SBSS 32. The Largest Transfer Of Wealth

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  • LibertyorDeath

    Another amazing video Chris! I am a avid silver buyer and I do buy constitutional silver but I just came into about 17k $ and I was going to buy a monsterbox of eagles and spend the rest on constitutional silver but the more I learn from you sites I think I have it backwards maybe I should be buying a majority of my silver in constitutional silver ? wondering how you would allocate the 17k if it was you?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Silver Shield

      My best friend had the same questiOn when he just bought. I made the case for constitutional but he bought the Eagles because the “looked” nice. Do the math with Drew at info@consitutionalsilver .com you will see how many more ounces you will get with CS. It is most divisible which is good for spending and our new community, lowest premium, and most recognizable form of silver.

      • marz

        Thanks for getting my attention on constitutional silver. I hadn´t thought about it and found a few ounces (´64 and earlier dimes/quarters/halves) at $1/gram (among the cheapest coined Ag I can find in Argentina), in an antique shop whose owner gets from the melting house $0.8/gram for any form of silver, so he puts coins aside and gets some more from some customers. Like me.

    • Rainmaker

      If you choose a monster box, consider the Canadian Maple. .9999 Ag content, denominated as a $5 coin instead of $1 and in a safer and more stable currency and not in that big giant clunky green box. Plus a lower premium.

  • LibertyorDeath

    Thank you Chris and Rainmaker! I am going to set up an account with Drew and go constitutional silver, it took some time getting past those pretty coins but CS is the smart decision. I do love Maples as well and I think I will pick up 100 of those too :-)

  • lastmanstanding

    gotta ask yourself…can I survive with out a corrupt govt or a govt for that matter? ask yourself, if the dollar was worth nothing overnight would my wealth be all gone? could I make it? will I ever make it to a safe(r) place if the $ collapses?…

    All, better start looking at everything objectively and quit fooling yourself.

    A man that I respect highly says that we are at the 50-50 point…fork in the road…same old path or a new one.

    Dont wait to long to decide.

  • Kudos Silver Shield: Fine film.

    Anyone not in utter denial repressing the facts can see the recession deepening.

    Be aware – be prepared

    Right on Silver Shield, WRITE ON!

    Respectfully, Yoda

  • RRH


    The sounds you hear,the lights you see come from us in our past.Every radio transmission every tv transmission every light bulb lit from all time go out into space until it reaches the final space bubble[“THE END OF TIME”] and bounce back to earth.

    The same thing can be said about pullution,the stench of a rotting fruit or any other pullutants.

    The protective shield that is protecting earth is slowly disintegrating and no one knows why.

    The scientist have theories-but theories are based on todays limited knowledage and we do not have enough knowledage yet to figure out what we don’t know.

    Once scientist understand that we are living in a finet universe and every thing eventually gets to the end [bubble] and does not go psst the [“END OF TIME”] we as humans will find the answer.


    • speedspirit

      Holy Crap! Once scientist understand that we are living in a finet universe and every thing eventually gets to the end [bubble] and does not go psst the [“END OF TIME”] we as humans will find the answer. Complete rubish!

      The universe is expanding ever expanding! The concept is that what you send out to the Universe is eventually sent back to you but its not a finate Universe. Prove it. The Big Bang theory is hogwash. We know the universe is expanding and so how could all matter come from the original bang. Complete horseshit.

      Science is limited thinking. Quantum Physics has answers my friend study it sometime. Spirituality has answers you need. Ask me a question and I’ll try to guide you the best I can. Peace

  • speedspirit

    Soory to burst your “bubble” there RRH but scientist do have a clue about why our deflector shield being down its called a shift in the poles. Google it ehh.

    Is it me or has the 4 years its taken to see that the banks cannot be bailed out starting to turn the Zero hedge crowd batty. Those guys are over there celebrating that they know it but when it happens no one will be partying. The fact that they are getting off on it is sickening. Yes we should be glad the TPTB time is running out but we as a goverened people LET this shit happen. Thats nothing to celebrate. The amount of money they are talking about in Governments of the world is stupid numbers in the stratosphere. Got Silver?!!!

  • Raazael sharon

    tahnk you for all your information,your page is very educational
    we are ready for things coming soon.
    We have manufacture our own stoves,we will use old newspapers for wood,we purchase a place on the mountains.
    So thanks Stve for all.

  • BillybonesIII

    The world is coming apart at the seams, and it appears that the Lord will be calling us any time now and all you people can talk about is money! Gold! Silver!
    We should be busting our guts winning sould to Christ and all I see here money, money, money.

  • KPaul Crush

    I agree with BillybonesIII, but have a more expanded take on it.

    With graduate school training in corporate finance and economics, including a post-grad fellowship at the Wharton School in Philly and intense study on the subject over the last several months, I agree with most of Silver Shield’s (SS) economic analysis about the coming dollar crash. As part of our Joseph Plan, which includes bulk food storage, et al, my wife and I have been stacking silver and gold for a while now, have accumulated north of 2,200 oz. and are seeking to buy more on the dips. But the social aspect of the SS message is, in my view, massively misguided, if not decidedly deluded.
    The concept of a post dollar utopian society based on a silver economy is wishful thinking, at best. Without a standing army, the attendant revenue stream to fund it, and other infrastructure to support such a nirvana-like bubble, it would be subject to the vicissitudes of the desperate masses on the outside looking in swooping down like vultures to pick it clean at the first opportunity.
    An overview of my take on this subject follows:
    • The current fiscal and monetary system is indeed unsustainable;
    • Historically, when an economy borrows more than 40% of its expenditures- a la Weimar Germany, Brazil, and Zimbabwe – the tipping point that triggers hyperinflation is reached. The USA is at 41% and counting today.
    • The Federal Reserve buying upwards of 60% of US Treasuries each month is the primary pole propping up the system.
    • The U.S. dollar will most likely lose its vaunted world reserve currency status much as the British pound did after WWII, which will exacerbate the US dollar collapse;
    • Indeed, China and OPEC are already trading unilaterally circumventing the US dollar and the IMF is now calling for a “basket of currencies” to replace the greenback, which is no doubt the precursor to easing out the US dollar as the world reserve currency;
    • We could see martial law, notwithstanding the Oath Keepers’ hard work to build a firewall or “line in the sand” against it. We have to look no further than Greece to see rioting in the streets;
    • But the economic collapse is only the precursor, or “birth pangs” as the scripture describes it, to an epic event called the end times, which will set the stage for seven years of tribulation as described in Revelation, the last book in the Bible;
    • This period will usher in the rise of a one world government and religion that controls the global economy. No one will be able to buy or sell (no matter how much silver or gold you have accumulated) without their mark, which is 666.
    • Immediately preceding this seven-year period, however, the true Christian church – I believe -will be raptured out to heaven with Jesus at the right hand of the Father, while the Holy Spirit is simultaneously removed from the earth.
    • Prior to that, we could see unprecedented economic turmoil, including the dollar collapse discussed above that will have the masses crying out for a universal leader to solve their problems.
    • This is the time, in my view, that silver (and gold) will be useful to keep the interim economy going;
    • But there is no utopian society on the other side absent a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Contrary to what many false teachers claim, all roads DO NOT lead to heaven. Being a good person is not enough. Jesus is the only way! Trust Him today!
    • Where is the proof, you might ask? In his newly released book, The Magic Man in the Sky, Carl Gallups said, “It was on May 14, 1948, that the proof of God’s existence became apparent to all, as prophecies foretold in The Old Testament – of Israel’s return – came to pass. Allah has never done this, nor has Confucius or Buddha. But God foretold of the return of Israel 2,000 years before it happened.”
    • If you have read this far, perhaps you will allow me to share with you what the scripture says about it this issue. Can I share with you what the Bible says about what it takes to get to heaven? You can remember it by building out an acrostic with the word F-A-I-T-H.
    • (It may help to spell it out on your fingers) F – Forgiveness: Everyone has sinned and needs God’s forgiveness. (Romans 3:23); A – Available: God’s forgiveness is available for all (John 3:16); I – Impossible: The Bible says it is impossible to get to Heaven on our own. (Ephesians 2:8-9); T – Turn: Turn to Jesus alone as your Savior and Lord. (John 14:6); H – Heaven: Heaven is a place where we live with God forever. (John 14:3).
    • If you would be willing for me to help you learn more about what I have shared here, please connect with me at Keep stacking that silver and gold for the bad times, but also be prepared for the end times. For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his own soul? God bless you!

    • Silver Shield

      You say delusional about my plan but then Talk of Revelation like it is practical?
      Listen I am not knocking the last book but objectively look at what I am talking about and then you talk about Angels and Demons like they are real people.
      I love spirituality and everyone’s freedom to pursue what ever makes people find peace in their life.
      I love preparing and the good quality people it produces but these stories these religions have used to control us are the earliest forms of mass control.
      Look at the history and power struggles of all of the churches and you cannot tell me they are all the ONE path.

      My plan does address income, energy, food producing plan and that us simply being aware and prepared with our arms and our wealth out of this paradigm into the next is a very practical plan.

      I would love to do a report with any questions and maybe I can address anybody’s questions or concerns.

      If anyone has concerns or clarifications let’s talk about them.
      If you want to do a call even on just one topic I will love to do it.


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