Diabolic – Truth Pt.1

[Verse 1]
Whaddya’ do, when the devil looks right in your eyes?
And you find out your entire life is a lie
Inside Capitol Hill those cowards were laughing
The towers were crashin’ they allowed it to happen
Devoured the fragments in the media’s sight
With some of the sickest shit I ever seen in my life
Orchestrated by Masons all related
Their royal seal and oil fields corporate hatred
But how can I be concerned with World War?
Gotta’ worry about dyin’ from stickin’ some girl raw
What you heard before ain’t as big of a lesson
As George and Jeb Bush riggin’ elections
Press release worldwide west to east
Followed by George Junior’s acceptance speech
I’m too stressed to sleep but believe I’m alive
Cuz death just creeps, so I sleep when I die
I’m screamin’ out why as I reach for the sky
I danced with the Devil God don’t even reply
Burn weed till I’m high, with my chest weezin’
left breathin’, shadow of death creepin’
My Ex beefin’ layin’ threats to get even
Me dreamin’ of Russian Roulette left leakin’
But if I was left leakin’ I’d be accepting judgement
So I made my choice, I ain’t accepting nothing

[Hook x2]
I don’t believe your truth, I’ve been lied to
So if you’re ready to fight, I’m right beside you
If you don’t believe, you don’t see what I do
Just open your eyes, the truth’s inside you

[Verse 2]
I run in CBS with a Beretta shootin’
This way, I can televise the revolution
No resolution when cops load up a glock clip
And shoot like you Diallo holdin’ his wallet
Luckily ‘Bolic was raised with street smarts
Taught since birth to evade police narcs
Prayin’ to God fightin’ Satan’s beast mark
Hopin’ one day I can make the seas part
I cross the train tracks and hear an outcry
Like why’s the ghetto always on the Southside
Skeptics will understand the Art of War
When they lock the streets and declare martial law
When a rain of microchips starts to pour
What the fuck you think the National Guard is for
It’s a bad dream when Big Brother maps genes
And injects technology in kids vaccines
Its next to nothin’ but my blood pressure’s rushin’
And damn right I’ll fight sleep cause death its’ cousin
Now maybe you’ll believe me and listen a bit
When you’re all in line to get a microchip in your wrist
We’re livin’ this shit, government’s playin’ the role
They invented AIDS for population control
They’ve taken a hold and sold Satan your soul
While people like me and you are breakin’ the mold

[Hook x2]
I don’t believe your truth, I’ve been lied to
So if you’re ready to fight, I’m right beside you
If you don’t believe, you don’t see what I do
Just open your eyes, the truth’s inside you

[Verse 3]
It’s not just my home it’s real in every place
Like Anthrax sent from a military base
Ya’ll emulate snakes who imitate disciples
Watchin’ the Catholic Church manipulate the Bible
I never stood a chance of enjoyin’ the scripture
Freemason’s freebasin’ poison the mixture
My point is true with the boys in blue
Got me lookin’ over my shoulder
Tryin’ to enjoy the view
I got two words for Bloomberg and Giuliani
Fuck you George Bush and the Illuminati
I wanna’ go in the Oval Office, pop a few
And act out the cover of Revolutionary Volume 2
They watchin’ you, it’s the national past time
Believe me I’ll be red flagged for that last line
Po-9 ‘ll lockdown the hood forever
Be a bigger gang than Bloods and Crips put together
Marines still die in Iraq it seems ill
Bush already contracted lobbyists for rebuild
They’ll fund his campaign, he the foulest vermin
Tryin’ to build a pipeline owned by Halliburton
But God’s watchin’ us to keep the evidence clear
While Lucifer whispers orders in the president’s ear
Heaven is near but Hell is even closer
I live it every day, watchin’ demons approach us

[Hook x2]
I don’t believe your truth, I’ve been lied to
So if you’re ready to fight, I’m right beside you
If you don’t believe, you don’t see what I do
Just open your eyes, the truth’s inside you

10 comments to Diabolic – Truth Pt.1

  • Rainmaker

    Wheres the interview on RT TV?

    • lastmanstanding

      …the old bait and switch…

      • urban sling-bow

        Nice switch.

        Great lyrics from someone who is well aware of the occult and what is really behind the secret societies (whos members ‘own’ western politics, control big oil and big finance, and who ultimately represent the real power behind the proverbial curtain).

        The music industry has long been controlled, corrupted, and then used to corrupt the minds of the listener by powerful and influential groups. Only recently (thanks to the freedom of the internet to bypass the control of the record companies) has music been used as a weapon against those who had previously sought to use it as a weapon of corruption against us.

        The lyrics of this song do a good job of introducing the listener to some tough concepts and some tough truths, particularly the Lucifarian core of many secret societies and their overt corruption of the Bible and of ‘knowledge’ in general.

        Closed groups, private clubs, secret societies, and elite interest groups do exist and have existed for millennia. Almost every year now we here of another secret group in addition to the many already known (Illuminati, Masons, Bilderbergs, scull and bones, etc). The worship of Lucifer is arguably the worlds oldest religion, going right back to the Adam and Eve, but now I digress….

        One final point, is it not interesting that a company at the forefront of developing technology which has allowed governments to track and monitor anyone with one of their devices, who have developed the definative music playing device of this generation, and whos marketing has helped corrupt a generation into desiring technology (and who are believed to be working on implantable technology), should have a logo representing the temptation of man by Lucifer….

    • intothevoid

      posted it just for you…

      • lastmanstanding

        why don’t you explain to me and the rest of us what you mean by that.

        • intothevoid

          rainmaker asked where the RT interview with Diabolic was because it was assumed that i was on some deceptive ‘bait and switch’ BS with the thumbnail image, so i updated the post for everyone.

          • lastmanstanding

            thanks, can view it now…I’m not much of a techy

          • Rainmaker

            Nope. I only asked where the interview was because I wanted to view it. I was interested in what was said in the interview. Frankly, I have heard that rap before. I think that it was a good interview, that he is very intelligent and articulate. And that its important to have these discussions and our youth are the “tip of the spear” so to speak. What I find interesting is all the political discourse which I believe is Hegelian Dialectic. There are other memes that abound and we all, myself included, indulge in them. My own personal opinion, as irrelevant as that is, is that we should address the root of the problem, which are Central Banks in general, fractional reserve banking, unlimited and unchecked fiat creation via debt and in our case, the Federal Reserve. All these culminate in another whole host of other issues and centralization, represented as acronyms such as the UN, IMF, WB, EU, ECB ETC.,ETC.,ETC. In addition, I think we should all have a copy of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in pocket versions on our persons at all times, and should refer to those as often as possible. We should teach our children to read from the Constitution.

            This is a good post and should bear futher discussion and discourse. What we need is a consistant message across racial, class and generational lines that resonates with all. (in other words, we need to stand together and not be divided and conquered) We need to have the same consistant message regardless and it should be articulated in a few easy phrases and sentences and I’ll say it again one more time, it should be consistant. We need to be able to create our own meme, one that resonates with all and that can rise above the Hegelian Dialectic that doniminates our national and international lexicons. Who wants to take a stab?

  • Ben


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