Wake up America

Interesting stuff at 4:50 of the video:

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  • lastmanstanding

    …we’re from the govt and we are here to protect you.

    10 years ago i would have bought it hook, line and sinker…to our US troops, we are the ones that support you, love you and pray for your safety.

    not use you for…other stuff.

  • Rojelio

    where’s the fu%king media on this? Why do we have to get stories like this from a guy with a $10 dollar cell phone?

  • GoldSaver

    Posh…bullshit video. This was a show, like many other military shows that are conducted worldwide for VIPs. The location is right off the convention center. I was there last year (this demo did not occur while I was there)for the AUSA convention and trade show. This would be a normal dog and pony show for such a convention. It has nothing to do with violent activities inside the mainland US. Is it possible that the military would conduct violent operations inside the US? Of course!, but this was not a specific tell tale or a clue.

    The foreign troops? VIPs and their hanger-ons that come to those trade shows. I have briefed British, Canadian, Australian, French, etc troops in many of these trade shows, they come in for the goodies (gift baskets) and the per diem allowance money and the chance to travel to a fun show and check out new technology.

  • GoldSaver

    Although I have no doubt that TPTB will use US and foreign troops (much more likely US troops) to commit violent acts within the continental US (and I said so in my comment above), this particular VIP show was just that, a show. There is no violation of Posse Commitatus for US troops to train in the continental US. If that was so, every military installation and training facility in the US would be a violation. The violation of the Posse Commitatus would only come from actually using US troops in law enforcement roles. There is a decades old exception for drug and terrorism related activities (and believe me, that is what will be used)but the actual training event /demonstration is not a violation of the act. US troops train in civilian areas all the time (and have done so for decades) I have been involved in air assaults that required flying over civilian airspace and conducting activities in civilian neighborhoods. Of course, it was training not real.

    Now, to my original point. I have every confidence that TPTB will use US troops to conduct tactical operations in the US. I also have no doubt that the troops will obey such orders (at least a significant percentage of the troops). My critique was the using of a VIP show as proof positive of intent or action.

    • Rainmaker

      The criticism was constructive and well deserved. And still, we are going to continue to be conditioned by air shows and VIP shows and training efforts in towns and middle America and across the land. We will all be used to the TSA and Homeland Security. We are already pretty well used to it all, prepared for certain expectations. I was going to post about the zombie attack in Miami from over the weekend…..but again, its all just propaganda indoctrination. Our lexicon of language has changed with the times.

      You indicate your opine regarding US troops. Any tidbits regarding foreign or Un troops?

  • CL2

    If Foreign troops landed on our shores it DefCon1 “Red Dawn” style…. WOLVERIIIINES!!!

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