Stock Market Crash Ahead?

In this podcast:

(1) I discuss the redux of a 1930s stock market crash

(2) I discuss why this crash may occur within the next six months

10 comments to Stock Market Crash Ahead?

  • Fort Mac Flatlander

    During these times of crash and dead cat bounce, what was happening to the money supply, and how did the money supply manipulation prior to 1929 affect these events?

  • Rahul

    Good question. I’ll need to look more into this story. However, the money supply started to contract big time after 1929.

  • BDI, or Baltic Dry Index slumped in January 2012. This means we will likely see another stock market ‘downturn’, by August or September of 2012. Historically, it takes another 8 months, after the drop in the BDI, for the market to feel the effect. Keep in mind, Spain is TOO BIG to bail out. Greece. ‘EU’ breakup. It’s coming, folks. Also, WHO, exactly owns most of the world’s gold? Central Bankers. So, WHY would we want a gold standard, when the Central Bankers can buy up all the gold, and maintain control over the gold-backed money/currency supply? HELLLO! Bill Still – “It’s not what backs the money, it’s who controls the quantity [in circulation]” –

    Bill Still: Gold As the ONE WORLD CURRENCY

  • This DOES NOT MEAN, HOWEVER, that gold and silver are bad investments. No, GOLD AND SILVER are about the ONLY GOOD investments, or hedges vs. central-banking created inflation. Look, I AM A BIG, HUGE RON PAUL SUPPORTER. Don’t listen to RP on the issue of a gold-backed currency. Listen to a an ECONOMIC HISTORIAN – BILL STILL! AND, MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA! WAKE UP AS MANY AS YOU CAN.

    • Rahul S

      THe gold standard isn’t perfect. However, I’d take it any day over fiat money.

      The problem is fractional reserve banking. That needs to be banned

  • Rachael

    I won’t pretend to know what I’m talking about, but I listen, read and watch. It seems to me, that gold is a trading medium between high rollers. In our future won’t be a “world currency”, per se, but a number like a credit card. Money isn’t printed these days. Everything is done via computer, $1M dollars in this account is transferred into that account….Wallaa. Chump change for the consumer worker, yes, still currency, but not for trading, nor for the high roller. And yes, no gold standard exists, nor will it ever. It fascinates me how Ben B. can talk about the central bank “helping” us out if push comes to shove and America doesn’t snap out of her recession a bit faster….lol….joke. Like they’re doing US a favor by “loaning” the government more money that they can’t pay back. USA can barely pay the interest now for goodness sake, thus the huge debt. Geez. (nope they don’t print it. Quantitative easing is another word for “easing America into default”…letting her down slowly is all. Not saving her. Yes, I’m looking for another crash to come soon, and am preparing for such. Thanks all you educated guys for your info to slobs like me who are just trying to learn.

  • mahesh

    I don’t see Gold as real Currency … When Gold was at $300/Ounce all Central bank was the Net Seller of Gold … why they don’t find any value in Gold that time .. This is just because Gold was falling for Last 20 year from 1980-2002 and was in a secular bear market … and right now all Central bank comes in Gold with higher price mainly after year 2010 above a price level of $1100/Ounc and suddenly they find value in gold just cuz Gold is rising since last 10 years… but i am a believe that Govt. always act lastly… if they are entering in gold .. Its just a clear signal that Long term Gold bull market is over … and we are in secular bear market … Gold 10 year graph will tell you everything where gold will go in near future and by that time all economist and Central bank again lose their trust on Gold.

    The ultimate solution for the world is not Bailout but Default, Bailout is not a solution but a problem and will spread all over the world if they continious start giving bailout …… They must Default on their Debt…

  • Rachael

    Hey guys…you can’t eat gold. Gold as any commodity, is worth only what you’ll find someone paying for it. It is greatly inflated in price today like most other things. Does that mean it is worth that? Well, if you can find someone who will by it. Remember, a few short months ago, it lost a few hundred dollars of its worth. Anything that is used as a currency can be controlled by someone else, just as our monetary system now. Don’t fool yourself. People need to be looking out for their independence on others to survive. Use your money today to secure your future in that way, not in money. What will your money in any form do you later if there’s no buyer? Or if the commodity you are buying is way outpriced even if it IS available?

  • Rachael

    Also, yes, the only hope for the world is default…cancelling of all debts and starting over for everyone, from the smallest to the largest. But, alas, that won’t happen. Greed and selfishness rules, folks. The “big” guys like the control over the “little guys” and that won’t change. The “little guys” have to learn to be independent of those big guys and when they have no one to control, then like any predator, they will look elsewhere. But, that won’t happen either cause there are plenty of people out there who like to be taken care of.

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