Comming to a theatre near you – Days of Decline

Courtesy of Rojelio and Lastmandstanding

6 comments to Comming to a theatre near you – Days of Decline

  • lastmanstanding

    rain you move swiftly…everyone should be right now.

  • Ben

    Just think what would happen if those people were armed.

    • Rainmaker

      Half would “liberals”, half would be “conservatives”. They would just turn on each other. Sound familiar?

      • lastmanstanding

        The libs that I know would be screaming for the govt. “I am entitled, I have been loyal to you and done everything you wanted!”…to a totally deaf, uncaring ear since most have been simply “used” by the left of the machine for their vote.

        Then comes the only other alternative…begging me to protect them…

        As a descendant of Patrick Henry…I’m not quite sure what he would recommend for them…as a free man, he would expect with me to deal with any threat to our families safety accordingly.

  • Traserspartan

    This is why firearms ownership is so important. If you do not own guns, buy some today. Buy tons of ammo and get training.

  • Hi Rainmaker: I used your Empire Vs Economy post (video) in a piece called: Empire At The Expense Of Economy & The Assassination Czar –

    Your piece above reminds me of what has become Inflection Points most popular post – probably because I don’t blather an incessantly:


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