Triple Lutz Report-First Nanny Bloomberg Came for Your Tobacco and Transfats, Now He’s Coming for Your Soda–Episode 189 presents:

Our favorite whipping boy Little Brother aka Nanny Bloomberg, formally known as Michael Bloomberg, is at it once again. Nanny Bloomberg wants to ban sugary drinks that are sold in containers larger than 16 ounces. As usual he knows better than you, and he wants you to retain your boyish or girlish figure. But don’t be too upset, you can still get that 1,000 calorie milk shake from Mickey D’s and as of yet refills don’t seem to be on his radar. These out of control, wannabe dictators must stay up nights thinking up these looney ideas.

There’s obviously no end in sight. So drink up, have a supersized 32 ounce Coke, compliments of the Financial Survival Network and wave hello to Little Brother as he watches you consume that life-threatening beverage on one of the many thousands of surveillance cameras around the Apple. The Eye-in-the-Sky is watching you. So behave yourself and obey! Or else you’ll really be in trouble.

Eyes are Everywhere

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3 comments to Triple Lutz Report-First Nanny Bloomberg Came for Your Tobacco and Transfats, Now He’s Coming for Your Soda–Episode 189

  • Health Warrior

    Before you get excited, you should know that fructose (aka 50% of table sugar; 100% corn syrup; and fruit drinks) is a toxin to the liver similar to alcohol, and is metabolized as such (goes straight to fat and isn’t used like glucose in the blood to give you energy) and has many of the same toxic effects that chronic alcoholism has if you over consume it. Pop and sugared drinks are far from harmless! The sugar consumption in this country is causing the epidemic cardiovascular disease, diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and liver failure, obesity and more.

    Fructose, in fruit because it comes with fiber and vitamins is not harmful in reasonable amounts. Our ancestors didn’t eat fruit all the time.

    Check this out
    Read the book the sugar blues by William Duffy.
    Read the book Pure, white and deadly (sugar) by John Yudkin.
    Read the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston Price.
    There are many more references that discuss this. These are some key ones.

    A calorie is not a calorie, and fructose does not act in the body like glucose, which is the energy of life.
    You are not what you eat, you are what you do with what you eat.
    Liver fructose metabolism leads to all the manifestations of metabolic syndrome: high blood pressure, de novo lipogenesis (fat generation); dyslipidemia (increases bad fats that cause cardiovascular disease/ strokes/ heart attacks); inflammation, liver (and muscle) insulin resistance, obesity, CNS leptin resistance promotes continuous consumption (your normal stopping point for being full doesn’t work, so you keep eating leading to over consumption and obesity).

    The pop has caffeine in it; it is a diuretic (makes you pee free water) and makes you become thirsty. It also has a LOT of salt in it (as much as a pizza) so what happens when you drink salt water when you are thirsty already? You get thirstier right? Who drinks sea water when they are thirsty? In 1982 these companies of beverages figured this out and they added both more caffeine and more salt. Why do you think they did this? To make you drink more! The sugar is added to cover up the salt.

    If you want to drink it fine, we shouldn’t regulate it; but then we shouldn’t regulate alcohol, nicotine and all the other toxins that are out there. Next time you give your kid a pop, a juice or fruit drink think that you are giving them a beer; it has the same effects on the liver, it just has a different buzz. It has the same cumulative effect, which explains why so many young people are being affected by chronic disease earlier and earlier in life, because they are started on sugar very very young with juices.

    The more fruit and sugared drinks a child gets, the heavier they are. It all (fructose) goes right to fat and causes considerable organ damage over time. Unfortunately the FDA only regulates acute toxins, not chronic ones. And this one will never be regulated, because the sugar industry is the most protected of all, since very early times.

    It is pure sweet poison. In small amounts its processed by our bodies, with the 12 – 15% of dietary intake that we have now of sugars, that is considerably above what our bodies can normally handle, and so we are experiencing “physical degeneration” world wide as more and more people adopt the western diet (doing bariatric surgery on children in the Orient). And if this trend continues we can expect only a deleterious response to a toxin we are not equipped to handle, with greater and greater health care costs for all who consume it regularly.

  • JohnZ

    H.W. couldn’t agree with you more. My grandmother once told me to never eat any thing made with white flour, sugar, or too much salt. They are the three dangerous whites.
    While I also agree that Bloomy is going too far as such that this should be a personal decision and not some nanny stater, I also agree that there is a very major problem in America.
    It is too fat.
    I look around me at the young people just out of high school and most of them are fat and blubbery, especially the girls. I see so many young women who would be very attractive except for the fact they are overweight, many approaching obesity, with stomach paunches, large derrieres and flab hanging out from under their too short shirts.They are not pretty. Now consider how much soda pop they are drinking, sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, known to cause excessive rise in blood sugar levels which lead to this obesity epidemic, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and a host of related health problems. I see this every day at work as the day begins with some people carrying in 2 litre bottles of cola, Mountain Dew( the worst culprit in my book)and even 8 packs. Take a look inside your grocery chain and notice where the food items are placed within the store. Also notice where they are placed on the shelves. Take a good look and you’ll see something that will confirm what the real problem is.
    Hint: it’s all about marketing.
    The sugar addiction is very difficult to overcome, even I have a difficult time of it.
    The only thing that could possibly be worse is Aspartame.
    So go ahead America, drink up. That super big gulp you paid $1.49 for cost the store and the soda pop companies a few pennies.

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