SBSS 33. Systemic Risk and Mining Stocks

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  • Andy

    Wery good vid , i must say.

  • rainmaker

    Sounds like both deflation and inflation at the same time.

  • Counter party risk will be severely affected by trust. Trust will revert to zero across much of the globe. It’s a shame, but it is also true.

    Quotes from a two German’s perspective of a hyperinflation:

    “The price increases began to be dizzying. Menus in cafes could not be revised quickly enough. A student at Freiburg University ordered a cup of coffee at a cafe. The price on the menu was 5,000 Marks. He had two cups. When the bill came, it was for 14,000 Marks. “If you want to save money,” he was told, “and you want two cups of coffee, you should order them both at the same time.”

    “One afternoon I rang my Aunt Louise’s door. She is a pensioner. The door was opened a mere crack. From the dark came an odd broken voice: “I’ve used 60 billion marks worth of gas. My milk bill is 1 million. But all I have left is 2000 marks. I don’t understand anymore.”

    We will have deflation in the short term… stuff whilst it’s around. TPTB will inevitably crank-up the monetary supply and literally try and buy every ‘asset;, i.e. debt, that’s on the market. The ECB, the BofE, and the FED will most probably start quite soon.



  • aurochs

    Exactly so Silver Shield. Ayn Rand made this all very clear in ‘Atlas Shrugged’ 60 years ago. In her scenario physical pm’s were left as the only viable store of wealth while mines and mineral resources as well as all manufacturing were confiscated by socialist governments worldwide.

  • mattthenuke

    Hey Chris, where did you get the footage for the silver mining and ASE production running in the background? I’d like to watch it.

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