NWO Amerika: Infinite Laws. zero Justice.

By Jonathan D. Hodges

Caught with pot, go to jail. Steal a billion, just keep walking.


It’s clearer with every passing hour that Amerika has devolved into a corrupt, corporate-controlled prison. Land of the free? Home of the brave? OH YEAH! 


Despite the encroaching police-state, criminal Wall Street underclass and D.C. parasites – we the people are the ones who have always risen up to claim what is rightfully ours. Place ZERO faith in the political establishment and democratic process. It starts with you.


There are several ways to achieve the freedom we once had, and the invaluable tools provided by Silver Shield are one such method to educate yourself. As I have said since I began posting on this outstanding blog – before you can become free you MUST think and live as a free person.


Most individuals are trapped in the psychological prison that the state has forced us into. Think as a free man, not a peasant. Walk as individual of worth, not a subject.


What we once were, we can become again. It will happen; and it will happen sooner when you take action.


God bless, live free.

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