Red alert for humanity: Chemical damage can be inherited by offspring through unlimited generations

By Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Groundbreaking new science reveals that the harmful effects of exposure to synthetic chemicals are passed from generation to generation via “epigenetics,” causing measurable damage to future generations even if those offspring are never exposed to the original chemical. The phenomenon of “Epigenetic Transgenerational Inheritance” (ETI) has now been demonstrated in live animals, and if the implications of this research are fully understood, it would force human civilization to radically rethink its widespread use of synthetic chemicals in agriculture, medicine, food, construction materials, personal care products and elsewhere.

The research, led by Dr. David Crews ( (and including colleagues Michael Skinner, Ross Gillette and others), is entitled, “Epigenetic transgenerational inheritance of altered stress responses” and is published in the journal PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America) (

The study, which was funded by a sub-group of the National Institutes of Health (, found that exposure to a common fungicide caused neurological and behavioral changes that were passed on to future generations of offspring, even when those offspring had no exposure to the original fungicide. Furthermore, the mechanism of “transgenerational inheritance” was epigenetic, meaning it was “above the genes.” It was not coded into the DNA of sperm and egg, in other words. Instead, the expression of the DNA was altered and inherited through some mechanism other than DNA.

As the abstract of the study sums it up:

“We find that a single exposure to a common-use fungicide (vinclozolin) three generations removed alters the physiology, behavior, metabolic activity, and transcriptome in discrete brain nuclei in descendant males, causing them to respond differently to chronic restraint stress.” (

Watch the video interview with Dr. David Crews

Because of the red alert importance of this breaking science news, we have completed an interview with Dr. David Crews today, and you can watch it at:

Read more about Dr. David Crews at his lab web page:

Why chemicals threaten the future of the human species

This groundbreaking research offers a sobering revelation about the age of industrial chemicals through which we are all now living. This “age of chemicals” ramped up roughly around World War II (late 1930’s).

The conventional view of chemicals — the view advocated by the chemical industry, the cancer industry, the FDA, the EPA, etc. — is that the damaging effects of chemical exposure are NOT passed on to future generations (unless, of course, exposure happens during pregnancy). Chemicals are relatively safe, the regulators say, because the next generation is always born healthy and genetically intact.

But what this research by Dr. David Crews reveals is that chemical exposure accumulates and is inherited by offspring which then pass on the damaging effects of that exposure to their own offspring. This transgenerational “epigenetic” effect appears to go on indefinitely, forever altering the expressionof the genetic code.

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    Irv, thanks for finding this, this is very exciting indeed! My very own hypothesis has been, when the chemical/science industry creates synthetic compounds from cell structures that are not of natural in structure, this can not be broken down/absorbed in the body, same as for GMO foods, when they take different strands of DNA and combine it with foreign structure of DNA, test have shown that these strands become free and does not stay within the chromosome structure, thus it detaches and moves around (known as free radical) these free radicals can attach themselves to other DNA strands or simply create a different chromosome structure, thus what this reports stated that it plants itself on top of a strand or structure from this, as we humans consume this modified plant, beef, chicken, pork, our own body structure will change from the free radical, because our bodies do not break down this Frankenstein of a product. This would be great information for court cases against corporation like Monsanto’s and the like. If you look at it in the 1990’s there was a great rise in children with allergies, in the 2000’s we have seen the rise in Autism, in the past 20 years I have seen the rise of homosexuality ( please no rude comments I am viewing this in a scientific view) if these free radicals can change or be on top of the DNA structure this could be one way that MAN’S mutation can slowly evolve to relying on science/medical to produce children. If you take a look at how many people in our country and abroad that is homosexual compared to say 30 – 50 years ago, the numbers are quite amazing. This is not a point to make attacks against people who are homosexual, this is a grown up scientific view of looking at what may be causing the mutation of MAN.

  • Viewpoint

    I also meant to add in the last 20 years how many couples can not conceive and how they have to turn to the medical industry.

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