A New Partner In Spreading The Truth

All the work that I do is only as good as the people who share my work.  I have come to the conclusion that it is not your friends and family that we need to wake up it is the info gate keepers of other blogs.  I have sent hundreds of emails to many sites like ZeroHedge, PrisonPlanet, Coast to Coast, and many other successful alternative media sites, with only a few making it onto their sites.  While I cannot make it on to many sites, I do appreciate the sites that have shared my work with their audience.  And when people come to me saying I resonate with your work and allow me into their family it is a wonderful experience.  So instead of pushing for relationships with people that don’t resonate with them or even care to look, I will continue to do the best work that I can and wait to see what comes of it.

I will say that I was happy when Alex at World-Mysteries.com posted a few of my videos, The Greatest Truth Never Told and Delete Facebook.  I hope that more and more sites and people resonate with my work and we can show the world what humanity can do if we resonate with one another and finally get rid of the divide and conquer mentality of fear that fuels the debt and death paradigm.

Check out some of their works.



6 comments to A New Partner In Spreading The Truth

  • Shane Thomasson

    Nice article on modern cases of scientific establishment suppressing new discoveries. http://world-mysteries.com/sci_supr.htm

  • aurochs

    Wow. Seems more like a sprinkling of truth surrounded by a big glop of superstition.

  • Silver Eagle

    Caution mixing tangible truths you offer and the things found more on Coast to Coast at four AM. They are fun and entertaining to speculate on but I would hate to see your work mixed with the things most people categorize as strange and “tin foil hat-ish”.

    • Silver Shield

      I don’t care who gives me a podium I will speak truth and those that resonate with the message… Will.
      BTW C2C have the largest alternative audience and launched Alex Jones to where he is today.

      • urban sling-bow

        I caught one of your videos (How to measure inflation) on Max Keisers website on May 28. You would do well as one of his guests…..(are you listening Max?).

        You are certainly reaching a wider audience via the great SGT website too.

        • Silver Shield

          I have traded emails with Max before but I have not been invited to his show but he has been already more supportive than most by sharing my work.

          I do know one day he will have me on and I will certainly make a positive impression.

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