Gone With The Wind

Nothing puts your world into perspective like being caught in a huge storm. At four o’clock in the morning I was awakened out of a dead sleep by what sounded like a freight train running through the house. The wind that hit our house last night was truly frightening. It got so bad, that I thought we were getting hit with a tornado. In my delirium, I was completely caught unprepared and really had no idea what to do. Do I wake the kids and head for the basement? Do I put my jeans on? Do I try to find the weather channel? Do I even go outside to see what was going on?

It is at moments like that, when you realize just how small we all are to the much larger forces that run our world. I immediately saw this as what 99% of America is going to go through when the dollar collapses. In a few scary days, everything could be wiped away and you are left naked, exposed and powerless. Everything you every believed in and counted on, is gone. The storm was only scary because I had no idea what was really going on and what to do. I was not aware or prepared.

Can you hear it? A storm is coming. The Anglo-American empire is sounding its death rattle. Things that cannot go on forever, won’t.

  • Gone are the pillars of our civilization.
  • Gone is the rule of law.
  • Gone is our moral compass.
  • Gone is our social justice.
  • Gone is our manufacturing base.
  • Gone is the middle class.
  • Gone is the American Dream.
  • Gone are the days of unlimited debt.
  • Gone are the days of unlimited oil.
  • Gone are the days military hyper power.
  • Gone are the days of unquestioned propaganda.
  • Gone are the days of King Dollar.
  • Gone with the wind.

Most Americans will wake up one day and see the world has changed so dramatically that they cannot even recognize the world they live in. We have been sleep walking in an American Dream as we have slowly been lead off of the cliff lured by the pied piper playing “Buy, Buy American Pie.” While we have been dreaming in a world of buy know, pay later, our economy has shifted from the strongest manufacturing power to a consumer economy to now a government economy. (Last month the government spent 8 times more than it took in.) While we have been dreaming our money has shifted from real tangible assets to paper fiat money to high frequency traded electronic derivatives. While we have been sleeping, Our government has changed from “of the people, for the people” in 1776 to “big brother is watching” from 1984. While we have dying, we have change from the “Land of the free and home of the brave” to timid, selfish consumers.

You may not feel the paradigm shift beneath your feet, but our way of life is changing forever. There are no “do overs,” no second chances, and no happy endings this time. The American Dream and the middle class is done for. When the dollar dies, where you are the day after is most likely where you and your children will be for the next generation. There will simply be the prepared and history’s road kill.

Are you aware and prepared?

6 comments to Gone With The Wind

  • Spacehoppa

    Great article. Sorry to hear about all the storms and tornadoes in America right now. There’s a great guy on YouTube called dutchsinse who can predict where the tornadoes will hit based on watching radar signals. It might be one way to help predict the unpredictable. Stay safe.

  • PitBull Pappa

    Excellent analogy!! Sadly even though I try to convince family and friends of the impending financial hurricane coming, no one listens. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE that I know personally has even one pre-65′ dime let alone an ounce of silver and/or gold. I have so much more to do with my prepping for this looming storm… but I am also so much more prepared than anyone else I know as well (Pm’s, food storage, guns, ammo, bug out bag, food production, etc…).

    Thank you for giving me a place to come and communicate with like minded people.

    keep on stack’n…


  • @Pitbull

    I’m finding the same problems with my friends and family. I’m not sure if they don’t get it, or don’t WANT to get it. My neighbor summed it up pretty well as far as peoples attitudes go. He said” I don’t watch or listen too anything that pisses me off.”

    That’s it “If you don’t see it, then it doesn’t exist.” We (not us, the rest of the sheeple) are going to be in a world of hurt WTSHTF. Besides myself, I don’t know of ANYONE ELSE who is prepping for the future. It’s like Chris says “American Idols on in 20 minutes.” Nobody wants to beleive it can happen here. Well it can, and it’s going to (happen), all we can do is try to prepare ourselves as best as possible. With this sites help and other sites linked here’s help, we hope for the best.

  • platalover

    in mexico, when you tell your relatives to save for the future, they do not listen, but know you are a saver, so when they are in need, they come running for help, if you do not help them, then you are the bad guy, if you let them borrow, they never pay, and if you ask for your money back, then you are the bad guy.
    when the shtf , they will come running for help, it will be too much need , and it will be too many in need.
    lets wait to see if they come in peace or not.

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