercrazy, because with a password like “password123” the whole thing makes little sense.

          And, ultimately finally last thing, read this: The gist is that the success or failure of your online security depends on you, not on your tools.

          • Silver Shield

            Ok is there an English translation? :) I don’t know what PGP is. Is this something that we generate keys for everyone and send them thumb drives with keys?

            So what can we realistically do to establish a secure communication network among the SSR?

            Is it a separate computer? A file sharing program? Encrypted accounts?

            We are probably all computer novices compared to you and I think this is something we should look into. After all I believe that it will be at some point very wise to go dark and keep our communication private.

            I can’t imagine it would need to be very elaborate but something that we can send emails to each other without a 3rd party service (NSA) being the intermediary.

            I also like the idea of getting small linux based laptops with a solar rechargeable unit for the worst case scenario.

            • GoldSaver

              Chris, PGP stands for “Pretty Good Privacy” and its actually named by a very modest programmer that designed one hell of a platform independent encryption system. Basically there are two sets of keys that are generated by the user. A “public key” that you send to others and a private key that remains in your system. When you send someone an email, your email program uses your recipient’s public key to encrypt the message into gibberish and the receiver uses his private key to decrypt it. When someone sends you an email, the reverse is true. At no time is your private key exposed and you must have both keys to decrypt the message. This system, along with TOR and Linux on a USB and overseas email accounts can provide you a formidable encryption and security system.
              I am going to be working out of my lab tomorrow so I’ll take the time to write a small article about this for members only.
              I am even considering setting up and selling to members pre-configured micro-sd cards with Linux/TOR/PGP already installed and configured (at cost of course) in order to start the security ball rolling.

              • Son of Liberty

                The other useful aspect of PGP has a somewhat low (and optional) bar to entry is the electronic signature feature.

                This doesn’t encrypt the content, but it does allow the recipient to verify the source. For example Chris, if you had non-confidential information to get out to the group, you could send it to members from any email address as a file attachment, and then provide a signature for the file. We can then use your public key (which could be posted to to verify that the email was signed by you even though its not from an address that we recognize.

                In this case people who don’t have access to a PGP program or don’t know how or want to use one can still read the message, but they couldn’t verify the source cryptographically.

              • Mustafa Cohen

                Linux/TOR/PGP already installed and configured

                Sounds great. Is there a place for a Raspberry Pi type of hardware in the mix? The vision of a secure, encrypted computer the size of a credit card is too awesome to resist.

                But then again, even this system is too complex.

                People accept comfort as long as they trust the source of comfort. When trust is gone, it’s back to self-reliance, frugality, efficiency, common sense. I believe that a DIY kit is the way to go.

                With the trust gone, I think we should be talking about something extremely naked, primitive, barebones, with nowhere to hide bad intentions. Ingredients must be easy to test in order to confirm their honesty – one by one and combined.

                Yes, it’s technical and requires an effort. But freedom means responsibility.

                Look at smartphones: you can either believe manufacturers’ and carriers’ “Trust us, it’s all secure. You privacy is safe with us”, or you can become an engineer to find out what’s really going on inside. Who knows how many backdoor discoveries will happen next month alone.

                Computers are intimidating only until one realizes how simple they are :) If this gadget is given a clever name (that has nothing to do with computers), wrapped in a colorful package, and accompanied with a thin manual chock-full of kitten pictures, no one will even notice how they have assembled and launched a computer.

            • Son of Liberty

              Probably all we need to do is post some step by step instructions and the basics of how it works in layman’s terms. There is no special hardware involved or anything and the software is all open source.

              If I remember correctly the NSA actually recommends PGP in favor of their own proprietary algorithm. 😉

              The solar linux system is a great idea. I did a lot a research into that last year. Its not difficult to do. Here’s two products that would give good performance with a small netbook or tablet and also could charge 5V devices like phones, tablets or GPS:


      • AgainstTheGrain

        Ham radio isn’t something to just pick up. It is very technical and takes some learning to properly understand. Also a license is required to operate on Ham radio frequencies. I was out taking field notes one day and ran into an old guy that was huge into ham radio. I talked to him about them for an hour and a half. It’s fascinating for a hobby. But there are a lot of tuning issues and sometimes atmospheric conditions can limit your range. It is very regulated and monitored so idk if it is the best for a larger group like the ssr. However it is an awesome skill to know as it would be the only communication if the grid went down. I looked into it but with my job it would just take too much precious prepping time as I was a little late to the game. I do like the Linux based laptop idea. I don’t really know how that would work but I’m sure someone here could expound on that idea.

    • mong00se

      (Where will people go for their pictures of cats with captions?!?!) LOL! That totally caught me off guard :)

  • Clark Mumaw

    Psychopath Identification by…….

    ID your psychopaths by those non-psychopats are those people which setup/and create systems that don’t need themselves to run these people are ok because psychopaths will usually setup systems which require themselves to run.

  • Clark Mumaw

    I’m trying to brainstorm
    1) new bank/financial structures
    2) how to create a grassroots consensus making organization that could replace for replacing current authoritarian governing structures.
    Please contact me if you willing to converse or have ideas to contribute.
    I may even have meetings soon with financial VP’s if my offers put out are taken-up.

  • speedspirit

    Wow this report is a fuse to a bomb of an ideas!!!!!

    I have been thinking ideas like this thinking I was insane. I thought I was the only one dreaming about a society like this. My friends all have a general sense that the world isnt right but they dont envision a way out without war and death. I keep feeling stressed thinking I cant make a difference because I wasnt part of something bigger, that I wasnt doing enough to change the outcome of the future in my favor. But man if we move down this path together that is going to be Powerful.

  • Janet Podojil

    For Clark et al, what about the AOCS banks already in place. Free lakota bank and other locals?

    • Silver Shield

      I love their model but we would probably be outsiders there.
      I would also like to find a warmer place to live as our energy expenses would be lower and we would have better living conditions.

  • Michael Wilson

    Hmm I’m an INTJ too. No wonder I have been so inspired by your work. You know, my wife and I are setting up an organic farm in the Peruvian Amazon, maybe we’ll use our silver gains to coordinate with you in South America after the “big event”. Interesting. Nice to find kindred spirits.

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    Speedspirit: I feel the same as you. I want to add that nothing counts unless and until we succeed. Please contact me anytime. I am in Virginia but go often to upstate NY or Southern California. Please contact me anytime. best wishes Marvin

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    Michael Wilson
    I am setting up a homestead/enterprise on a small island in Japan and working with others there to prepare. An interesting issue is how to use silver shield format/ideas as a kind of franchise for other communities and I intend to discuss these ideas with the “town fathers” of my local foreign community. (for example, inventory and plan out/building local reliance for electric energy and locavore food (carbohydrate production). I would like to outline and review these issues with you. I bet that our different foreign country perspectives, after finding common ground via debate and discussion would reveal common core principles for the community and the franchise basic points. I am focusing on local production of 1. energy, 2. food and 3. water (and then 4. something for the community to export for trade). I wonder if these 4 points could be a basic structure for the franchise, or at least a starting point for discussion. Anyone else interested in discussing this please contact me at marvin.andrew on Skype. thanks

  • Silver42

    I am really excited about the “starting businesses” side of our future community. To be able to start a business without government restrictions will really allow us to flourish. The problem with the current system is all the obstacles you have to go through to start a business, which keeps a lot of people from going through with it. This would create jobs, not the government.

    Currency – This will be a harder issue to setup without running the risk of counterfeit money. Maybe we could use a cheaper metal to be backed by silver such as Nickel or Copper. This would be harder to counterfeit and we could put our own community logo on the coins with how much redeemable silver. I guess the best option is to only pay with silver, but even a dime would be too much for a loaf of bread or if I keep on increasing my brewing skills, a pint at our local brewery :).

    • Silver Shield

      I have some really cool ideas about currency in part two…

      • Gareth

        I look forward to that. My own view – as you probably know by now – is physical silver and physical bronze coins. The latter for small purchases and the silver for ‘power money’.

        Addressing the silver ‘leaving’ should be a concern.

  • Gareth

    I like the idea of creating some pseudo-religion to keep any govt entity at bay.

    Not sure if i’ll be able to cross the pond, but I’ll certainly be very interested with developments.

    Localism will certainly be paramount in the future. It’s the natural opposite of globalism which has utterly failed for the majority of people.

    PS I’m also an INTJ according to that psychometric test……not quite sure what that means, but I know my IQ as measured by a standardised test :-)

    Peace, brother, peace.

  • mong00se

    I thought the pseudo-religion idea was brilliant as well. What has more freedom from government than this legal description? Nothing I can think of.

    • Ben

      Brilliant? Really? So we are going to start a community based off a false premise and deceit and secret methods? Awesome! Aren’t we trying to fight against that idea right now? Sounds a lot like the same old collectivist ideal to me. I think we need to put more thought and discussion into this notion.

      • Silver Shield

        Ben how exactly would you go about establishing a new society during the most violent period in human history?

        The thesis I about putting out is that we create a facade and 3 shields from the outside world that would repel those that would seek to destroy our research on how to create the freest and fairest society.

        The 3 Shields of our own government, our own corporate entity and even our own Pseudo Religion is only so that depending on what the outside threat is we can use these three shields to repel any outside interference.

        I would judge this project and ultimately me by the fruits of our labor.

        If I was trying to replicate a collectivist, indoctrination society I could see your complaint, but after all of the work that I have done in the Academy, TGTNT and the SSR I don not see why this repels you?

        Is it the idea of competition of currency, no or limited regulation, no property or corporate taxes, a protective shield to the outside world so that we can conduct our unlimited business without outside interference, everyone pitching in on the initial purchase and having equity in that stake, investors investing in sustainable energy projects, the elimination of the age old problem between capital and labor, a simpler way of life shunning of psychopaths, division and separation of power at every level, a armed citizenry. I am trying to figure out what hold humanity back and apply the opposite consciousness to the problem I see.

        Everything I have done is to be intellectually honest…

        SO, if you have a better way, I am all open to suggestions and I would rather hash out these details now than after things get hairy.

        I think during this dangerous time the tallest trees will get chopped down and this is my plan to fly below the radar with people that I resonate with until the coast is clear and we can share with the world on how we discovered the Operating System to live life at the highest and best level.

        • Ben

          I am not repelled by the idea. I am repelled by the fact that you have done all of this great work and want to hide behind the angle of a “pseudo religon”. It seems rather intellectually dishonest.

          Just say what it is…you laid it out right there. Put it out there for the world to see and let it be judged on it’s own merits. I think it has legs, but if you start off by “compromising” on principles to set up this society, I think you are asking for trouble. Isn’t this what we are fighting against?

          Why are we trying to hide behind something because we are fearful of what a gov’t entity or pseudo entity might think. Will it even matter? Will they even be around to care? Here is another notion. Are you ever going to keep out the ALL of the psychopaths in a society?

          Has it ever occured to anyone that people can grow to be psychopaths? I have seen it with friends and relatives in my own lifetime. And it was not due to some drug or alcoholic induced lifestyle. These people chose to let life guide them into a more manipulativfe and bitter path. Were they MADE to do this by the elites and their manipulation? Perhaps. Could they have also just simply chose the path of least resistence? Because let me tell you something, that is an easy path to choose. Being moral and rightous all of the time is a hard thing today. Every religion on the planet discusses ways to NOT take the easy path.

          If I could figure out why these people chose this direction, I could make a fortune. Could it be that this is a small part of human nature? We could go into media manipulation or being part of a manipulative system, but how does that account for people who did not live within the same paradigm as we do years and years ago?

          This seems to have been a problem throughout humanity. The human condition if you will. Simply put, some men and women can and will do bad things in their lifetimes. How do you cure it? It is an age old question isn’t it? How do you create a society that is let’s people be their highest and best selves? Their are a WHOLE lot of factors involved in that scenario. You could write a book on it.

          Like I stated, the whole idea of creating a just and moral society is being intellectually honest with everyone. Letting the plan be shown to everyone. Let it stand on its own merit.

          Let it be judged. Let be seen rather than try to use some method to “hide it from the public” so that we all can sleep better at night and “keep away” the psychopaths. I am not so sure it can be done. That however, does not mean that we should not try for that brass ring.

          I just like putting things out there for all to see. Perhaps that is a product of my upbringing.

          My pops used to say…”I don’t do bullshit…it either is or it isn’t Benj.. try be honest in everything that you do and say…”

          The biggest “gripe” I hear from people who are awake, semi-awake or simply asleep is their desire for leaders and institutions to be honest at all levels of a civil society. That means all of the institutions, gov’t, labor, monetary systems and education and yada yada yada. I think it has to be a bedrock of any society.

          How do we get there they ask me? I always say that it starts with them and works it’s way out from there. Not unlike the premise you use for your highest and best self.

          Again, I realize you want to keep out the psycopaths, I think we could all agree to that, but one thing that never seems to get brought up in all of this is human nature and where that can oftentimes lead.

          One thing I have come to realize in life, is that most of it is a series of patterns. This of course is nothing new, not some novel concept, but just the way things are….people, plants, animals, societies….are born…live…mature…struggle…try to hold on….wither and die away. It has been like this for thousands of years.

          I would hope….that after the fecal storm….that things are different. I hope they can be…if we start with an honest foundation.

          That’s all.

          What a rambling fucking mess.

          You should do a SSR on human nature.

          • Silver Shield


            ” I am very fond of the truth but not at all of martyrdom.”- Voltaire

            What we are planning to do not only involves me and my family but also the great people who are committed to this idea, this is no time to be a hero and proclaim to the world that we kicked the last paradigm’s ass and made a ton of money whole the mass of humanity got screwed.

            The Idea of the 3 Shield’s are my attempt to limit any chances that we get exposed or leave any door cracked open. I hope we don’t have to use any of the things that I propose but this is the time we have to think through everything. But history has shown that the biggest trees get chopped down and the fattest hogs get slaughtered. This time around it will be the most dangerous period in human history and I have seen how Monks and Monasteries were what carried humanity and knowledge through the middle ages and the Black Death.

            I do not think we will eliminate psychopaths from our lives but I think we can limit the attraction and power they can gain with the things that I mentioned in this series. First the psychopath is by its very nature a parasite and will not be able to function in a value society. By eliminating centralization of power that will also be a turn off. By have everyone in the community aware and prepared about the psychopath this will also dissuade them from infringing upon others. The small community we create will be able to shun any that cause trouble. The basic premise is for them to move on to easier pickings.

            I believe we all are capable for psychopathic behavior given extreme situations or indoctrination, but I do not think it is our nature. Hurt people hurt people. I think a friendly community that is a profitable yet slow paced environment will limit the stress they may create bad behavior. I think the reality is that I think most will be over joyed to be in a community of trust and success. And I don’t think it will be the first generation that needs to worry about the psychopath, but our kids as they will not fully understand.

            Letting our community stand on its own is the end result but when computer companies create an Operating system they do all the research in secret only to let the market determine its value. I hope to expose everything we come up with when the time is right.

            Being honest or what this success will come across like na na na we were right is the most dangerous idea perhaps even more than being Jamie Dimon when this all goes down. I have even talked in previous SSRs about blending in and not cutting your grass or washing your car and dressing down as it will be a very dangerous time to show wealth.

            Do you want to do a SSR on human nature with me and we can discuss this further?

            • Ben

              As long as were quoting.

              “Every man has a right to utter what he thinks truth, and every other man has a right to knock him down for it. Martyrdom is the test.”
              – Samuel Johnson


              “Martyrdom is the only way a man can become famous without ability.”
              – Arthur Schopenhauer

              I don’t think anyone wants or cares to be a martyr for the cause. I know I don’t feel that way. And you do not have to make a proclaimation to the world that you slayed the dragon. Perhaps I was not clear, perhaps I should have stated that we all need to be honest with how this thing is going to be set up. I don’t like the idea of saying we are “this” or “that” to CYA…I prefer the idea of lying low…or simply…don’t say anything at all and move on from there, which is probably what you are saying anyway.

              Simply put, I do not like the idea of “hiding” behind a proposed idea. You and Marvin talked about laws and contracts and things like that in this report. How do we know those things will even be around in any form? If there is massive decentralization (and I would agree), will those old systems, legislations, edicts or whatever even be in place anymore? How do you draw up a contract if nothing is in place to enforce said contract? I guess I think it will be too much of a dog eat dog world for too long. And you may be an old man by the time your dream is realized. OR! Maybe I am not getting it, but the things you spoke about were things that we deal with in this paradigm.

              I have to go back to really knowing what things will be like after a collapse You can have an idea or make assumptions but do we really know? I know I don’t. I think, if things get as bad as we think, you will have local polity’s arise and they will set forth the laws. They will be crude and primative mandates. Nothing like the beheometh of legislation that we have today at the local and state level. I think this could be in effect for a long time. I think you will see these kinds of skeleton forms of local gov’t all over the country and they will clash with one another from time to time.

              (Side Note: There was an Army Ranger on Rawles’ site who was in Kosevo at the time of that collapse and wrote this awesome article on the collapse and the rise of local polity groups and how they managed to set forth laws. I have tried for months to find it but to no avail….anywho)

              I also tend to think that setting up this society will be a long and arduous process. I am not so sure everyone has thought of that in regards to creating our own pardigm. This will not be easy. What you are doing now, laying the intellectual foundation and social contracts, that’s easy (well, relatively speaking) it’s the DOING that is going to be the hard part. Are people prepared for this shift? Prepared for the work that goes into it? I don’t look at this negatively, I look at it realisticlly. Marvin touched on it a bit. Especially with energy. There is a LOT of engineering that goes into that process, especially on the community level. I am also in engineering, transportation to be exact as well as Architectural and structural design. I know what it takes to build a good strong infrastructure in a community. It takes work and design, and design and redesign and then some more design.

              Are people read for this new life?

              Protecting your ideals and intellectual foundations is always a risk. The 3 sheilds are a wonderful start but there are no guarantees that it will hold up, but you are firming up the bottom layers and that is a good thing. You have the hindsight of all of the “shit” that didn’t work in last century and since the founders trod this country. That will be do our benefit.

              Let’s look at the founders, they KNEW this would happen, they thought they had built in failsafes into the system but it still floundered. How did it come to this? I will not bore you with those details, I think we all know the answers.

              You said computer companies create operating systems in secret and they do, but some of these companies (MicroSoft) also create small problems within their operating systems to create more profit by creating patches or fixes to gain more profit later. Is that honest?They created a great system to start with but then found that they could manipulate there system and get more profit later, they could also run roughshod on other individuals and steal their ideas. I believe you spoke about this notion. See where I am going with this idea? Are we all going to be immune?

              Is there another type of system that should work it’s way into the existing societal contract or 3 Sheild Society?

              What that is…I am not certain and I am not making reference to a religious or moral code either.

              Ethics comes to mind. It is a lost art and is a cousin to logic and reason.

              My point is, and I am probably now understanding, that it is better to be silent about this ideal and unleash it when the time is right.

              What a blowhard I am.

              I should have just said…I didn’t like that crap about being a pseudo religion.


              I would not be a good interview, I like to write and post my thoughts much better. I used to work in television before my current venture and I found it was much better to be behind the camera or editing conversation.

              Wow…there’s a SSR…media manipulation. You want to know how it really works? Find a person who has been in the media, seen the “stuff” first hand and explain to the listeners how it really works. I used to be a an offline editor. You cannot believe what I could make you say if we shot 45 minutes of rough video. I don’t think people even realize it. Even the crap that goes on at the local level.

              Anywho…I will just go back to my garden posts.

              Keep the info coming.

              • Silver Shield

                Thank you for the thoughtful response. I think this more clearly states your position.

                I would love to still do a Report with you about this. I love the contrarian.

                I am an easy talk as I do not play gotcha tactics, just logic.

                I also talk a lot ;). So there will be time to think up responses.

                You can also if you like just ask me these questions and we can dig into them better than long comments.

              • Ben

                I would not consider myself a contrarian. I don’t disagree just to disagree. If there is a small part of something that I don’t like, I will say so.

                I guess it is more of the eternal skeptic. Perhaps they are one in the same. I have been this way since birth and it is a curse. Couple that with my penchant for sarcasm and you have a deadly combination.

                You have to show me how it works….live on line. I have to see it to believe it…and with this system…that is hard to accomplish.

                Don’t mind me, I just poke holes once in awhile.

                Is it me or are things getting testy around here?

                Back to work!

    • Silver Shield


      I believe the Psuedo religion will not only help keep out the desperate Johnny Come Lately’s, psychopaths and we can use it to check any government that would want to infringe on our freedom.

      This facade will only be needed until we find out what works and the fires burn out.

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    I used to be a radio amateur and built my own equipment. Over the years this has become more easy. The code requirement is abolished and digital equipment can be built or bought more cheaply.
    We can use Ham Radio for ONE – WAY communications to group members easily if members had a short wave radio to listen in.
    1. Ham radio would work when everything else is down.
    2. the frequency and time of transmission depend on the time of day and the season
    3. Unfortunately the ham radio rules say that secret code messages are not allowed (but I suppose communications with double meanings/hidden meanings would be possible)
    4. a member could receive group information by short wave radio easily because a high quality digital (just dial in the frequency and set time to receive) short wave radio can be purchased for about $125
    5. I would never recommend anything illegal but I used to have Iranian friends who talked about broadcasting into Tehran from surrounding hills via smuggled in transmitters. Off shore transmitter (or possibly from Canada) would be hard to find or stop, particularly if short transmission times to group members. Expect Free America stations to pop up after a crash. Someone with a basic transmitter and a car battery could transmit a short message to the group……..
    6. transmission within the US at night should be fairly easy. From the US to New Zealand etc is doable but requires more sophisticated antennas and higher power.
    7. so if group members had short wave radio receiver (these can be very small and be used for AM/FM most of the time) we could arrange times of night and frequency to use. We could test such system soon.
    8. If you have basic understanding of electronics you can get a ham radio license and training materials can be found on the internet.The training is very useful because you memorize useful frequencies and techniques for getting the signal out.

    Anyone interested in this please contact me. I recommend that everyone buy a high quality short wave radio ANYWAY for communications.

  • MPB

    I just today managed today to find time to get to listen to this latest SSR. Thank you again Chris and Marvin….. And everyones comments. This is encouraging and uplifting. In a sea of escalating concerns and feeling like an outcast this is helpful and reassuring, giving strength to persevere.. Looking forward to part 2.

    Peace, MPB.

  • Country Codger

    Hi all,
    Maybe I should keep my mouth closed but you are talking about things that require electrical power and a working internet. When the single greatest event in human history (not my words) takes place do all of you anticipate that electricity will be available, that the internet will somehow keep working? Would you work at a power generation station when your currency is worthless? Or for that fact, would you dare leave your family to go to a JOB and let looters, rapists come in and rape and kill your family? I don’t think so. Have any of you seen a country collapse? How many people are murdered for little or no reason other than fear of the unknown? I saw people shot and stabbed to get on a helicopter, some by their own family members, because no one wanted to be on the last chopper outof Saigon or Phnom Penh. If you have a hardened bunker you may be able to bug-in but if you don’t you had better have a battle rifle for each family member and a shit pot full of ammo.

    If this is the greatest event in human history why is everyone talking like it will be the magnitude of Katrina and just have a minor effect on people’s pleasures?

    I don’t live in a city so you guys are probably a lot smarter about city life than I am but I think I heard that there were 40 homicides in Chicago this past weekend. Our last homicide was 4 years ago, in the county. I have lived here for 8 years and there has not been one in the town in that time. If 40 people die when things are good, how many will die when everything collapses, 4000, 40,000 more?

    Good luck.

    • Ben

      Zoom. Right over their heads.

    • Silver Shield


      We have discussed Solar, Wind, Brown’s gas, incinerators, and I have a BioGas expert coming on soon, and a gentleman that will go through the possibility of Thorium Reactors. On top of the oil, gas and coal that will be still available to those that have capital.

      As far as the collapse… I believe that yes Urban areas are going to see the most inhuman acts since the Medieval times but I think this will strike enough fear in the rest of the country to work together very quickly to form a common defense to protect from the mess in the cities.

      When the fires burn out in those areas and the psychopaths have either killed each other off or dominated all others, it will be time to start our community. Until then a rifle for every member of your house is a good start.

    • mattthenuke

      I don’t think I’m as pessimistic about the months and years after a collapse. In most of the instances of hyperinflation, there wasn’t some apocalyptic end of society. Panic? Yes. Doubt? Certainly. Every person killing each other? No. One of the most recent examples was Brazil, which went through a hyper-inflationary period for 14 years, and now 18 years after it ended, they’re one of the biggest emerging markets in the world. When Brazil had a pretty long period of economic strife, they came out of it in a completely new mindset: they went from a dictatorship to a democracy. I feel the same thing will happen here: We’ll enter as a country that consumes more than it produces, where policy can be bought like a porterhouse steak, and the answer to every issue is bigger government, and we’ll exit as a more stable and sustainable, community based and family focused way of life.
      I don’t think that people are going to take the news “Oh, hey, our economy is starting to implode. Interesting. I think I’ll go play all 18 holes this afternoon. What’s for lunch?” But I don’t think that everyone will turn into savages either. There will be some period where people won’t know what to do, but everyone will know that if they don’t got to work, they won’t make money to buy bread. Maybe I’m a bit of an optimist, but reality will sink in pretty quickly for a lot of people. As far as a solution to the monetary crisis we’ll be in, I don’t know. I don’t have the answer. Maybe some new currency will emerge. Maybe the government will confiscate gold to get enough stockpiled to start a new gold standard. Maybe local cities and states will issue their own currencies: no one knows the future. I guess my point is that society and the economy won’t grind to a halt for for an extended period of time. Food/water/sewage, energy, and communications will be the first services to be brought back on line, even if controlled and nationalized.

  • Joe Ney

    If were suppose to actually talk with each other to build trust,it would be helpful to have a member list for each of us,with our names,what city we are in,phone number/email contact info,and maybe a short write up of our interests in the community.If I had a list like this I would be compelled to start reaching out and “talking”to the members.I would look first to who’s closest to me,then to who has the same interests as me.Lets act like a community and not hide who we are from each other.

    • James Tetreault

      I agree with this.
      At least knowing the folks near you is certainly worthwhile. I’m in central Massachusetts. Let’s say it turns out that the group is going to get together in Utah or Montana. It might make sense to travel with someone else in the group living 10 or 15 miles away from me.

      As to the larger discussion, there are a huge number of questions to resolve, aren’t there?

  • Emile Schiff

    As I look at this debt a death world we live in . . . I cannot understand how a system that is so curupt is not identified by a larger majority. If one takes debt in 1970 = 300 billion and the debt today 2012 16.5 trillion . . debt has increased 55 fold . . .if gold was $35 1970 per ounce x 55 = $1925 approximate price for gold today. Silver was $1.5 1970 per ounce x 55 = $82.5 approximate price for silver today. As you point out silver is under priced, based on debt alone we should see a larger move in silver . . . gold is holding even to debt while silver is lagging by about a 2/3rds. When banks fail and debt is pushed to the taxpayer along with the other unfunded liabilities . . . we may end up with a factor of 500 making gold 17,500 and silver 750. The debasement of the us$ is debt debasement, at any time they can swing in any form of debt and debase the currency overnight. We do not control the flow of debt . . . the entire world is playing the same game trying not to get out of sync with the debt ladden us$ and having their goods and services no longer competitive in trade. Debt grows worlwide to keep currencies around the world as close to “one to one” and trade continues.

  • nikhil kripalani

    i have one question about how much over ground supply is of silver, some sources like maloney / david morgan say its less than a billion ounces, i dont know why we dont have some multi billionaire then buying it all up ?

    i know they can do their paper smackdowns but it really is not a lot of money to buy it all in that case, this makes me wonder about the 1 billion ounce figure, any thoughts ?

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