Cash is the New Bubble-Dana Meador–24.May.2012 presents:

Dana Meador is back with FSN today to discuss why your bank is insolvent and what the issue of collateral means in this day-and-age. With JP Morgan front and center of the economic meltdown, you should be aware that the little JP blowup is indicative of a much bigger problem that a lot of people are not aware of.  If you are not aware, cash is the new bubble; it is where everybody has parked their money. What are the banks doing with the cash sitting in accounts everywhere?

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1 comment to Cash is the New Bubble-Dana Meador–24.May.2012

  • Rojelio

    Hi Dana, you were talking about these banking basically owning the whole casino and winning all the time and making the retail investors nervous. Do you have a feel for how many of the designated “losers” are starting to take a page from Ann Barnhardt and just walk away?

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