Rise of Germany 4.0

Rise of the 4th Reich through economic tyranny and control; not a single shot fired, nor a single drop of blood spilled; that’s what I call “financial terrorism” and “financial war.”

A bloodless revolution… an invisible, sleight of hand coup’ d’ tat.

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  • Gareth

    Hi Irv. Try not to blame the ‘Germans’ as that’s probably what TPTB want you to do.

    Also, Farage is a City Lacky, a ‘freemason’, and has probably got Rothschild’s cock rammed in his mouth as I type this message. Farage cannot, and therefore should not, be trusted, bud.


    • Rainmaker

      Hey Gareth, Hows the bump? I was going to jump all over Farage on your behalf, but you showed up as I thought you would.

      Irv, go back to 1917 and find out how the Russian Revolution started without a shot being fired. Very interesting time, that period from the late 1800s up through WW1 and WW2. The blood letting did not start until after the coups.

      On another note, and I know how much you refer to Rickards and his book Currency Wars. Good book and all, but note that Rickards is/was a lawyer that represented Long Term Capital Management LP with a bailout to the tune of around $3.6 billion USD after that firm bilked investors and creditors for billions.

      • Irving14941


        For both Russian Revolution

        and the Rickards claim.

        I LOVE Jim Rickards, but I’m also unsure of whether to trust him completely. I’m not sure whether he’s on our side, or he’s just another banker puppet, being that he worked in Wall Street for 30 yrs as an investment banker.

        Gotta give the guy points, though. He called EVERY SINGLE MOVE by the Fed for the past number of years, to the freaking T, with 100% perfect accuracy.

        It doesn’t get any better than Jimmy when it comes to the Fed’s next moves, economics, Gold, and monetary policy along with the international politics that are fueled by it, in my opinion.

      • Bump’s fine and hunky dory, bud. Hope all’s well at your end?

    • Irving14941

      Woah, thanks for warning. I carefully chose my words and graphics, as I find the “all Germans are Nazis” vibe to be very offensive, despite the fact that I am not German.

      It is very ignorant. It’s like saying all people of European decent are racist. That’s not true. That’s very ignorant.

    • Flyingcloud

      Have you observed Farange’s anti-German hatred? Britain gathered their allies twice in the World wars to overrun Germany, with millions of dead German civilians under the British bomb hails in WWII. Farange would do it again. His anti-EU rhetorics are correct, but in his case it’s obviously more anti-German than anything else.

      As a sidenote, the British royal family is all German to the core. Well, they are Germans, but dont act on Germany’s behalf. It’s funny how easily the British German haters deal with that fact.

      This century-long hatred makes me sad, as the Germans and British have so much in common (also with the US-Americans). Not the elites but the normal people.

  • FlyingCloud

    Until today, Germany is an occupied country without a peace treaty and without a constitution. Whoever claims to represent Germany is someone who is dancing to the Puppetmasters’ pipe. These sockpuppets aren’t anywhere close to any autonomous Reich.

    With the Euro, they threw a strong economy together with weak economies like Greece etc., and the outcome was clear from the start: to tear it all down in the end, and to take away all the existing wealth out of Europe, especially out of Germany. Yes, the EU is a dictatorship, but not led by German sockpuppets.

    Nazi References are used over and over again to force and keep Germany inside of the Euro, to shut them up and keep them paying, although there never were any advantages for Germany.

    But: In Germany, it is discussed increasingly, that the German Reich (not the third but the first) still exists because it has never been ended correctly. This is a potential leverage to get rid of the phony “Federal German Republic” sockpuppets and their illegal corporation, and to organize without them. This hasn’t anything to do with Nazi re-organization but with unmasking peacefully the illegal rulers of today.

    In the US, there are similar phony federal sockpuppets to get rid of, the US is as much a phony corporation as Germany is. I think this discussion could be quite valuable:


  • speedspirit

    To me it appears that its one power elite strugglng against another power elite. The bad guys can never learn to get along or trust each other so this will spell their ultimate demise. They all built their castles on sand and they will all fall. When governments are forced by the people to start acting on the interest of the people and for the people of the entire world thats when we will see forward progress. Until then its all still looks the same, feels the same and smells the same because its all SHIT.

  • Country Codger

    I hate to be Johnny Rain Cloud but why does everyone blame everyone else but themselves? We let this happen. No one came around and twisted our arms. You and I voted for this shit. If we end up in the dungheap why blame the cow because she has to take a crap? It was our fault that we smell like crap not the cow’s. Okay? Blame ourselves for once you guys, it is our f*&king fault. We let it happen. Have a nice night.

    Good luck in 2012 and God bless everyone.

    • Ben

      Amen brother. I have said this countless times on this site. Not as of late. I try to stay out of the fakakte.

    • Hi guys;

      From the guy who bought a bucket of broken Craftsman tools and took them back to Sears for all new replacements I am with you.

      You are a voice of reason and good common sense. All of us would be best served if, before we lash out, we look within.

      The points made in the piece are excellent. They appear to represent a fair assessment of what is. The immunity of the Commissar is what happens when the president does not want to uphold the constitution and what our Governor is doing in Michigan with his Financial Technocrats that are taking over cities. As long as we allow psycho money power to rule the policy making process we get exactly what we deserve.

      Do something to be the change or walk away, not just in words, but in all aspects. Get Real!

      Thanks CC!

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