Gowdy grills Sebelius about Mandate – Fantastic

6 comments to Gowdy grills Sebelius about Mandate – Fantastic

  • aurochs

    Atta boy! Hold their damn feet to the frickin’ fire.

  • Ant

    Squirm lady squirm! It’s nice to see both sides agree that the constitution does infact matter.

  • craig craig.haedrich@hotmail.com

    Nice piece Rain man! If that sort of clarity and due diligence existed we wouldn’t be so dam tangled with all these ridiculous unconstitutional mandates and laws. There needs to be a catharsis in DC and beyond .

  • Ben

    I love the table tent or sign….”The Honorable Kathleen Sebelius”…she is far from it. I think this woman is one of the most despicable human beings in this administration.

  • lastmanstanding

    Few politicians are interested in the law but continue to make lots of them.

    Why do you suppose that is? Because laws are for you, not them.

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