NOW Is The Time To Buy Silver!

It has been 13 months since May 1st Silver drive-by shooting of the silver market. 13 months of aggressive price suppression, well timed margin increases, naked short selling and price propaganda.  13 months of of people struggling with their decision to buy physical silver.  13 months of a battle between the Wall Street paper traders and the physical stackers.  This is a struggle that can only end in this titanic fraud imploding and the fractional reserve, debt based, monetary system and all of the unsustainable control systems in the ash heap of history.

NOW is the time to buy silver. When all of the froth is out of the market and this is where the smart money sees the truly under appreciated asset and keeps accumulating.  The utter complacency in the silver market today is astounding, where as once a new Eric Sprott interview on Zero Hedge would get hundreds of comments in a few hours, now a day will go buy with hardly anything. Silver is on sale right now and the systemic problems are much bigger every moment they kick the can down the road.  Things have only gotten exponentially worse in the fiat debt based world that we live in. No longer do we worry about companies like Enron, or hedge funds like LTCM, or even institutions like Bear Stearns taking down the economy, now it is sovereign nations.  This systemic failure cannot be absorbed by any larger entity and will result in the complete destruction of this world economy and a final, and very necessary, purge of all of the global debt.  The only way to secure your future is by owning things of real tangible value, and nothing shines brighter than silver.

12 comments to NOW Is The Time To Buy Silver!

  • NickC

    NOW is the time to buy silver!

    Really? Just like last year when you wanted to auction off your car to buy silver when it got beaten down to $40?

    Nice call, stop embarrassing yourself. Stick to selling your personal consulting.

    • Silver Shield

      Is this your real email? I would like to add you to my list of told you so…

    • Silver Shield

      I got to look at what that trade has done to my personal balance sheet since October when I sold.

      Got rid of a $25,000 debt…

      Pocketed @$3,000 at time of sale.
      Saved me about $500 a month in payments, insurance.

      Bought silver in October with to cash back at $30 about 100 oz.
      I then saved the $500 a month to blow in the last week of December. Another 50 oz at $28.
      And just last week spent the savings another 80 ounces at $29.

      So getting rid of that car not only got rid of the debt but added 230 oz. to the stash at a little over $29 average cost.

      Not a bad deal.

      I don’t expect you to understand as you probably bought that hot Facebook stock 😉

      • NickC

        So it took a ~%20 pummelling in silver for you to figure out you need to get out of unwanted debt?! And now you are giving financial advice for a fee?! BRILLIANT!!!

        • Silver Shield

          No I have made in excess of 3,000%+ in return on my initial investment by selling at the top of the housing bubble and buying physical silver in 2005.

          I have taken the lessons from my 60%+ percent loss on silver in 2008 only to see it go up from $9 to $50.

          This time there will be much higher gains to those that listen.

          Please, please do share with us what you have done in the past and what you are currently doing besides throwing shit bombs at my effort.

        • Silver Shield

          My overall average buy price is below $9…

          My average buy price in the past year was $29, I don’t get your 20% loss math?

          Or the reason why you are here in the first place?

  • Gareth

    Buy silver whilst you can……but don’t forget the other stuff such as food, real seeds, and water etc.

    A block of wood will be more valuable than a stack of fiat notes, and a stack of fiat notes will be more valuable than digital binary code.

    In other words…..get things that are tangible….including silver :-)

  • MrSteve

    I had some useless FIAT in the bank last year and bought Silver at $35, $40, $45 over the course of a few months only to tear my hair out later watching the price drop.

    I have now learned to ignore the daily / weekly / monthly PAPER price thanks to your posts on youtube as well as Ranting Andy, SGT, TF Metals, Peter Schiff, Gerald Celente, Mike Maloney, Eric Sprott, Ron Paul, etc… You get the idea..

    I now know I can sleep at night having over 1000 ounces of precious metals safely tucked away when the house of cards comes tumbling down.

    Stay True!

  • LibertyorDeath

    40$ physical silver is still a great deal! @ 27 its a fucking STEAL! I have sold everything paper and or unnecessary and started a buying all the silver I can get my hands on. over 2k oz total cost Averaging $25.00 not as good as Chris but I’m happy! we are working on cashing out the 401k now to buy more Constitutional Silver, screw the penalty fees the discount on silver will make up for it in the long run! I don’t care if the price goes to 5$ I will just buy more!!! as long as your hoarding physical ur safe cause now you have the power over your $ and Life! Let the silver discount continue ! AMERICA FUCK YEA!

  • mattthenuke

    Chris, you’re getting a lot better at not saying “okay” during your pauses. You’ve come a long way on your public speaking since some of your earlier interviews and speaking engagements. You must be doing a lot of these!

  • MPB

    Chris, I know you of all people do not need to hear this but you, me and everyone else who has seen this coming will be validated soon enough — unfortunately. PM’s, Silver and Gold, though we will be thankful to have something of real value over ALL the paper,
    i. e. fiat dollars, bonds, stocks, retirement accounts, ANY retirement in paper, etc, etc, it frankly will be the least of my real concerns or any happiness or gratification — to put it more specifically when this happens. As the real problems and fireworks will just be getting started when those who have prepared little to none (and NOT just with PM’s) realize exactly what we were trying to convey to them. Of course, as we move closer to the event(s) I believe more will likely begin to see reality and will likely throw more stones at us, verbal, literal and worse. THERE IS WHERE MY REAL CONCERNS LAY. This is not news to you, and most others who have been on this site for a while. I will truly feel for them and likely a lot more for my family and I then. One way or the other, HUGE change is nearing. Stay vigilent and strong.

    I personally would really like to be wrong. I have said this over and over to my family and close friends. But as each day passes, I just see more and more dominoes lining up for the big tip off and finish.



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