General Motors is “China Motors”?

I remeber seeing this information a ways back and declining to post it. I found it again on Brother John Fs site and thought it appropriate considering this is Memorial Day weekend:

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  • aurochs

    Disgusting! Traitors all.

  • MPB

    This is no surprise to me anyway… Disgusting as it may be. My last big GM purchase was a NEW 2007 GMC Yukon XL ( prior to the bailout) . One of the reasons I sold it about a year later, other than the quality was aweful as compared to previous years model of the same, was that I discovered “China” stamped on certain components under it. But to be fair, there isn’t much of anything anymore that doesn’t have China stamped on it in it somewhere. We have been sold out without question. We are at best, a mere shadow of our once great country. Our wealth and industries have all but been totally outsourced to China and elsewhere and it was done right in front of our willing eyes.

    Thanks for posting this.. I have tried to get this across to others still buying new GM products. Maybe a few more will see this and think twice before purchasing a new CHINA / GOVERNMENT MOTORS product.

    Peace, MPB

    PS; I will Never purchase another new GM product.

  • s0n of sAm

    If ur not buying GM then what we buying? Japanese, Korean or European? The fact that the avg car today costs $30k is astounding. All the computer bells and whistles and hiccups- ur car feels sad today… ur tire pressure is too high too low. not to mention the crap that breaks in a new car 14 mos from purchase- strangely we find its not covered on a bumper to bumper warranty? I’m no mechanic but i can remember being little and my father actually climbing into the engine compartment on our 71 chevy nova 3.5 straight 6. You could actually see ea and every component- how and where it was connected. it was common sense. Now you need a rocket scientist degree. I fear we have made everything complicated- the laws- our lives- our relationships and political correctness. I don’t know if we can go back to a correct moment in time where everyone knew their place, what was expected and when times got tough you pulled together.

    • lastmanstanding

      sos, your last line…when times got tough you pulled together…half or more of the “people” in the USA have no idea of wtf that means.

      God help those who help themselves and others.

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