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The upcoming Greek election, along with Monday’s news of the $100 billion fix aka the Spanish bailout are at the forefront of global economic news. While they don’t want to call it a bailout, free money is being given, and Danielle says that the people that are trading this market are filled with blind hope. In the past few years, every federal bank intervention has come with big pops in risk assets that have lasted several months. While some people were able to harness this in a trade, most stayed too long and got knee-capped on the way out. It seems that in the past there has always been some hope that the next round of QE would cause markets to pop. But, today the euro bailout scenario is so short lived that no one can really participate in it. Don’t be fooled!

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  • Fiat Facade

    As soon as she started with the “poor Obama” bullshit about half way through, I turned her off. Obama is a empty suit puppet. The banksters own him and he does their bidding… or else.

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