SBSS 34. Everything Burns

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  • I don’t like fiat currency, it’s intrinsically volatile and history gives it a success rate of zero, i.e. all fail and disappear into nothingness eventually.

    However, I often wonder what could be achieved in a debt-free fiat was pumped-in to cover the deflation of a debt-based fiat collapse. A treasury dept simply pegging M4 to the same quantity of debt-free fiat, a ban on usury i.e. no fluctuations through debt creation, and then just let history take its course and slowly confine the debt-free fiat into nothingness slowly and without as much panic.

    It ain’t gonna happen, of course, but I do sometimes wonder if it’d work.

    I’ll keep stacking the Ag – especially as it’s under $28 at this moment in time :-)

  • marz

    It´s so hard to get pople interested in silver. As soon as they hear “historical 1:10 ratio to gold”, “industrial demand 2nd to oil” and the like they get bored. I´m surprised if they´re still listening beyond a 3rd statement.

    • Silver Shield

      Which is why I have created 30+ videos and over 5 hours on all of the aspects of silver.

      • marz

        Yes, I watched them all. They became a sort of a revelation to me. Before them I read bloggers, but multimedia is more powerful. They also made realize the need for emotional as well as rational reasons.

      • Silver Shield

        Which is why I feel this video series is so effective. People can share the exact argument they think people will resonate with.

  • roger erickson

    “Don’t like fiat currency” = “Don’t like aggregate policy agility”

    Can’t have one without the other.

    Otherwise, can’t mobilize anything without first digging up requisite amount of gold (or whatever other static commodity you want to peg dynamic public capability to).

  • Ben

    Very good.

    One of my favorite scences from a movie.

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