Silver Shield Report #34: The Societal Operating System Pt. 2

Here is the much anticipated Part 2 discussion about our future Societal Operating System.  While most of the alternative media thrives on the negative aspects of a dollar collapse, the Silver Shield Report goes beyond that, in establishing a positive, intellectual foundation of our new paradigm.  In this particular Report we stop focusing on the collapse and all of the negative aspects of humanity going through the anger phase of the awakening.  We focus on what positive things the aware and prepared can do to create our own paradigm.

I push beyond the initial vision of the Ultimate Exit Strategy and explore particular strategies that we can do to create the most successful civilization in human history.  We have the ability to not only transfer our wealth from one paradigm to another, we will be able to partner with hundreds of other thoughtful, aware and prepared community members to buy the Allodial Title on the best deals on land since the Louisiana Purchase.  From there we will set about creating the fertile foundation for explosive growth and show humanity that the freest and fairest society will produce the happiest, safest and wealthiest community in human history.

Here are some of the topics I cover in this report…

  • Our “secret” societal operating system.
  • Equitable investing vs. usury.
  • A true ownership society.
  • How I plan to have NO property tax.
  • How I plan to have NO corporate tax.
  • My totally unique take on a new form of community currency to compete with silver and gold.
  • Solving the age old struggle between Capital and Labor.
  • Our 3 Shield’s to the outside world.
  • Local investment vehicles.
  • How we can be the next New York or Hong Kong.
  • The reality of wealth creation.
  • Bringing back a sense of community.
  • And much, much more…

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Here are just some of the comments posted from the Part 1 of this discussion about our Societal Operating System.

“Let me say I highly resonate with this SSR Great work guys!! Making a big silver buy this week! Silver is on sale baby!!!”   Josh S

“Wow, this report is a fuse to a bomb of an ideas!!!!! I have been thinking ideas like this thinking I was insane. I thought I was the only one dreaming about a society like this. My friends all have a general sense that the world isn’t right but they don’t envision a way out without war and death. I keep feeling stressed thinking I cant make a difference because I wasn’t part of something bigger, that I wasn’t doing enough to change the outcome of the future in my favor. But man if we move down this path together that is going to be Powerful.”  Speedspirit

“I just today managed today to find time to get to listen to this latest SSR. Thank you again Chris and Marvin….. And everyone’s comments. This is encouraging and uplifting. In a sea of escalating concerns and feeling like an outcast this is helpful and reassuring, giving strength to persevere.. Looking forward to part 2.” – MPB.


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0:00 Our “secret” societal operating system

3:25 Solving the biggest problem

6:21 Our Equitable Future

13:00 Our Community Currency: My unique take on a new currency to compete against silver and gold.

17:25 Creating a flourishing economy

19:45 How I plan to have NO property tax

21:06 How I plan to have NO corporate tax

23:06 The Head, the heart, the hand.

24:42 No secrets and voluntary, equitable participation.

25:28 Local Community Reinvestment: Huaxi- I still have not found what social contract they have, but watching a couple of these videos, it is very obvious that they are communistic with a very powerful class ruling many peasants.

26:38 Social and economic justice.

30:15  What is the structure what is the contract.

32:10 The 3 Shield’s to the outside world and our inside contract.

36:05 Equitable relationship

37:23 The value of of the initial land will continue to become more valuable.  How we can be the next New York or Hong Kong

40:49 Keep the silver coming in,  how our can use local community currency and my big ah ha.

49:13 Outer Shield/ Inner Heart

52:28 The reality of wealth creation

54:36 Future development

1:00:08 Replicating the Founding Father’s vision but with a modern twist.

1:07:16 Bringing back a sense of community


71 comments to Silver Shield Report #34: The Societal Operating System Pt. 2

  • Shane Thomasson

    Apparently before the creation of modern insurance companies, we had something called mutual aid societies. They were community based and several could operate in the same geographical location (modern insurance companies are restricted to certain geographical areas, thus aid the monopolistic features we see today). In a MAS the people only paid in the monthly fee when they were healthy, which created an incentive for the medical practioners of that MAS to maintain the health rather then just giving them stop gap measures. Also MAS were able function more effectively because there were little to no artificial barriers to practice medicine, which allowed there to be medical specialists to keep up with the demand (unlike today where the supply is kept from meeting demand). Of course it makes sense to have a certification process for medical persons (run by the community not government) that evaluates and grades practitioners to keep out the con artists and other scum bags.
    Apparently there is a really good book about this called “The Death of Compassion” that covers how the government destroyed the grassroots based community centered systems of mutual aid.

    • Silver Shield

      Thank you. I knew there had to be a better way. Can you do more research on this and maybe we can do a call on this?

  • FlyingCloud

    These conceps sound great. And they remind me of two very different societies outside of the Rothschild-Fed-scheme, which worked for the people and generated participation of the general wealth for everyone. Both societies were ground to dust under the bombs of Rothschild-Fed, but that’s another story.

    On one hand what you said reminds me of Gaddafi’s Libya (without a Rothschild central bank) which grew within just some 30 to 40 years big amounts of wealth out of a plain desert of poverty. And everyone there participated directly. (Against the constant disturbance from CIA-Terrorists, western leaders and media PsyOps.)

    The principles are written down in Gaddafi’s Green Book. He called it socialist, but in my eyes it was not exactly that. The political organization was based on grass roots direct democracy with a government out of delegates not representatives (which isn’t exactly a socialist model) and the economic principle was based on the idea, that everyone could keep the fruit of his personal work, and could personally be wealthy – presumed that he doesn’t take away the fruit of someone elses work.
    Don’t believe the big anti-Libya-anti-Gaddafi PsyOp. What was going on in Gaddafi’s Libya was pretty dangerous for the Fed.

    I recommend to read the Green Book, it’s not that thick:

    The other society your concept reminds me of, well this could be harder, but in my eyes it is worth a look. This article is a very good read:

    Under Hitler, the German economy was free from debt slavery, and their currency was backed in the first place by labor, and internationally, it was based much on bartering. In a very few years they rose out of the dust of WW1 back to real common wealth.
    Having read this and that about Hitler’s Germany, there are hints, that they didn’t start WWII and I doubt that their political organization could even be called “Fascist”. Do not forget, who writes history: The victors. In this case there has been a large PsyOp since WWII to demonize Hitler’s Germany. Do please question everything. There are voices which say, the international aggression against Hitler’s Germany was because of their remarkable economic strength outside of the worldwide Fed-scheme.

    There was also money floating from Warburg & Co to Germany as well, but it didn’t make that much of a difference, I think. The emphasis on that should mask the real reasons for the German success.

    Chris, I hope you don’t get mad at me because of these thoughts, a bit outside of the box. I want to contribute, not to disturb. There haven’t been many modern societies who established a working economy outside of the fiat scheme – so those are worth to be studied, just to maybe pick up some ideas (not everything).

    • Silver Shield

      Please understand that what we are looking to do will be very small and quiet.

      They will be weak and disorganized for many years.

      What comes out of this will probably be something our children or grandchildren have to deal with.

      Until then I can’t think of anything else worth doing.

      • FlyingCloud

        I think some of the ideas I mentioned are also good for small societies.

        Grass roots direct democracy definitely starts small and local, and has only to be expanded into a second or third level when necessary. The Libyan democratic model worked for decades very good on a local basis (but less good on the government level. On the higher levels they had corruption problems and too many system enemies who sneaked into high positions.)

        The thought that everyone is allowed to keep what he has worked out might be a thought to measure the equity of distribution.

        And money backed by labor might be a thought worth a second look.

        The conclusion of the article I have linked back to is: “when a government issues currency in carefully measured ways, it causes supply and demand to increase together, leaving prices unaffected. Hence there is no inflation, no debt, no unemployment, and no need for income taxes.”

        This might also work on a very small scale local level.

        My intention was to throw these aspects into the discussion, because they are not only theories but worked in practice. Both countries thrived very well and didn’t know poverty.

        But if it doesn’t resonate with you, that’s ok with me.

    • Marvin Motsenbocker

      Thanks for the citation to “The Green Book” by Ghadafi (sp?)
      I looked at chapter 7 “Law of Society” in book 1. I conclude that this is very wrong, internally inconsistent and biased toward top down control by an authoritarian ruler who invokes religion for justification of edicts.
      This Green Book complains that “constitutions” are evil or inappropriate as unnatural and that only religion and custom should be used to formulate law. In fact our “constitution” is designed as a shield against such despotic rule from religion backed rulers that we see in modern Iran and other countries of the old world. I think that Ghadafi’s desire to snuff out the natural rights of individuals likely begins with abolishing the shield of constitution, which asserts that people have natural rights that a ruler must not take away from them. There are many religions and each one is “interpreted” by a top dog, who, based on this green book, is justified to rule over every aspect of a citizen’s life based on superior “morality” of the religion-interpreter (Ghadafi?).

      I am NOT any kind of expert in this area and can easily change my mind. Please tell me how I am wrong. Should we dispense with a constitution? Should we base a society on a particular religion? Or is Ghadafi (is he a learned man? a philosopher? great thinker? a great leader to be followed?) correct?

      • FlyingCloud

        Thanks for looking it up, this could be a very interesting discussion. The Green Book is probably not written by Gaddafi himself (there are several different transcriptions for his name), but by a team behind him. But they always gave all the full merits to him.

        As the democratic sytem is rotten by the core (isn’t it?) I think it is a good question how else the people of a community, region or country could organize themselves. I’m not sure, if there always necessarily has to be a constitution for the self-organization from top-down (compared to a total grassroots self organization from down to top).

        I don’t know if the US-constitution is the best or only way to go. Does it contain everything about how to organize on a local to national basis? Maybe yes, I don’t know it well enough, sorry.

        The US constitution is surely good, but it hadn’t a protection in itself against all the abuse, which took place with it. I think we couldn’t go on without identifying the big lies all around us, e.g. is it necessary to shed light on the fact, that the US is a corporation, not a constitutional country. I don’t know if this has already been discussed here on the site.

        Further I think it is a quite abstract but still interesting discussion, if the artificial UNO human rights weren’t created to give rights to the people, but rather to take them away from them.

        I’m also not sure about religions. They are co-opted and usurpated by the Powers to be, as well as “their” campaign for Atheism has gained many followers. So it’s another good question how to get back to a true Religion and what it would be like. If religion would be a good base for the organization of a community, I couldn’t tell, but maybe people could organize themselves in a good way with true religious values and without something like a constitution or political parties.

        We are so used to all the bad propaganda around us, that we couldn’t imagine other drafts outside of the usual reasonings, and in the last century there haven’t been many countries or communities which managed to establish a working alternative model. And those who did, were demonized by the Powers that be. I still think, the Green Book is an interesting mine for alternative ideas, although I wouldn’t suggest to follow it word by word. Surely, one has to take into account the region where it is from, a desert muslimic country with a very strong tribal basis. But personally, I don’t think it could be reduced to these tags.

        Thanks again for taking the time to look it up, I think there could be a good discussion about these topics. But of course, it is a too abstract debate, especially when looking at the concrete question how to (self)organize a particular community, which was Chris’ original issue.

        • Marvin Motsenbocker

          Thanks Cloud Flyer
          Your basic point seems to be: “the concrete question how to (self)organize a particular community, which was Chris’ original issue.” I propose that no one “organize” a community but instead “protect” or “shield” the community from those who want to “organize” the members according to an agenda, be it religious, psychology, or any other organizing principle. We should not tell anyone else how to live as a basic point of liberty. Instead, I want to create shields to protect the gentle yeoman farmer from being “organized” for his “own good.” I think that you and I are probably saying the same thing, but English written language is such a poor tool to describe these things, so some definitions may help here. This, incidentally is why a good legal contract is so damn long and expensive. Agreements take a long time/effort to mutually understand the language used and to hammer out something with a minimum of ambiguity (all written agreements have ambiguity that gets exploited when the psychopath comes to town). Most agreements in my opinion are poorly written. ok, my two cents. lol

          • FlyingCloud

            If it were three families or so, they wouldn’t need to “organize” themselves, but in a bigger group of people there are usually several questions, which need at least some kind of group consensus.

            And of course, like you say, some set of rules, accepted by all, may it be the given constitution, or something analogical which the community gives itself.

            As I understand it, part 33 and 34 of the Silver Shield Report are about the practical aspects of community organization. From everything I’ve heard and read from Chris, I don’t assume that he sees himself as a leader, or judge or something like that. So I think some thoughts about a leaderless self-organization are well spent.

            There are not many examples in history (outside of tribal life) where there were models of leaderless self-organization which worked. The reason is, that the Rothschild-Fed-elites don’t like the people to be that independent. Libya from the seventies until last year was one of the few working exemples to study. Especially their leaderless communal self-organization, which has been described in the Green Book.

            • Silver Shield

              The need for lots of rules is out of the need of a heirarchical need to force participation of the masses usually to benefit some power hungry psychopath at the top.

              I think a lot of the things we discussed centered on first identifying the psychopath and not being forced to work with or support them with a lot of rules. The decentralization of power which would not find attractive the the psychopath and they will move on to easier pickings. And it will be a productive community where real value will be rewarded and since they are most likely unproductive parasites and addicted to fiat the would not thrive in our community.

              I bet the few thousand that will ultimately participate we will have a great time as we are all resonating souls. Our real challenge will be when we open the doors and I think that people will need to be sponsored by current members in the community.

              Libya was only taken down after 41 years because they became a threat to the petrodollar not their social contracts. I believe we will be able to thrive for many years quietly and hopefully remain ahead of the curve of any threats.

  • GoldSaver

    The alternative currency is not really that much of a challenge. If the local businesses (including the local “bank of issue”)accept constitutional dollars as currency and the local production facilities (farms, factories, etc) choose to pay their employees with constitutional silver (at face value rates) then the individual/small business tax hurdles can be easily overcome. Imagine if you will, a local diesel producer selling diesel at a silver dime a gallon. There is no law that requires him to sell it at a higher price within his community (specially if such a community is remote from others), he can report to the stealing (I mean, taxing) authorities about 5% income that he would otherwise report. How can the IRS claim that 10 silver cents or a pre-1964 quarter is anything other than a quarter?

    There was a case a few years ago where a business man was paying his employees in gold and told the employees that they did not need to report their income since the face value of the gold was less than the reportable levels. The IRS took him to court half a dozen times. They could not get a guilty verdict against the employees and at the end got the business convicted of tax fraud not because they paid in gold but because they claim a deduction at the market value of the gold they purchased to pay their employees.

    A local grocery store, as an example, that accepted silver at face value and priced their products as such face value, would not be guilty of tax fraud.

    On a different subject. There used to be these communities in the US (at least in PR where I grew up), that were established by the local factory. The employees lived and shopped in the community and part of their salary was given as credit to the company store. Such communities should be easy (from a legal stand point) to set up. The Shiver Shield Experimental Communities Corporation could purchase the land with an original set of investors and then sell the lots for constitutional silver (at face value)to those who wished to join. An HOA can be formed that sets up a contractual structure (social contract) that provides a minimal set of guidelines. The SSEC could then provide equity investment (land and capital) to farmers, factories and other businesses (schools, etc) that will then provide services in the community in exchange for constitutional silver (at face value). The SSEC can provide partial funding (up to 90%) and keep an equity position (up to 90%) in the business with the option for the owner to buy back his share in the future at an agreed upon price. In the mean time, the SSEC bank can keep the percentage of net profits that equal the equity investment provided by the bank.

    Insurance and law enforcement would take a corporate approach. You are free to purchase or not purchase insurance. If you do, the insurance company promises to replace any financial loses you incur due to theft or natural disaster. If it is theft, the insurance company then investigates and bills the thief. If the thief refuses to pay, the insurance company publishes his/her name in the community bulletin board and the person becomes “persona non grata” unable to buy or sell anything in the community or even hold a job. No violence needed.

    Fire services would be provided by the insurance company as part of fire coverage. After all, the insurance company would have to buy you a new house if yours burns down. It is much cheaper to have a very effective fire fighting corps to prevent and minimize damage from fires than to pay for a block worth of houses. If you choose not to purchase insurance and your house fire damages a neighbors home, you are presented with a bill for the damage to your neighbor.

    It is all about choice and personal responsibility.

    • Silver Shield

      So much of regulation revolves around everyone trying to get theirs in an unsustainable, competitive way of life.
      Companies report to the IRS the wages paid to get a discount on their tax bill.
      People 1099 each other for the same.
      People go into debt with houses to get some money back that was theirs in the beginning.

      A sustainabl and thoughtful society can first relax the need for this rat race by focusing everything we do towards sustainability. Buying tax free land, permaculture, sustainable energy, funding peoples passions with equitable relations we will lower the aggressive nature we have built up.

      This new relationship will allow more charity and most important trust to truly live a caring community.

      With so many people becoming invested in each other creating a social contract, community currency, etc becomes easier because it is built on love and not fear.

      What you pointed out with the Constitutional Silver and taxes is why I have only been stacking it.
      I think there is a strong case for a competing community that values the shared land purchase, sustainable energy projects, and business ventures of the community. Also if everyone agrees to keep our private transactions private we do not need to worry about outside influences.

      I was also thinking of having another currency based off of the value of charity. This would more resemble the typical time currencies but focus it on needed social activity. Instead of using currency to pay for child care, or elder care, or community service we can earn time currency. This way we can spend our time together building new relationships and fulfill the needs of everyone that may not be valued in a typical consumer society. Old, young and maybe stay at home moms provide an incredible benefit in the empathetic values they provide. Our community can create these time dollars every time people do work for the community. Businesses can encourage this empathetic money that makes our lives better by offering discounts on their goods and services to those that made our community better. This self liquidating currency would make another competive currency that values something beyond what our society is valuing right now.

      I think local factories are going to be essential and we can go beyond profit sharing to capital sharing. How we choose to deal with each other determines how much stress we choose to have in our lives.

      I like the insurance thing but since our community everyone has a stake in it everyone will have their stake at risk if they violate someone. I believe in the power of the shun and thing clan mentality can force psychopaths out of our community without resorting to the larger psychopath for protection.

      Also an armed society is a polite society. I would want our community not only armed but perhaps training together As a means of the best offense is a strong defense. Providing a porcupine defense so that any potential outside influence psychopath and incentive to find an easier target.

      As far as fire, the architecture of sustainability I would not want to have one wood based structure in our community. I envision concrete, stone structures that are energy efficient, defensible and long lasting as the basis of our community. (another report on that, do we have any architects in house?)

      I like the “radical” concept of personal responsibility. You break it, you buy it.

      So many ideas and discussions…

      • GoldSaver

        I really dont know what the answer is… I am just throwing ideas out there. But that is the beauty of a true free market. Ideas get tried and discarded or kept based on the market place and how well they fit the needs of the consumers of those ideas.

        I am an Anarchist. I understand that government, the very concept, is evil and can not be “reformed” like slavery and rape, there are no reforms or rules that would make it not evil. The only solution is free men participating in a free market. Free to live, learn, grow, produce and trade. No other system will work. Any attempt at limited government will result in an Animal Farm’s Napoleon rising and returning us to the depth of tyranny and violence.

        Perhaps, we can find some piece of land on the planet that would be free from government’s interference. I am not hopeful. Governments exists to grow their own power. Any community established must understand that even if we get it right, the outside world will demand that we return to the wrong. Like crabs in a bucket, those on the outside will find a way to force us into the mire.

        I have come to believe that, short of a lunar colony (an impossibility within our budget/time frame), an ocean colony (above or underneath) may be the only place were the influence of government can be prevented for at least a generation. A floating, movable sea colony, at least 130 nautical miles away from any land mass, will stand a better chance at being ignored until we are strong enough (economically) to assert our status as a nation.

        There is a small book, Alongside Night, by J. Neil Schulman, that provides some very radical ideas of a corporate style community. Theirs was setup parallel to the existing US and within its borders, using secrecy as its safeguard. I don’t believe that living hidden within the borders would work, but the rest of the concepts are probably viable.

      • Rex Bowe

        (another report on that, do we have any architects in house?)

        I’m not, but want to hire these guys:
        Bastrop, TX fire survivors:

    • Silver Shield

      Any currency we do needs to be supported by the local businesses or what is the point of earning them.
      The land, energy, business,silver, gold, equity backed currency will have a natural demand as it is ownership in the community and can really be held as stock. I think every year when we need to issue more a full accounting should be made public and I like the idea that’s more people enter the community there will be a dilution of ownership to prevent a monopoly to form.

      Can you give an executive summary of some of the points of that book? Remember we are going to make our move when governments are most weak and we will be very powerful in offering equity and jobs.

  • jumbo2012

    I believe the best way to start this is not from scratch, but to buy a bankrupt town or a city (maybe Detroit or somewhere in California). Take advantage of all infrastructure already there like roads, commercial retail spaces or maybe even industrial complexes like in Buffalo, NY that is just sitting there doing nothing. A strategic location with port, rail, highways near oil supplies and farming….

    • Silver Shield

      The only problem with that is the existing infrAstructure of collectivist people and the fact that major cities like you mentioned have crumbling infrastructure.

      Given our size I think it would be more practical to buy a bankrupt resort or state park or even an island in the Carribean than wasting time building up a decayed city.

      I also look at how much more efficient and desirable our physical structures will be. Look at the typical cities and they are energy intensive and focused on a dying consumerist paradigm.

      The most successful things in the next paradigm will be the most sustainable and that goes all the way down to how we interact with our environment.

      • Gareth

        “An island…………………”

        I personally believe that an island is a wonderful idea. Fishing stocks, easier to monitor who’s coming in/out etc etc.

        • Silver Shield

          And island or more likely property with a navigable river is a must for trade and tourism… especially when I believe road travel might be dangerous.

          Perhaps an airfield to boot…

          • Marvin Motsenbocker

            I invite everyone who might be interested, to visit my small island in Japan. We have a declining population, restricted (ferry) access, fantastic sea walls (best on the planet I think) great climate (imagine a bunch of islands off the coast of Georgia) and a local community that wants to start new businesses. Although a different country with a different language, I really think that it is possible to negotiate with respective governments and do something truly radical there. Other islands exist that are fairly uninhabited yet within an archipelago that provides great infrastructure and security. The governments there are approachable and willing to bend law when they see something good for the society. In particular, someone who seriously wants to work the land is supported. Strange things are possible……..

            • Gareth

              I wish I’d visited Japan. I could’ve taken the ferry from Busan when I was in S.Korea for approximately $100 return.

              It’s cost me a fortune to fly from Blighty.

              • Marvin Motsenbocker

                Gareth, sometimes you can get a low cost ticket (travel during a national holiday, or during a slow period is best). And, I can help you get around and stay for almost nothing. If you want, please define “fortune” and “doable price” and lets try to work on it.

              • Hi Marvin, sorry for the late response.

                Doable has a few variables these days, bud. We’ve a new edition due in less than nine weeks and so we’re gonna be ‘grounded’ for the near term.

                Exciting, yet a bit frightening.

          • Gareth

            Aye, the day of the ‘highway man’ could return in many regions.

    • Silver Shield

      California would only be an option if they split it up and expel Southern California. This was discussed years ago but might become reality in the future.

  • speedspirit

    If this is what it takes to wake up the masses so be it. They are so weak and being pulled by the consciousness of this old mindset that everything will be alright if we just play along. But when a better way is put forth then that energy will attract those who want something better for themselves like a magnet. The better the ideas the better the plan.
    Why arent there 250 comments to the SSR reports if there are 250 members?

    Everyone has something they could contribute, do they not?

    • Silver Shield

      Actually we are at 350… And yes I don’t know why more don’t participate.

      I hope when we do virtual meetings more will come out.

      I can say that there are a lot of people still getting comfortable with me before they step out and participate.

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    Currencies and democracies, etc.
    Re: “thinking of having another currency based off of the value of charity. This would more resemble the typical time currencies but focus it on needed social activity. Instead of using currency to pay for child care, or elder care, or community service we can earn time currency.”
    This is a great idea. I agree completely. A big problem has been that everything in our society/world is reduced to the same dollars. Using dollars for everything is like trying to paint all pictures in black and white and ignoring colors. We must build systems that more accurately handle the complexities of being a human and working with others. We have different types of work, and such additional currencies honor and reflect the true situation. When a neighbor helps the other put up a barn or bring in the harvest, you can believe that the amount of work was memorized and recorded (favors remembered) but not converted into a financial transaction. We can bring that system back and encourage such behavior with a suitable currency. In every society this happens. That is one type of currency I suppose. And, I like the idea of volunteering to build up the charitable type currency. Why not. We can use computers to keep track of everything. A third type of currency might be the one used between our private businesses. I wonder if we could even have an optional youth time currency (doing chores, for the community?) for children who are not old enough to work (and get the federal agents interested in violations of their labor laws) but old enough to learn how to become valuable to others via effort. Such currencies may represent another type of shield against the outside world.

    I dont like democracy (tyranny of the many against the non-conformer) but prefer liberty. Re: “Grass roots direct democracy definitely starts small and local, and has only to be expanded into a second or third level when necessary. The Libyan democratic model” I think that the purpose of our contemplated organization(s) is to protect the individual and small groups from exploitation by larger group(s) such as mobs controlled by main stream media. The larger groups (eg the state in which we will live, having more numerous members who likely will covet what we have and will have democratic power to take it away) use democracy to destroy liberty. I prefer to see everything done to protect liberty from democracy. For example, anyone who receives at least 10% or 50% (pick a number) of his income from the group organization must NOT be allowed to vote in the group elections (if there are any). Further, there is no reason why we cant avoid paid politicians altogether. Any political work function should be done for free as a community service by everyone picked by lottery or by rotation. Like we do now for juries. SUch juries now are extremely powerful (decide life and death) are not really paid and get the job done. Anything complicated (requiring skills not found in normal people) is a technical job that is done by paying someone with technical knowledge, not a politician. We dont need no politicians. If we have a problem with outside politician, we can appoint someone to represent us. Dont need someone to become our day to day ruler and lord almighty.

    Overlapping, multiple shields. ANyone besides me live in a Homeowners Association? The state governments strongly respect such local community governments (which is good) but which can be extremely powerful and democratic-collectivist controlling (which is bad, because if one person is powerful/psycho he is free to make up rules but force others to follow picky onerous rules and make their lives miserable, I suffered from this in my organization, which can dictate which trees to plant and cut down). I favor a landowner association with rules that protect liberty by allowing members to opt into things like garbage collection but not restrict the details of the houses, such as their colors, window panes, grass size etc. We could draft a very liberating homeowners association charter that pushes the state away but allows liberty among the members.

    Personal conflicts and dispute resolution. State governments also deeply respect mediation and arbitration. In fact, arbitration in many or most cases can eliminate civil law suits. This allows the group to constuct its own dispute resolution system as a shield. But arbitration is often corrupt because the arbitrator has connections to the community and often is less fair than an independent judge. To fix that problem, I suggest we use circuit judge arbitrators that are rotated AMONG the franchised communities (judges/arbitrators live in OTHER communities and have a professional detachment and objectivity).

    • GoldSaver

      Marvin I agree with you, Let the market decide. The most effective form of democracy is the wallet. People will buy the things that are offered at the best perceived value. Yes, marketing (like political campaigns) can twist the choices but, if no one is forced to go along with someone else’s choice the harm is limited.

      All services should be market based, including security. Why have a committee determine how much should members “contribute” for common defense when an independent entrepreneur can offer the services at market rates. Think of it like this. Lets say I decide to set up a Shield Defense Inc and offer territorial protective services for a monthly fee. If I can convince enough members to pay the subscription (by advertizing and performance) I stay in business. Lets say I screw the pooch and fail to provide the services I claim to be able to provide, you are free to establish “Marvin’s Marauders” Security firm and compete. If you offer better value, my customers will go to you and I will go bankrupt freeing capital (my weapons, vehicles and trained employees) to join your firm.

      The ideal (IMHO) situation would be a joint ownership company that buys the land and sells the lots to members. The community would be gated and members must sign a community contract in order to purchase the land that is limited to delineating the responsibilities of both the company (asses the land, interact with outside agencies) and the member ( non-aggression principle and respect for private property). Everything else is negotiated on a case by case basis by members. From schools to peace officers and fire services/insurance, if there is a need, the market will provide. If there is not (EPA, OSHA, IRS, etc) the market will not.

      • Marvin Motsenbocker

        Yes, I was thinking the same things. Resonance exists. I wonder what note…..

      • Silver Shield

        I agree about privatizing all services but I think many services are don’t need to be services at all with a good group. Police or security can be done by 1 sheriff. If the sheriff needs help he can deputize others for a time, but ultimately we will be an armed society and will be very polite. If we run into major threats, we can form a voluntary militia at a moments notice.

        Another radical idea is to have our women train at long range shooting and our men in more up close contact.

        I think just how we physically build our community would prevent the need for a fire company and create defensible with concrete and stone structures.

  • speedspirit

    350 members!!! Without 350 comments where is the action of creating a new society of the people,for the people,by the people.

    Today, Right now is the time to start taking action! Who is the baker, who is the farmers, who are the school teachers,the plumber, the electrician, the florist, the animal vet, the doctor, the gun smith, the butcher,who can sew,the computer guys, ect.

    The concept that others are better in taking control and you arent good enough or too busy is the same mindset that created this planetary mess. This has always been a call to action Chris started. Not tomorrow but today. Buy silver, awaken to the mistakes of the weak elite and start doing something to walk away. And this is it. Is there anyone else organizing a better alternative? Do 300 silent members believe our Government is just going to hit a wall and change course? No they will not. The common folks in every town need to start non violently protesting the actions of the existing government to create change. But as you see here not enough action is being taken and so we are still headed for the cliff. I still believe like you silent others that this can be avoided but not with silence. Grow a set!!

    • Marvin Motsenbocker

      My goodness, thank you Spirit of Speed…………

      I am rather optimistic for two reasons:

      1. The present “mess” is merely an expected evolution in human experience/history. I think that we go through evolutionary stages, prompted by changes in technology and the “mess” is merely the old about to change. Isn’t the present change prompted by the internet/digital revolution combined with historical limitations on resources (all the best iron ore, coal, scraped out, the best (cheapest) shallow underground aquafiers and oil already sucked,etc., which puts an exponentially increasing monetary model (which no longer corresponds to increasing real wealth) to death from natural causes? It is not a “mess” from this view.

      2. The American revolution was carried out by an active minority, which seems to fit the acronym SpeedSpirit, or Spirit of Speed. The majority in 1776 were silent, caught up in local problems left by the mess of English banker/industrialist control systems etc, but they succeeded.

      cant wait for Chris’s first large scale video conference!……………
      Best wishes

    • Gareth

      I sense much apathy in the world. There will be another ‘trigger’, and then the ‘stampede’ into tangible assets and ‘truth’ will be immense.

      Avoid apathy if possible, but try not to fear or get angry at others.

  • Gareth

    Would anyone object to a hemp farm being established? There is a multitude of uses for hemp and it can be incorporated into a rotation system along with legumes, root crops, and brassicas. With a few fruit trees and fruit bushes, I could be very independent and without someone trying to extract taxes from me all the time, me, Leanne, and baby bump would be happy-as-larry.

    Not sure of the logistics behind a move that far away, though, but i’ll put my thinking cap on.

    PS Would guns be compulsory? I really haven’t got a clue how to use one.

    PPS Is it just my reception that’s wrong – I can only hear Marvin’s comments towards the end of the report?

    • Silver Shield

      I think during the collapse Hemp will be made legal much like Prohibition ended.

      Hemp is a miracle crop and an easy economic boom to any state that get’s their act together.

      • Gareth

        Animal feed, fibre for clothing and building materials, bio-fuel, medicine, recreational uses…………..the list is endless.

        It’s why I wanna grow and sell it :-) I could even sell it ‘raw’ to someone who processes it into fibre, bio-fuel etc meaning my role would be complete after harvest…..and a wee test of the THC level 😉

    • Shane Thomasson

      Gareth asked:

      PS Would guns be compulsory? I really haven’t got a clue how to use one.

      I would imagine it would be highly recommended in our community to have a gun or two, but not mandatory. it would be like how people recommend having a fire extinguisher at your home or place of business and know how to use it effectively.

      • Yup, the last part of the sentence is the important part, bud, “know how to use it effectively”.

        You wouldn’t just give a gun to anyone, would you? I could probably have an accident without a lot of training.

  • speedspirit

    So it looks like we have a hemp farmer. I hope you have lots of seed stowed away in a cool dry environment. Hemp will become a great source of many needs in the future.

    My nickname comes from my spiritual quest and my love of racing cars.

    And yes the mess comes from the cheap use of natural resources as compared to the free energy inventions from the likes of Tesla. Who discovered how to give free energy to everyone. Supression and control are on the way out. A new view of science and Universal Laws need to be understood by all founding members of the new successful socities if they want to make real progress. Some ideas are so radical it takes some time before individuals will except the truth. The sooner we start discussing it the better. No anger just a trying to express the urgency.

    • Gareth

      Aye, I’ve a healthy seed-bank, bud. Lotsa different seeds and zero F1 hybrids.

      If you’ve F1 hybrids then please throw them away and get yourself some real seed.

    • Marvin Motsenbocker

      Thank you for your comments SpeedSpirit. What do you mean ” A new view of science and Universal Laws need to be understood by all founding members…” Are you saying that present day scientists are wrong and someone else knows science better than them? Or maybe “Universal Laws” are based on religion or subjective belief which is more “new?” Where can one find this “new view?” I would like to read up about it.

      • AgainstTheGrain

        It is my understanding that under the current scientific law, states that you can never achieve more output than input. I believe Tesla achieved this feat, which is why the person who invented a/c motors, generators, hydroelectric power plants, invented the radio, tesla coil, microwave, considered the founder of robotics, the list goes on. 400+ patents to Telsa’s name and this guy died in severe poverty alone. He was black listed by JPMorgan after the Wardenclyffe tower was discovered to be able transmit unlimited amounts of energy wirelessly. Jp Morgan-“where do I put the meter?” That’s why very few know about him, Einstein looks like a first grader when it comes to science when compared to Tesla’s achievements. Einstein even admitted himself that his theory was flawed. Modern science is based off of these fundamentally flawed equations. Look up Nassim Haramein, unified field theory. It ties together all the areas of science much better than the current scientific model.

        Watch that whole series.

        • AgainstTheGrain

          Best part about Tesla is he did it only for the betterment of humanity. He did not care for money.

          • Marvin Motsenbocker

            Dear Against
            I dont care what outlandish ideas or religion or belief you have as long as you create wealth in your work. I would truly enjoy working with you in a community while creating real things, real wealth, and I would vigorously defend your right to think “against the grain” even though I dont at all agree with you. You are valuable to me by what you do, not by what you think. I look forward to sharing and building a rich diverse community with you but probably dont have much time to talk about Tesla…………

            • AgainstTheGrain

              I can’t actually do, so I think about it until I can. “I don’t care what outlandish ideas or religion or belief you have as long as you create wealth in your work.”
              What if I’m just pursuing what I am passionate about? I don’t have the resources nor time right now to follow that passion. But if there is a community that would allow me to follow that path, I would take it in a heart beat.
              If TPTB control the political system, monetary system, energy supplies, educational system, etc. And you don’t think science has been tampered with? Can you imagine the implications would be if Tesla had succeeded? No energy problems….ever which would = complete upheaval of TPTB. How is it that a positively charged particle emits EM radiation in 360 degrees constantly with no visible energy input. Source charge problem, you should look that up as well.

              I still don’t understand what is outlandish? Tell me, is the scientific model presently used by the scientific community complete? I will answer it, no. It IS flawed, they cannot come up with a universal law. The unified field theory is more accurate than the current scientific model. But to accept it would be to also accept over unity. Therefore it cannot have any validity from the scientific community. Also you have probably read about the guy with the hydrogen powered car that could go coast to coast on 20 gallons of water alone, that car was stolen and the guy died 8 months after going public with it. The cold fusion professor at MIT that called MIT out for faking the results, he was then fired and black balled from the scientific community. So all these scientist are throwing their careers away defending something (that can easily be tested by another person)that doesn’t work? It doesn’t make sense.

              As a patent attorney, how many people have over 400+ patents to their name held in the US alone? Oh, try to go 10 minutes in your daily life without using one of Tesla’s patents.

              • AgainstTheGrain

                “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”
                ― Nikola Tesla

                “Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality. ”
                ― Nikola Tesla

  • speedspirit

    Looks like I have a supporter in the house. Nice job commenting Against The Grain.

    Things are changing and those mighty Tesla inventions will soon one day be powering the world. The positive out of a crash of biblical proportions will keep TPTB from supressing these inventions any further. A community Like Silver Shield will attract thses great minds and one day you may get to work on them. Always think positive and great things can happen.

    • AgainstTheGrain

      OMG I’m not alone!! I figured thats the direction you were going with that. Any day I get to share Tesla’s history is a good day 😀 I can’t wait for when I get to see his wireless transmission towers working. One day..

      • Silver Shield

        Read the last line of this article…

        • Marvin Motsenbocker

          That is done by beaming EM radiation. Microwave power satellites, space elevators, and even space vehicle propulsion (without motors) are possible this way.

          • AgainstTheGrain

            @ Marvin

            Are you saying these examples parallel wireless transmission?

            I think I know what space vehicle you speak of, it is a giant sail that reflects photon particles, and if a laser beam is focused on it, it can actually push it through space. The others use certain frequencies, and if enough signal is picked up, it can actually have some energy. Kind of like a radio, if its getting a signal, it has to have some sort of energy. I know of CB radios that can wirelessly fry the radio amplifier in a car near it. But that is not the wireless I speak of. I’m talking about when Tesla lit 200 light bulbs 20+ miles away without a single wire. I recommend you do some research on Tesla as I think you do not have solid grasp on who he really is and what he has done. Also, Tesla invented microwaves… and lasers…

            • Silver Shield

              Why hasn’t anyone in a hundred years replicated that experiment?
              If people do know how to do it they would be wise to join us…
              I think that technology would be stupendous and would be the technological leaped need to make into reality.

              • AgainstTheGrain

                I was thinking, wouldn’t this type of thing be the new paradigm shift like you were talking about. Like how the in the 1920’s it was cars and cities. I think unlimited wireless energy would be a massive advancment for humanity, giving us the capability unlimited discoveries. All I need to know is that 1. its possible and 2. it has been done. In theory, you create an antenna tuned to the resonant frequency of the ionosphere, You then send a pulse around the earth and once that wave makes it 360 degrees around, you pulse it again. So you have picked up the first pulse, and now added to it. This happens very fast and pretty soon you have a very positivly charged ionosphere and a negativly charged earth, basically a giant capacitor. That’s my very very generalised understanding of it.

        • AgainstTheGrain

          Bastards! The author says it so casually. Haha, I can’t wait until it can be used for good, the possibilities…

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    I wanted to add: I think that this costs tons of money. Tons of engineering. But they seem to have it.

    • AgainstTheGrain

      If I do recall correctly, this group was talking about Thorium nuclear reactors as a viable power solution, I’m sure some electronic components assembled in the early 1900’s, wire and wood shouldn’t be too much. Thats the thing about Tesla, its all about resonant frequencies. I’m serious everything is about waves, I don’t think Chris is metaphorically speaking when it comes to resonating with someone. Its that feeling, that right vibration that makes you resonate. It applies to much more than human interactions, its literally everywhere. “if you wish to find the secrets of the universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration”- another Tesla quote 😉

  • Silver Shield

    This Tesla energy transference would really take this resonating idea to a whole nother level.

    Anyone know how to do it?


    • AgainstTheGrain

      I would love to chat with anyone who has more knowledge of this! Speedspirit you have no idea how much those links help, I will not have any sleep for the next few weeks 😀 Speed spirt perhaps we could skype as I have not been able to have a real conversation about Tesla’s works with anyone with knowledge on the subject. I need to talk it out with someone for me to get my ideas straight in my head. I just need to figure out the basic system, then it can be reverse engineered from there using concepts Tesla had in the 1900’s. Right? Obviously much more complex, it is a puzzle with all the pieces scatered throughout our society. The pieces are there, anyone want to start putting them together?

  • speedspirit

    Heere is a link to Tesla Inventions and supression. I also know of an excellent ebook that I lost the link to when my harddrive went but I will find it give me some time.

    Now on the far out there for some to understand is the fact that in history people like Tesla tried to bring this technology to mankind and were destroyed by the TPTB and so this is the result. The Ascended Masters yes but they say that until TPTB are no longer in control will they guide individuals to the secrets of obtaining this technology. Now before Mustafa goes ape on me consider how did Nostrodomus accomplish things, how did Mozart accomplish his incredible feats, how did the founding fathers succed? ect.
    When this paradigm losses control and a new world begins to rise this technology will become available again to those individuals who understand the Universal Laws. They will have the mindset to share with those who also grasp the value of such ideas such as the Silver Shield Community.

    • AgainstTheGrain

      😀 😀

      • AgainstTheGrain

        A-416!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sketched that design over a year ago with no previous knowledge of it. Although my design obviously wasn;’t technical but it had the same basic layout and same EXACT prinipal. My hands are literally shaking right now, this is really freaky.

    • Silver Shield

      We can do a report on this if you feel like you know it well enough.

      I seemed to have found to have found lots of people who know about this but I have not seen anyone do it.

      • AgainstTheGrain

        I know a guy in my home town, he converted his s-10 pick up to completely electric. Custom engine/transmission brackets, curcuitry, custom everything. The guy used a bendini motor kit he bought off ebay that charges 7 batteries on 1 of the same batteries as the other 7. I know the guy wasn’t lying b/c the amount of knowledge this guy had was incredible. I will try to get into contact with him. As far as the report goes, that would be awesome, perhaps it would inspire others. I will start to put together notes 😀

  • speedspirit

    Syke request me at matt.tudisco

  • Country Codger

    Wow! This is only the second time i have censored on DTOM. What is the old saying censor me once shame on me censor me twice?

  • James Tetreault

    Chris. When you brought up the convertibility of a community currency into dollars, you immediately suggested, a la the chinese, setting the conversion rate such that it’s many community bucks to equal one dollar. But doesn’t this create potential problems, too? What if someone or some entity from outside the community wanted to buy things up? If the conversion rate is, say, 100 community bucks equals one dollar then is it easy for someone from outside to make a tempting, high value offer? Just as a thought experiment, if you went in the opposite direction, saying that, for example, it takes 10,000 dollars to convert into one community buck, then you’ve pretty much eliminated that problem. Maybe it would be addressed by other structural features of the community. Just a thought.

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