Silver Crash Imminent?

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I discuss how silver may have a hard landing before money printing begins.

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  • I’ve got a gut feeling that it very well may crash before rocketing off. At this time paper or physical makes no difference since in the eyes of “professions” they are one in the same. The Euro crisis will not be solved, initially as investors need cash to cover margin losses they will dump silver paper or physical to try and meet those loses, add the manipulation by central banks and their cohorts and…. boom a crash. I’m still buying regularly but holding some powder in case theres a huge opportunity to strike. A finicial crash will be the trigger at the on set then watch for the rocket fitring. Again, just my opinion and probably wrong :)

    • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

      “dump silver paper or physical” ?
      People like us will gladly take as much physical silver as we can at this deeply discounted prices.

  • Silverbullet1976

    Bring it on I have cash and will buy all the way down to $.01 if thats where it goes.I have lost all faith in all markets except the physical market.

  • Fiat Facade

    Right now PMs are cloesly correlated to the stock market. The market is due for a large correction and will probably drag the PM prices down with it (ie. 2008). If a big crash happens, I do my best to try and buy more if inventory is still available.

    It’s fun to prognosticate, but no one here truly knows where prices are going, especially in the short term. TPTB’s manipulative powers are still very much in play right now.

    The only thing I know for certain is that the less fiat paper I own, the better. With the exception of a small checking account to pay bills, I have removed myself from their paper game. I cashed out all my retirement funds a few years ago, took 90% of it and bought Au and Ag. People who continue to own these ponzi instruments are going to be in serious pain when big “event” takes place.

  • aurochs

    If the bottom falls out of the paper PM market, which is quite likely, I doubt that holders of physical gold and silver will be as likely to sell. Yes, the two markets are linked now but they are in fact very different markets. Paper investors are trying to get something for nothing. Physical holders are trying to preserve wealth. I think if the price of gold and silver drops significantly, there just won’t be any physical being offered for sale. None at the coin shop, none on ebay, none at the internet bullion dealers. This could very well be the event that leads to general awakening of people to pm’s and leads to the collapse of the ponzi scheme. I wouldn’t count on being able to trade your reserve stash of fiat paper for hard cash in such a panic.

  • lastmanstanding

    something to think about in a fiat or deflationary collapse…will your paper by a loaf of bread or a dozen eggs…

    but what if you had some silver dimes?

    Try to think on a local level, think about a system of decentralized govt.

    What will it take for you and yours to survive…get a plan…it is the same plan that has been used time and again for thousands of years.

    A plan that is very simple…and no it does not include any technology.

    To survive in the future, one must look to the past.

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