They’re Leaving New York and California In Droves–Wayne A. Root–-30.May.12 presents:

Wayne A. Root is a long-term, dyed in the wool libertarian who understands what it takes (or took) to succeed in America: hard work, the courage to take a risk, and the desire to make it. Unfortunately, confiscatory taxes, burdensome regulation and a built-in hostility towards entrepreneurs is making it much more difficult today. Wayne’s got some answers in the book he wrote, The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts. Wayne refers to himself as a Capitalist Evangelist, which isn’t such a bad thing. After all, he could be a wealth redistributionist, also known as a progressive.

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  • urban sling-bow

    I am a great fan of the FSN, but this interview has just been awarded the distinction of being the only one I could not listen to until the end.

    Kerry – WTF

    Maybe its just me, but this guy came across worse than a bad used car salesman.

    Ok, maybe I’m being harsh and he is just an optimist who sees a great recovery just around the corner, or someone who does not see the severe risks of a city over reliant upon tourism and the pension payments for its very survival. Maybe he is just stuck in the mindset of the last paradigm. I dont know.

    Whatever his thought processes / motivations, he is potentially putting people at risk, as for all intents and purposes, he pushes for their relocation to a mob run city in the middle of a desert – just before a fiat currency crisis bites.

    How can anyone be seriously pushing a move to Vegas at a pivotal time when we stand on the brink of global economic meltdown?!?

    Good luck getting food shipped in if the oil supply/transport grid gets interupted,
    Good luck getting fresh water if the power grid goes down,
    Good luck keeping hold of your paper wealth if the Dollar gets hit / the derivitives market implodes,
    Good luck walking out if the highways get blocked,
    Good luck competing with the mob / gangs for what supplies do get through,
    Good luck selling your $million home for anything but pennies on the dollar if any one of the above happens,
    Basically good luck………….

    Maybe the guy said he was only joking or being ‘ironic’ later in the interview, I dont know, I could not continue listening past the half way point………

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