SBSS 31. How to Measure Inflation

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  • frank

    I have seen these comparisons many times. I buy the notion that if one held silver rather than fiat dollars that the purchasing power would be much better today! Where I get confused is the number of ounces required to buy a given item and the suggestion that silver is still significantly undervalued. Based on the video, the number of ounces needed to buy several items is less today than back in 1964.

    Since the video is suggesting that silver represents a purchasing constant compared to fiat money. To maintain the constant value, shouldn’t the number of ounces required to purchase an item be nearly the same today as in 1964? Since it requires less today, then why does this not suggest that silver is overvalued?

    Thanks, I really like your videos. I have watch the entire series and have told many people about them.

    • Son of Liberty

      You make a good point, but I think there are two things to consider.

      The thing is, many of these things SHOULD cost less using honest money because existing stocks of durable goods have been built up and production processes are likely improved (might not be true for gasoline admittedly).

      The other aspect is that gold and silver prices are the leading indicators for monetary inflation even if price inflation has not caught up, so even these comparisons are just a snapshot of prices in a market that has no basis in real value. As long as the electronic money is all tied up in foreign reserves and treasuries and derivatives, prices of houses and medicine and gasoline won’t increase on par with the monetary inflation. This is the problem with using the dollar at all for measuring value (because it really has none).

  • Son of Liberty

    “Treasury has a lot of silver on hand, and it can be, and it will be used used to keep the price of silver in line with its value in our present silver coin.”

    Sounds to me like LBJ was promising that the gov would suppress the price of silver by selling the people’s silver stockpile onto the open market. With evidence like that I can’t believe that people refuse to believe that the current pricing is nonsense and wholeheartedly accept that we are operating in a free market.

  • MPB

    Chris, this is one of your best productions ever. Very direct and concise.

    Thank you.

    Peace, MPB

    • Silver Shield

      Thank you.

      It seems all of these latest ones are the “best” ones, so I am resonating with more people.

  • marz

    I can´t avoid connecting the attempts to murder De Gaulle in the sixties with his “dangerous” thinking.

    Great video. Worth every single word.

    • Silver Shield

      First he was over thrown much like the Anglo Americans did with the color revolutions and the Arab Spring then the took care of him…

      On 9 November 1970, two weeks short of what would have been his 80th birthday, Charles de Gaulle died suddenly, despite enjoying very robust health his entire life (except for a prostate operation a few years earlier). He had been watching the evening news on television and playing Solitaire around 7.40 pm when he suddenly pointed to his neck and said “I feel a pain right here” before collapsing. His wife called the doctor and the local priest, but by the time they arrived he had died from a ruptured blood vessel.

      I wonder if Andrew Brietbart’s last words were the same?

  • Brian

    Brilliant video! I knew most of this already, but the presentation is brilliant. Immediately showed it to my mother and scared the crap out of her, she’s 70. No I don’t live with her, the one problem of living <2 hrs from her, she just shows up. The one outlier the education numbers….two words "Student loans" unlimited and freely handed out by the government. I'm surprised the number was not higher.

  • intothevoid

    and the rhetoric i continue to hear being thrown at the youth:

    ‘hey kids, suck it up! knuckle down and pull your boot straps up. just work harder! get a second and third job and you’ll be fine.

    ‘what’s that? you can’t find a job? start your own business then!

    ‘what the hell are so mad about? quit whining and go out and do something with yourself, you entitled, lazy brat.

    ‘when I was your age, ad nauseam’…

    and then for the rare case that you have a youth bustin’ their ass in life, you got shit like this that takes place.

    smfh… it’s disappointing to hear people spit that shit to kids when they don’t understand that our dollar value blows. and it’s a no wonder how some people today become so disenfranchised with the idea of ‘making it’ and just give up and ride on the coattails of socialized handouts.

    i can imagine the thoughts rolling around in their head right now:

    ‘those people over there are on welfare and those other people in suits get away with stealing billions of dollars and never go to jail, and the few people i do know who are working, barely get by… so why the hell am i beating my head into the wall trying to make it? i know… fuck this shit, i’ll just do a whole buncha’ nothin’ and collect money too! i mean, i can’t find a job and the govt. is handing money out, so why the hell not?’

    it’s a no wonder how some people have no savings, especially the youth, and just spend whatever money they get as quick as they obtain/earn it.

    it’s a no wonder why some of them have such a distrust and disbelief in the system and authority and look to use and abuse it like others do.

    it’s a no wonder why some people turn to drugs and video games to numb their mind to ease along their apathy to this economic circle jerk and debt-slave servitude.

    i’ll just stop there for now, as i’m gearing up for an info dump on a post later on down the road.

    thank you chris, for your effort in putting these numbers together for people to actually see not only the loss of the purchasing power of our dollar for everyone, but that also offers a perspective on the difficulty that is present for some of younger generations to come into their own and gain a foothold in the ‘game of life’, compared to some of the milestones that older generations were able to achieve in the past.

  • CHG

    Small point but these numbers would be slightly more amazing if the official .720 ounces of silver per dollar were used. The .715 number is used to account for wear.

    Thanks Chris, great information as usual. More and more everyday people are waking up. In my experience, the “smart ones” remain clueless.

  • Silver Eagle

    Great job. Now do the 1913 comparison with Gold it is even more showing that a person in 1913 making an average wage had a better standard of living than we do today.

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