Deflation, inflation, shminflation

Smart or not, Status Quo operators are in the control room. Among many switches that they have in front of them and we don’t is a Deflation / Inflation one.

Right now they sit and watch.  Tracking the so-called money we are using is easy, as it’s artificially created and centrally planned.

If enough peasants max out their credit instruments expecting inflation, the switch will go to Deflation. Good luck paying off your $30K car loan when hourly wage is $1.

If enough peasants run the banks and stuff their mattresses, the  switch will go to Inflation. Free wallpaper, though.

Deflation vs Inflation debate is pointless: the goal is turning people into slaves. The method is irrelevant.

Big boys like MF or JPM can lose any amount of zillions – they will be given as many shiny new ones as the game masters see fit. Peasants, on the other hand, must be drained.

If  enough peasants “invest” in stocks, stocks will fall. If enough peasants “invest” in real estate, real estate will fall. Oh, wait, this is done.

Now the fun part:

If stocks are falling, real estate is falling, paper metals are falling, currencies are falling, something must be rising, just because of physics. I believe that what’s rising is prices, as this is the only way to liberate everyone, including staunch non-investors in Ponzi schemes, from their savings, thus driving even these lurkers closer to infinite debt slavery.

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  • Alright, bud. How’s the veg crops doing?

    RE the central planners. Yup, they watch the currencies like a hawk, but they merely manipulate humanity and don’t command humanity. Obviously they want to, and are making their final moves, but I reckon humanity will bite back at some point. Remember that the majority of people do not perceive themselves to be debt-slaves – or slaves of any type – especially in the Anglo-American empire. Most people perceive themselves to be free :-) LOL

    RE Inflation/Deflation. My take is that they’re allowing deflation to occur with a next round of QE in mind.

    RE the currencies. I still reckon the euro will deflate into nothingness as there are too many chefs formulating the recipe. The $US and my own currency, £UK, will hyperinflate at some point.

    As my mother always told me:

    “keep going”

    Good luck, Mustafa

    • Mustafa Cohen

      Thank you.

      manipulate humanity and don’t command humanity

      I understand “command” as “to have someone follow your instructions without judgment”.

      As I look around, my fellow human beings are brought up to do just that. APPL, GOOG, education, Hollywood, religion, TV – all work together in perfect harmony to prepare newborns not just for obedience, but for happy obedience.

      Everyone is free to leave the scheme, but very few even believe in its existence. I’d say, those who understand the scheme, but don’t know what else is possible, are manipulated; those who think they are free, are commanded.

      • That’s an interesting perspective on it. The sheeple are commanded, whilst the puzzled ‘awake’ are manipulated? Maybe.

        More and more are shifting from being sheeple into the ‘puzzled awake’……it’ll be interesting to see how ‘their’ manipulation copes with the change is societal consciousness.

        The veg, dude – any progress?

  • Steal a little and they throw you in jail.
    Steal a lot and the make you king.


    The Real estate part was likely only round one.

    It is the New World Order Of Debt Slavery Economics… Soon to transmute into a more deadly form.

    Gareth; Could the euro have been conceived as a mechanism to launder trillions stolen from western masses? Why create $ when you can steal it. And if it is a mirror image of the $ what happens when it is first into the abyss?

  • Probably all prices fall. However, wages will out pace food and energy, which the govt. does not count, just like those peasants who can not find work. If you don,t count the peasants, do they exist?

    Nice piece. Here is a worthy exercise:

    Central Banks, Bubbles And The Coming Unwind

    Listen to the video at the end.

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