Silver Shield Report #35: The Societal Operating System Pt.3

We made incredible progress over the past two Silver Shield Reports on our Societal Operating System.  My new and very forward ideas on how society can best perform was met with the most comments on any Silver Shield Report.  It was also met with some of the same controversy that I had when I released the Ultimate Exit Strategy.  Even though we lost a huge contributor to the site over these 2 Reports, I feel we are far clearer and stronger than we were even two weeks ago.  I am very excited to really get into this in our Virtual Community Meeting.

In this Report, I bring in one of our original Silver Shield Report members, Judge Secola.  The purpose for this was to get him to either poke holes at or improve upon the stream of consciousness I shared with Marvin.  I was pleased to hear his take on the ideas and he offered some new insight that I had not even considered.  I am fully confident that the Intellectual Foundation we are setting up in the SSR will be the basis for the most successful society in human history as we take all of the best economic, historical, psychological, sustainable energy knowledge we have accumulated throughout our studies.

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0:00 Intro

5:34 Taking the best lessons to propel humanity

8:17 The reason for secrecy

11:17  The membership/ownership society

16:45 The 3 Shields and the competing currencies

18:37 The 3 Shields and the  psychopath

22:54 Planning for the best and worst case scenario

23:24 Spiritual foundation of communities

28:48 Dividing power

32:13 Breaking collective institutions

41:35 The next consciousness of humanity

43:47 Racing against the clock

48:00 What is possible for one survivalist…

50:41 The Equitable life

53 :44 It is about control

54:44 Recruiting while there is still time.

58:16 The detractors thus far…


 The back and forth with Simon…



The back and forth with Country Codger started when he thought that I censored him…


My reply…

His retort…


My rebuttal…


62 comments to Silver Shield Report #35: The Societal Operating System Pt.3

  • mattthenuke

    At 12:00, you and the Judge talk about the community can have their own by-laws and have control over membership. A good structure to this would be none other than the US Constitution. That way, as times change, the community grows, things can be changed if there’s a strong enough public opinion to move things in another direction. But you can change it around a bit to say some things can never be changed, like leadership term limits, usury rules (or laws, if you will), etc.
    It took me awhile to come on board with this religion idea. Even if you explain that you’re just calling it a religion, I can understand why it get folks hackles up. But it’s hard to contend with or argue against the protections it could provide. For example: we could call trials “confessionary rites” so that we could make our own rule of law, and not have to turn over members who break the rules to federal authorities; we could come up with our own standard of justice and punishments. Also: a lot of instances of a church’s income isn’t taxed either.
    I don’t know about anyone else, but talks like this stir up some sort of primordial desire that I can’t explain. Wanderlust or the feeling of a motley group of adventurers striking off on their own to fight against the evils of the times. World beware!
    Or, maybe I played too many RPG’s as a kid, I dunno.

  • AgainstTheGrain

    I still have to finish the report, but addressing one of Codgers points.

    So SHTF, we for the most part survive, society is in shambles trying to regroup. How exactly are we going to establish communication? Rally points, shortwave, letter carriers? I know communications will be down and will have massive amounts of maintenance to be done which would take years upon years to complete, even now. Most communications are fiber optic now and require programs and electricity to be run. Assuming no power to power that, how will we all consolidate once the dust has settled as it will be year or two without updates from each other? This i think is the #1 issue b/c without communication there is no coordination and there is no community. I’m trying to think, but predetermined rally points with coordinates throughout the country seems to be the only sure way to guarantee we can still meet up. Thoughts?

    • Silver Shield

      I am of the belief that the internet will be upon for the most part and that emails will still work.

      I have asked techies to come up with a more doomsday idea about a linux based laptop with solar charger with encrypted software for private communications.

      I have not seen anything materialize yet.

      Any solid ideas?

      I am not the guy for this, remember… I did not know what a hyper link was 3 years ago. :)

      • AgainstTheGrain

        Working as a contractor for ATT and work with designing the infrastructure, I can promise if civil unrest occurs, the internet will go down. It takes literally 2 cables to shut down the entire city of Miami’s internet communications, fact. It has happened, 2 cut cables.

        • AgainstTheGrain

          Orlando, my bad… Although most of the lines are underground, above ground cables require routine maintenance that will not be around. I refuse to rely on the internet based on my direct experience in the industry.

          • AgainstTheGrain

            when i say city I literally mean the government, not civil, those are on other lines that are just as sensitive.

        • Silver Shield

          Well then it probably would not be a time to be moving.

          I have been told that the Internet is too decentralized for it to be knocked out. Also corporations and governments need it too much.

          Also the Internet maybe shut for a few places, but everywhere?

          Anybody have an idea? How much are satellite phones? 😉

          • AgainstTheGrain

            Yes it is very decentralized, it is my understanding that all you need is the computers IP address to manually connect to another computer. But that is all reliant on working infrastructure, one hiccup in the chain of cables from me to you will render it useless. I will discuss this at work with some of the top engineers that have been doing this way longer than I. I just think this community should not put all the egg’s in this basket. This problem is quite complex, I have an idea but it is still in the infant stages, I will share when it becomes a teenager lol. *Thinking cap on*

          • mattthenuke

            I’ve been looking into SAT phones as well, and the answer is not good. Both of the two major providers’ phones sell for over $1000 each, and the monthly fee is usually over $50 per month. If you go the pre-paid route, then you have to worry about the minutes you purchase expiring (Which can be as little as 30 days later for the small minute plans, and up to two years if you want to purchase a metric ass ton of minutes for $1000-$3000 at a time).
            The one I found pretty resonable included a phone, and 300 minutes of air time that don’t expire for a year for about $600:

    • Tybeir

      I have been looking into ham radio for some time now. I do not have the funds for anything more than a reviver now. I think that having regional ham operators with everyone in that region having at least a reviver might be a viable option. We could have a specific scheduled time for news/communication.A transmitter could most likely be ran off of a small generator or a bank of battery’s charged by solar panels I hope the grid will still be running but who knows. Anyway that’s just a thought I am trying to be more active in our community let me know what you think.

      • Marvin Motsenbocker

        Hi Tybeir
        what is a reviver? A receiver? if receiver, I recommend TECSUN PL660 Portable Radio FM/LW/MW/SW/SSB/AIRBAND PLL World Band Synthesized Receiver, LCD Display, Dual Conversion because this is sensitive, lowest cost but high performance of receivers I studied ($110 including shipping and tax), very small and portable, very easy to use and can receive single sideband, and could output digital RTTY into a computer, and can play as FM radio. Marvin

        • Tybeir

          Hi Marvin I have enjoyed listening to your talks with chris thanks for the info.And yes I was trying for receiver but spell check got the best of me. If you ever do a discussion on tinkering or PV power count me in I am very intrested in merging pv into a aquaponics system/greenhouse fans and lights anyway just a passion I am developing. I am going to check into the tecsun thanks again

          • Marvin Motsenbocker

            If you are on the East Coast (Mid Atlantic region), please visit my workshop for one or two or three days and we can build something.

            • Tybeir

              I am in NC Marvin sounds like a plan maybe I can come visit after summer. I am working to much now summer is our busy season on the coast and we have to take the work when we can get it. Thank you for the offer

              • Marvin Motsenbocker

                It sounds like you know electronics. I have been out of amateur radio for 25 years but note a couple interesting developments. 1. MOSFETs can be used to make very cheap high output digital transmitters if you dont need higher frequency than about 7.5 MHz(based in part on internal capacitance of the MOSFET). For N. Carolina up to Ohio, perhaps a dedicated transmitter at 40 meters would work well.
                2. software radios are great. Takes a few hundred dollars to have something for your laptop to drive, but then you need a powerful linear amp to go the rest of the way.
                3. probably the easiest thing is to buy a used 100 watt output HF transceiver. That is the route I have decided to take. But it would be fun to work out a MOSFET AM transmitter for about 300 watts to transmit an AM signal for all group members to pick up easily if the right frequency and time were chosen. Maybe a silver shield special (make a bunch from a standard design) Just some thoughts. Lets have a skype conference with all interested at the end of Summer.

              • Marvin Motsenbocker

                an added point: one reason why I favor building simple digital MOSFET based AM transmitters: it is VERY easy to modify them for the AM Broadcast band. Can you image how cool it would be to have 20 to 30 AM broadcast band transmitters scattered across the eastern seaboard, all linked together (broadcasting on different frequencies perhaps but repeating the same thing in unison)… members and others could use regular radios then to receive signals.

            • Mark Khusid

              Marvin, I will help you design and build this MOSFET based transmitter. With good heatsinking we should be able to make a transmitter good for a few hundred watts.

  • speedspirit

    Its better that any individual that doesnt agree voice their concerns and leave then meet up with us in some close space in the future and start dividing the group. I am sure they wont be the last ones. But to see such bright folks lose sight of the purpose, Wow!. Nothing was written into Law yet its just ideas and they split. Lightweights!
    The mess the world is in didnt get this way by TPTB playing by the rules. And until they are gone the Laws and rules of the land keep an honest man down!
    Until they are out of power we play by rules that save us from bloodshed. We play to Win! Liberty has eyes that see and ears to hear. Those two want to play the holy then thou card and yet I never heard them chime in about my rants. There is 10% of the population that is elitest and very EGO oriented another 10% that are highly Spiritual who are here to let their Light shine and keep the balance and 80% that are still seeking their direction. Ben sounds like he wants to learn how to be a 10%er and so when the student is ready the teacher will appear. This is his life leason that he needs right now so I wish him the best on his journey.
    For the rest of us a Democracy will need to change as we learn is all. Thats the point of a Democracy and why the existing one has failed. It has been halted from changing for the better the lives of the majority. What they have done to this country is WAR! Financial terrorism from Britain. Those scum never got over losing the Civil War. In War people suffer, people die and if setting up a commmunity under the protection in the name of a Church to save our lives is what its going to take then Hell yeah DO IT. Do those two really believe it would be better to be honest but break out the weapons and kill for Liberty? The killing needs to end this must be as peacefull a revolution as possible.
    My only objection to this effort is waiting until disaster strikes to make a change. I believe that the Universe supplies what you ask for and if we really got started that miraculous things can happen. But are we ready today to dive in and start, No. So the process that is going on here everyday is the starting of a New Beginning and we arent procrastinating. But if and when we are ready and the world happens to keep printing or something then I really believe we should just get started before its gets too ugly. And thats why I say everyone needs to start contributing to these discussions so we can decide what the majority is thinking.

    • Ben

      Cyrus Harding a lightweight? Hardly. Here’s his email, why don’t you shoot him a message and let him know how much of a light weight he is.

      Better still? You want his number? Then you can give him a call and tell him right to his ear what you think about him.

      What an ass you are. I was not going to respond, and I never respond to your posts because they are so sanctimonious and self-rightous. Do you ever read back what you write to people?

      And you say I have a big ego? Yah…I guess….that’s why I started a blog on gardening to try and show people some skills. That’s coming to an end. And who was the first one there refuting what I was doing? None other than you. This is your MO. And you have gaul and audacity to call me ego-driven? I guess you already know it all and have it all figured out.

      Yah, that is why I work spend hours in a community garden, work with 2 veteran groups, work with the Alzheimer’s society. What a selfish bastard I am.

      Do you know why we are here? On the planet?

      You can give me some Zen Buddist psychobabble crap about “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”….well you know what? I am still learning you jackass. It NEVER stops.

      I had a ton of great teachers in my life and most of them are dead so I try and carry on their knowledge and traditions as best I can. You never stop learning.

      Oh…unless you are you…you have it all down and all figured out. Us pantywastes have to keep trudging forth.

      Again…do you know why we are here? You could give me some flowery bullshit answer filled with metaphysical nonsense…but the main reason we are here on this planet is TO TAKE CARE OF ONE ANOTHER. Most people fail at it miserably. Including myself. But I keep trying. I keep trying to live to a higher standard.

      One of the lessons I was taught at an eary age was to always question things. Ask and ask again….it’s also part of my nature. I don’t know if it is a blessing or a curse. At times it is both.

      So what did Cyrus and I do? WE asked a question. Maybe it should have been phrased better more politely. I didn’t like the idea of a “secret pseudo religion” I prefered the way of lying low.

      Cyrus asked questions and posed scenarios. Look at what he wrote. Do you think this man has any knowledge and experience in these ventures? Or is he a lightweight.

      And you have the gual to call him that in a post? Show a little respect man, the guy has earned it.

      Who is here to divide? We are asking questions. Sorry we didn’t live up to your grandiose expectations.

      CD even evokes the Buddha when he says “Question everything, follow none and walk your one path.”

      Good wisdom.

      And since we like to quote here so much…

      Comes from…or a close translation of:

      “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own common sense.” – Buddha


      “Knowledge becomes evil if the aim be not virtuous.”

      So can we question or not? OR can we just question certain things and not others?

      Can we not question the system?

      Are we to blindly follow it? Do we all have input?

      And when we do have input….and it does not agree with your construct….

      Do you get called out like some Stasi style tactic where you are isolated and made an example of?

      That’s bushleague in my opinion. Are we adults or are we in high school. Do we get beat up after social studies?

      Is that what you want to be a part of?

      Let me tell you something brother. I am starting to question that much.

      And you know what…I am not alone in that notion on this site.

      I do not come to divide. I come to ask questions and make observations…but since I am already being labled a dissenter, there is not much use.

      So I will be on my merry way.

      Best of luck to all.

      • Silver Shield

        I can assure you all Country Codger is not a lightweight.
        His vision of action and best use of his resources does not align with mine.

        I would say that he represents a grand majority of preppers in the most decentralized form of resistance armed to the teeth in a remote location.

        I was headed down that same path being a former infantry Marine but the further down that path, the more it did not resonate with me. I did not really want to live that life and would only choose it as a last resort and I mean a last resort.

        I then began to think about the opposite consciousness of that, as it is usually the answer. The idea of building trust with many people of a similar mindset and really create a community that we can be proud of to pass on to our children is something that helped me reach the acceptance stage.

        I am really glad for all of the questions now and the filtering process as I would not want to join any group only to find out later that it was not as it was advertised.

        I encourage questions because as I said many times before I am putting ideas out there to chew on and arrive at the best solution. If people want to pick up their marbles and go home that is fine by me.

        One thing I cannot stand is the emotional name calling. Nothing degenerates a discussion than that. It is divisive and keeps others from wanting to participating for not wanting to get into an Internet pissing match.

        If you feel it is necessary to call names, put yourself in “time out” and write a response after logic returns.

        We are are all fiery rebels at heart and we need to realize we are among friends and perhaps future neighbors and partners.


        • Ben

          Please revoke my access. I am done here.

          I have deleted all of my posts except the last.

          One last thing….

          “Nothing degenerates a discussion than that. It is divisive and keeps others from wanting to participating for not wanting to get into an Internet pissing match.”

          You are probably right I should have used better words, but I don’t regret anything, I am a bit like Bill in that regard.

          But calling someone out and using them in a report is just as bush league and classless. You could have made note of it by saying “a couple of members” but using are names was beyond reproach. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Hopefully, you learned something.

          Again, I know I am not the only one who feels this way….perhaps you should look into that…just a thought.

          You all could learn a lot from Cyrus….I am glad we got in touch from this site.

          Good luck with it.

          Perhaps I will see you all in the next life.


          • Tybeir

            Chris Just re posted conversation he had with you in the comments section. I would guess that it was public or at least accessible by our group so I don’t really see a problem with that. Re posting an e-mail well that’s between CC and Chris.I am glad I got to listen to your pov I think debate is important and will be needed many many more times before we finalize our community.

            I want to wish you best of luck and gods speed Ben

      • speedspirit

        Wow what Anger over what. I called you lightweights for giving up on the group!!You gave up on disscussions. Why? The point is to communicate not leave over some difference of opinion. We need Country C,s help and yours Mr. Helpfull and you up and leave. Thanks for nothing.

        • James Tetreault

          Hey, come on. This was the first sentence of your message:

          “Its better that any individual that doesnt agree voice their concerns and leave then meet up with us in some close space in the future and start dividing the group”

          That actually sounds like you *want* people to leave over differences of opinion, doesn’t it? This post I’m replying to sounds appropriately conciliatory but the one that set Ben off certainly didn’t.

          A person might also ask how much of a disagreement is a problem. Given how new this huge mass of ideas is to everyone I think it’s a big mistake to suggest that people leave at such an early juncture.

          It just seems that this didn’t have to go quite this way.

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    WE ARE SURROUNDED BY ADVERSARIES that cheat and want to take things (and more)!
    –this is why– we have to be under the radar whatever wayS we can.
    if developing a mystique helps, (such as a pseudo religion) then we should consider it because THE WORLD IS NOT NICE.

    Other comments:
    a. it seems foolish to grow marihuana under these circumstances (a big signal beacon to come investigate, and attack us (are we growing poppies too?) This turns me off and makes me want to find another (more serious group to join.

    b. We seem to already have a genuine cult/religion belief in Tesla (nothing pseudo or artificial about the group’s belief in and desire to pursue this). This is a good solution to those who object to making up a pretend religion. If those without science training and experience simply continue to “study” and spend valuable time (and money?) on the Tesla Mysticism, all we have to do is advertise that fact, and we are done. We have our cult, our pseudo religion. Any governement agency with engineers or scientists (or others with technology training)likely would be sufficiently amused to give us the “harmless cult” label.

    c. Taxes, IRS. There were some comments about trying to avoid taxes. Please remember that the IRS has seen it all before, has much experience in this area and is not fooled. We cant pretend something to avoid taxes.

    best wishes

    • AgainstTheGrain

      “b. We seem to already have a genuine cult/religion belief in Tesla (nothing pseudo or artificial about the group’s belief in and desire to pursue this). This is a good solution to those who object to making up a pretend religion. If those without science training and experience simply continue to “study” and spend valuable time (and money?) on the Tesla Mysticism, all we have to do is advertise that fact, and we are done. We have our cult, our pseudo religion. Any governement agency with engineers or scientists (or others with technology training)likely would be sufficiently amused to give us the “harmless cult” label.”

      • A fixed isolated charge produces a set of associated fields and potentials in its surrounding space. The fields arise and spread outward from the charge in all radial directions at light speed, from the moment of creation or separation of the charge.
      • EM fields in space are comprised of photons. A photon in space is moving at the speed of light c.
      • Hence the charge continuously emits real, observable photons in all directions, in motion at light speed c and pouring outward.
      • This steady outpouring of observable photons establishes and continuously replenishes the associated “static” fields and potentials, expanding outward at light speed.
      • Hence all “static” EM fields are actually steady state dynamic energy flows, in the manner pointed out by Van Flandern { } when he states:
      “… we must distinguish two distinct meanings of the term ‘static’. One meaning is unchanging in the sense of no moving parts. The other meaning is sameness from moment to moment by continual replacement of all moving parts. We can visualize this difference by thinking of a waterfall. A frozen waterfall is static in the first sense, and a flowing waterfall is static in the second sense. Both are essentially the same at every moment, yet the latter has moving parts capable of transferring momentum, and is made of entities that propagate.”
      • Experiment establishes there is no observable energy input to the source charge. Yet charges pour out energy and establish all EM fields, potentials, and their energy.
      o Classical EM and electrical engineering models accept that the associated charges are somehow the sources of all EM fields, potentials, and their energy.
      o But the models assume the charges create those fields and potentials and their energy, from nothing at all, because they assume there is no energy input to the charge.
      • Thus present electrical power engineering uses a seriously flawed EM model that assumes total violation of the conservation of energy law.”

    • speedspirit

      I agree Marvin that growing pot is not on the menu but Hemp on the other hand is very very usefull. This country was founded by the products of hemp. The founding fathers were all big Hemp farmers. Hemp for twine, clothing, fuel,ect. Hemp farming was abolished by the actions of the DuPont family for their own benefit.
      Tesla technology would be great to purchase from some inventor to produce our energy rather then invest in Nuclear or large scale solar is my thinking. Free energy devices will become available as technology morphs into this relm of thinking. Trust me its out there but the guys with it know they cant bring it to market under the current Govt patent bullsh*t.
      And the religion aspect shouldnt be psudo religion but a real belief system in honesty and belief in God. A system that doesnt preach but beliefs that God IS inside everyone of every race and color and the proof lies with each persons own experience. People are different, and different people might need different ideas to come to the essential realization whereby they can let go of the lower and embrace the higher consciousness. The true goal of all religion is to take people to a higher state of consciousness. Fighting over which religion is better or which religion is the only true one is in direct opposition to that goal. Instead, all truly religious people should unite their efforts in an attempt to awaken people to the need for a higher consciousness.

      What matters is that people cross the gap and enter into the higher consciousness. It really doesn’t matter how they cross that gap or which vehicle they use to cross it. Once you are in the higher consciousness, it really doesn’t matter how you got there. Therefore, you can begin to accept that there might be many valid religions or belief systems. Instead of looking at other belief systems with suspicion, fear or hostility, you can look at them with respect and acceptance.People in a higher state of consciousness are not closed to new ideas. They accept that their present ideas and beliefs are simply a stepping stone to a higher understanding. Therefore, there is no need to defend present positions or to discredit new ideas or the people promoting them. The main purpose of life is a constant striving for a deeper understanding and a more complete world view. Peace

  • Well if you think you guys may encounter problems meeting up after the crash, imagine being several thousand miles away like yours truly.

    CC is a ‘worrier’ and I’ve told him not to worry as much before……there’s only so much we can do.

    I perceive a 1340’s style crash – and have said as much for a couple of years. A collapse of a system wherein the markets freeze and the most common currency is human beings. Plague and famine are rife and most disagreements end in the taking of someone’s life. Yup, I perceive another ‘dark age’, but I still try not to worry.

    I’d rather live happy for a day than live a hundred years $hitting myself and worrying – maybe that’s just me.

    Good luck my American cousins. Hopefully we’ll meet up one day and smoke some of my homegrown weed 😉

  • MPB

    Wishing The Very Best To Everyone and Peace,


  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    Hey Spirit of Speed
    Re: “the religion aspect shouldnt be psudo religion but a real belief system in honesty and belief in God.”
    I agree much. To tell you the truth, I always thought that a belief system in God could be based on an understanding of resonance since if Mass-Enwegy are the same thing and we are left with information as the basis of the universe, resonance may be key. Why not.
    And by the way, please dont think of me as completely closed minded. When I worked as a scientist out of grad school in a big, rich company, I enlisted a physics PhD guy there and some very expensive equipment to study some very related ideas regarding this Tesla stuff. I discovered that inputting a specific resonance frequency (even at high power levels) that matched phenomena in nature quickly disorganized and had no effect, despite theory. A few years ago I went through this process with a PhD mechanical engineer friend who grossly misunderestimated the complexity of chemisty in assuming that something very similar would work. If more people could learn some real chemistry we would waste less time on chasing things that feel good but dont comport with reality…… The world is much more complex than we can possibly imagine. Think of adding a drop of water to the ocean and then trying to find that drop later or finding its effect……………..We all need to pull our brains out of the feel good internet and confront reality with study, experiments and real wealth production. What types of resonating energy have you ever purposely made and what did you do with it? I have studied resonating energy systems over many orders of magnitude (frequency and power), and have done a number of energy transfer experiments just for fun, and have specific data that confirmed some ideas and refuted others (but all consistent with the textbooks which I read). These are fun actually and I would like to teach to children in a community, since they are used in modern life. Physics and chemistry should be taught hands on, and this science attitude is the true liberating force in the world going foward. This open minded (dont believe in your own (or others) feel good warm fuzzy ideas) but instead follow reality (i.e. data and good experiments). It felt good knowing the universe rotated around the earth. Tesla (and unconfirmed/undocumented reports of his success)feel good. Follow data, dont believe ANYTHING you see or read………..
    Best wishes

  • Joshua Stewart

    I would study a little more about the benefits of Cannabis before you knock it or compare to “poppies” I agree Cannabis cultivation in this paradigm is risky and unless you are in a Medical Cannabis state not advised but post dollar Cannabis and Hemp should not be taken off the table or “not be considered” “or not be taken seriously” because of your prejudgments based on lies of the past paradigm.
    I agree at this time it should be off the table because of risk but in the future this is a plant that should certainly be taken seriously! I have respectfully seen it treat Cancer in oil form, Post Dollar the DEA will not exist! I recommend you look further into this matter before being so turned off by the idea you leave the group…..

    Check Out
    Rick Simpson in Run from the Cure, on you tube.

    Or how About “What if Cannabis Cured Cancer”w/ Peter Coyote. you can get that on net flicks or online.

    • Marvin Motsenbocker

      I did not comment about csncer and Cannabis or anything else except the security of the group. Group security is number one. Later on we can discuss details of wealth production. In that later discussion of agriculture I expect to take a back seat because I have less experience than others. Death of people from internectine civil unrest and destruction of the group itself are extremely grave concerns in my mind and I truly am worried about the group’s focus. My comment referred to my concern that people here are not really serious about how to avoid the outside world and that world’s perceptions of different plant crops.

      • I doubt the average person would even care about some group growing hemp. Although TPTB have demonised that plant, the public are not really on board, never have been.

        TPTB will be interested in any group trying to extract themselves from the system – regardless of what they are growing.

    • Silver Shield

      I think that the prohibition of Marijuana will be eliminated like Alcohol was in the depression.
      Perhaps another box we should look to fill when we move?

  • Joshua Stewart

    Marvin, I may have misinterpreted your first comment as just a cut towards cannabis but I agree with you as far as security goes. We don’t want to become targets!

  • Ben

    My turn…

    Well…I was going to write a big long email, but after working in the garden most of the night, I burnt it out of me.

    I could really go on a pretty good yarn…but I will leave it at that…

    Most of what I had to say was said to speedbump.

    Best of luck to all of you.

    Take care in your preps and investments.

    There is a lot of good knowledge on this site.

    Use it wisely.

  • Thomas Griffing

    This is a good discussion – Beginning with Chris’ “Brilliant” ideas about a new community – and yes, it is brilliant. Especially for those geographically close to Chris.

    I think simplicity is the best policy and rules will naturally develop as a result of transgressions. Probably the best starting place would be something like the 10 commandments and some excerpts from the Constitution (ie: “we shall make no laws …” for religion, speech, etc).

    My question is about replicating these communities. It’s not a simple matter to pack up all my stuff and head for Chris’ community. Less than 10 miles away from my “farm” is a state park that would be a good place to start such a community. I expect that states will begin having economic troubles at the same time as the federal government – when the dollar tanks. I would rather trade for land with the state government rather than the FED.

    To build such a community, I would have to attract people and “weed out” the “takers” from the “givers”. Of course, this would be easier done in advance rather than afterward. This isn’t my strong suite – some pointers would be appreciated.

    On the subject of Internet and outages, I think that the Internet will be functional, but not everybody will have power. Mostly for the same reason they will be clamoring for food – because the price will jump dramatically. They will still be available, but will cost too much for the average Joe.

    On the subject of “Open Source”, it works great for technical projects, but I have not seen it applied to finances or government. I do think that this country will have to re-industrialize. To this end, I believe that is a good idea.

    • Silver Shield

      This was another challenge and why I started down this path. Taking these ideas and replicating them in your own local community is VERY tough because even in my own family there would have been strife as they see the world completely different than I even though we share similar backgrounds and education.

      Even those that are awake, you got the Rambo mentality that I personally don’t trust. Single (mostly) guys armed to the teeth with a penchant for detaching from society is not what I would want to expose my family too. Try weeding these guys out of your community and it could turn ugly. Far better to filter out in a forum like this than when voting off the island could mean death. Or worse turn you into the bad guy in his eyes.

      Our group is a large majority family leaders that are concerned about caring for their families and making something better to pass on. I think the intellectual foundation and trust is very good to start now but I am most excited about the idea of a community that is purposely built with us joining together of like minded individuals hitting the ground running rather than herding cats of all sorts of different kinds of mentalities. If given the choice of trying to establish my own community in Brunswick or heading off to the mountains and pulling a CC, I would mountain man it. I do feel it is safe enough to survive here as the quality of people here are so good. I just would not want to trying to filter here and build something. Stress and emotional levels are going to be high after it happens far better to work with those at acceptance than the anger stage.

      CC did bring up how we get together after it happens and I have some really cool ideas that the closer we get to it happening I will ferret out. Always thinking…

      • Thomas Griffing


        Thanks for the reply – it makes more sense now. I listened again to SSR 35 and you did mention forming a new community somewhere like Utah – and this makes sense. Bring along only those who will contribute and use this group to select who to bring along. It sounds a lot like Part 3 of Atlas Shrugged.

        I do have concerns about the federal government locking down the whole system. They would be held back by the failing dollar, but this brings me to the real force behind this fascist government – the “International Bankers” (as G Edward Griffin calls them). They would have resources and would want to maintain the power of their mercenaries (the US military).

        This being said, I think your plan is the best I have heard. I’m just amazed at people who say that if the dollar fails, they would be OK as they know how to hunt. I’ve heard this again and again and it is so obviously short-sighted.

        Keep up the good work – I’ll be interested to hear as your ideas develop and the situation unfolds.

    • Marvin Motsenbocker

      Thank you very much for the link to the Ecological Tool website at the end of your comment. That seems very good and I want to join. One reservation Ihave is that the group seems petroleum based and doesnt seem to have an energy generation projects (outside of a windmill), which I think should be the heart of industrial use.

      • Thomas Griffing


        They currently get their power from oil, but the goal is renewable energy sources. If you check the lineup of OSE machines, there is a pulverizer, a biomass pelletizer and a steam engine that burns biomass pellets. With these three machines, one could harness biomass for general use.

        My role is in developing the Power Cube – the core machine that burns fuel and supplies hydraulic fluid power for other OSE machines. The goal is to replace the gasoline engine with a steam engine. I also want to make the Power Cube more modular where the hydraulic pump can be replaced with a water pump, a electric generator, an air pump and so on.

        The Power Cube is also mean to scale for larger or smaller power requirements.

        • Marvin Motsenbocker

          Thomas, please tell me more about the power cube.
          1. humanity has invested so much into steam engines that in its heyday we had steam engine powered cars. NOW with advances in materials etc we could do even better. I have a conviction that advanced EXTERNAL combustion engines are a serious solution to the resource scarcity problem. We can grow almost anything and a dry, b. convert into form to burn. c. use as auto fuel.
          2. of the new steam engines, seems particularly good. What do you think of this advanced steam engine?
          3. are you creating new ideas? I can make it easy for you to patent them. This area of technology in my mind is number one. I have wanted to work on it but dont have time (I have been building a rocket stove and trying to automatically feed with feed powdered wood, bamboo etc)

  • pianoman

    Good report and great thought of relieving or “helping” a state with their own resources buy purchasing state land. Heck, there may be an abandoned military base of some sort somewhere. In southern WI there is one with buildings etc still up. I think it is important to note that coming will be government in crisis and lock down. I am concerned about the ability to aquire land as we know how today. It may take some creative thinking outside the box to do the deal however if one could provide basics to a state to export, power possibly or other vital need, clinic/hospital etc who knows what may be possible.

    There is a model I am rather fond of and that is the Benedictine order. Here, sisters just sold a monestary & 120 acres to the local University for 1 million dollars, about 1/4 of what it was worth. I believe in IN, there is an order that makes wood products much like the Amish and caskets. They live on forested land and use those resources. The point I try to make is that we don’t need to create a new religion to have, for lack of better terms, 501c3 status. The God that holds us in His hand has also given us an amazing brain to use!

    What I suggest is a indepth study of Amish, Benedictine orders, other peaceful communities, take the best, leave the rest, info gather puts us ahead by not creating the wheel, then meld that with the financial…silver piece and economies and principles we’re talking about.

    As well, I suggest staying away from the Madrid fault would be a great idea and someone who likes to study weather patterns etc could help. Of course if you’re of the mind the earth may yet tilt more, I guess time will tell, but make an educated guess best we can, soil types, possible mineral deposits, water. Probably discussed already. Is anyone into geology? How about herbs? Being with like minded people makes a ton of sense, putting our brain power and God given talents and resources together is exciting. However, I agree the world will be a very dangerous place, my concern would be what authority to trust?

    I believe people want to be appreciated for who they are, what they can learn,do,bring to the table. A genuine respect for each other and learning opportunities for so many new things has me very excited. Life is short and even if I could clone myself, there wouldn’t be enough time to explore all the possibilities of helping outside the community. The need is already there, for what we could offer. Just my ramblings. (Anyone remember the PBS series, Cadfiles? re a early century monk/monestary small village, knowledge of medicines mixed with modern day CSI lol)

    • Silver Shield

      All great stuff.
      I would stay away from military instilations as they are depressing, polluted and potential targets for takers.

      I don’t think we will need to worry about creating a tax status as I think the IRS would be defunct in a dollar collapse. The pseudo religion will mostly be for keeping outsiders mentally repelled from “religious fanatics”.

      We have a broad cross section of people here and I have personally spoken to half of our members and have had email contact with another 1/4 but I can assure you we have a spectacular group of people here that even in this paradigm are kicking ass. In the next paradigm it is going to be stunning what we can do.

  • Joshua Stewart

    I agree the Cannabis prohibition will be eliminated like Alcohol was in the depression. If so we should take advantage of it! My medical cannabis collective I run just started taking Constitutional Silver as a payment option Cash Credit Card or Constitutional Silver! we get a lot of questions about it but only 1 taker so far!!

    • Tybeir

      Good for you Joshua maybe you will wake someone up just explaining to them what constitutional silver is. Keep it up

  • roy patterson

    This is a concern of mine that i wanted to get out in the open and start to kick around. I apologize if the topic of early resource imbalance has already been discussed.

    I imagine that everyone in the community will have their large stash of silver with them, and combined, there might be hundreds of thousands of ounces within the community. I also suspect that those in the community will not be able to bring all of their preps and their food with them so, I see an enormous imbalance between the original money supply and things like food, building materials, equipment, etc. It will take a while to establish sustainable food production (permaculture) and get the land to where it would be able to provide for the needs of the community.

    I say this because there will be some people who may not be able to arrive with a truck load of supplies and would have to rely on other members of the group to provide the things that they were not able to show up with. I heard Chris talk about a member who had airplanes which would be great for moving people, but probably not practical to bring in a bunch of supplies by air.

    There are folks who may currently live very close to where we set up our community and they would be able to bring a lot of resources. Others may just have a bug-out bags and some silver/gold. It would be very awkward to have those folks with the supplies feel responsible to feed the folks who where not able to bring more stuff to the party. I think until we get established as a community, there will be some unique struggles. Could you imagine that we trade silver for food among ourselves and bid up the price of the food because of its scarcity? Would we propose some sort of socialized food sharing program for the start? Maybe there will be ways to trade with outsiders in the area to obtain things that we don’t already have…. just some thoughts.


    • Silver Shield

      All valid points.

      I would think with the quality of people we have and the seriousness of the problem we will be facing I cannot see price gouging. We should/will have huge purchasing power in the local community to buy food and labor that I don’t think we would have to worry about the exchanges between ourselves. If we were the only ones around I could definitely see that as a problem but we will have locals to buy the fruits of their labor and they will want real money for it.

      I think that we would most likely buy a place that has living quarters. My sample park of Salt Fork Park has a functioning hotel on it. We would most likely go into there being hotel investors and get that up and going. Using our resources to establish a conventional beachhead to move people and materials into the area. The hotel would naturally need food and energy for its customers which we would go about buying locally. Once that hotel is up and functioning we can go about building more next paradigm structures.

      • roy patterson

        Thanks. A longer growing season seems like an important factor on where the community chooses to locate.
        I look forward to your next report.

      • Marvin Motsenbocker

        Maybe I am too impatient and impractical, but why not choose an intermediate bug out location now (in Utah or neighboring state) where we can visit briefly and place resources for later use as a depot? Particularly if there were a few group members near there…………

        • roy patterson

          Not a bad idea. Utah may be the most stable place when it hits the fan and transporting the stash to the final location by truck within the region may be relatively safe. A meeting and prep / scouting trip to Utah could be a nice vacation while the system is still working….

          • Marvin Motsenbocker

            I would like to go there as you suggest: combine vacation with preparation. Maybe someone could study the state and make some suggestions? Who else is interested?

            • speedspirit

              I am interested in investing time and materials in a intermediate bug out site. Thats a good idea.

  • speedspirit

    Here is a great property its a old school make of hand cut stone 1928 for $59,000 but in West Virginia.

    • Silver Shield

      So cool.

      Trust me there are going to be simply amazing properties for sale when “it” happens.

      The only problem will be which ones?

  • Joe Ney

    I like the idea of “saying”were some sort of religious faction to get the tax benefits and the perks given to that status.I am very much enjoying going thru the old reports,I just joined the community a few days ago and have listened to 5 so far.I think its a good idea to have some sort of members info list,where we can contact each other and have a general write up about each person and what there into there back ground,maybe family etc.It would be helpful to start personal relations and trust.I for one still like to pick up the phone and talk to someone.

  • Joe Ney

    speedspirit has a awesome link there,why are we not jumping all over something like that for a bug out base for 60k.

  • David Meek

    I haven’t had time to read all of the comments yet, but I do have a question that may have been addressed already. How do we keep the “Government/Banksters” (or what’s left of them in the new paradigm) from creating a Waco type senario?

    • Silver Shield

      We are going to be decentralized until AFTER the Anger/Danger Phase ends.

      We are also not David Koresh…

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