SBSS 37. Blood On The Street

A look at how the Anglo American banking dynasties are preparing for the collapse of the dollar paradigm.

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  • Mojo

    Anglo American banking dynasties? It’s Zionist Jewish banking cabals.

    A little history on the Rothschilds –>

    A little history on the FED –>

    Looks more like guest lists to a bar mitzvah than any Anglo event.

    Was there a Russian oligarch that wasn’t a Zionist Jew?

    • kpt hörntand

      “Anglo American banking dynasties? It’s Zionist Jewish banking cabals”

      Actually the same thing man!
      Thanks for those link btw, 😉

      and great video!! best ever.

      lots of blessing and i send you healing energy 2 you all.

    • 0ld-shekel

      Who the hell cares if they are jews ?
      I can tell you that as far as I learned they don’t have anything with Judaism , I’m not sure you can define the Rotschilds as jews .

      • Bill

        That’s right because there Ashkenazi Khazar Jews and there Jews of the Talmud which are fraudulent Jews and not the true jews of the Book, these are edomite Jews, the same ones which crucified Christ on the cross, Jesus knew exactly who they were and that’s why they hated him. the bible states they hated me for no reason. these are the same type Jews that are running America into a sand dune of destruction, they have infiltrated all aspects of American life and have changed our laws from within. they have legislated filth and vile laws to bring the nation to its knees because they hat it it and what it stands for. these are Talmudic anti christian haters of us. I piss on them and there Talmud, which is a book full of sodomism and filth, read it and find out for yourself.

        • Leo

          Bill, you are 100% right they are Khazars not real jews, thats why Christ said because you say you are Jews and are not I will make you the Synagog of satan…I may have misspelled synagog but anyone can check it out.

      • BillybonesIII

        In most cases I’ve seen or read with regard to these greedy old bastards (on the video clip) that just happen to have a Jewish sounding name, public ire and anti semitism starts to boil.
        These Rothschilds et al have no love for Israel or Israelis. They covet money and power!
        And besides, I don’t believe any of these greedy banksters, USA, Britain, France – where ever there is enough money or gold to disire – none of them believe there is a God Who will execute judgement.
        It’s coming! And if their name isn’t in the Book of Life, they’re toast!

  • speedspirit

    Your a great newscaster Chris. What you are able to share with us really is a God given gift, Thank You.

  • marz

    Excellent. The dots are so clearly connected.

  • Last sentence leaves the series on a cliffhanger :-)

    Excellent work, Chris.

    Bloody Rothschild’s – horrible bloodline.

  • eagleeye

    Thanks for the video Chris, I know it takes countless hours to compile a single video. Something is problably about to happen, otherwise why would the likes of Buffet, Munger & Bill gates, men of great influence come out at the same time & blast gold/silver? there is only one reason why…. to divert the genral public away from gold/silver.

  • Silver42

    I just found out I work for a Rothschild company. I work for Pearson, which is an education company based out of England that also owns the Financial Times. I guess Lord Jacob Rothschild is helping fund my silver investment.

  • vincent

    The day of the rope draw’s near!

  • @ Old Shekel

    I said Zionist Jew for a reason. A majority of the Jews in positions of power in government, finance and social engineering are just that, Zionist, Talmudic Jews.

    As the Rothschilds original family name was Bauer, I think it’s safe to say they are Jewish.

    • Bill

      you are right but you left out what type Jews they are, there Ashkenazi Khazar Jews from the line of Esau and we all know who Esau was, he was an adulterer with the Edomites and Canaanites and God Hated him for what he was. these are the same fraudulent Jews that are running American and Israel today, there murderers of the highest order and they hate Christians and America for what it stands for. there hell bent on destroying the U.S. from within with filthy groups like: American southern poverty pimp center, ADL, Naacp, Acorn, la Raza, Mecha, Maldef, all Jew groups associated with the Talmud. these are all Jew groups funded with Jew Dollars.

  • Bill

    ehese Jews are Ashkenazi Khazar Jews from the line of Esau ( known as Edomites/ and Herodians ) these are not even true Jews of the Book., there anti christian and anti USA Jews, they make up 95% of American Jewry along with the same in Israel. these people murdered many of the true Jews in World 2, they stood by like George Soros and let it happen while they funded the Nazi war machine against the true Jews of the Bible with the Nazis. these are the Jews that are destroying America and there there own sfardic jews. Go ask any Jew where they came from and you wont get an intelligent answer, because they know where they came from and they know there frauds.

  • Bill

    the Rothchilds and like them are Talumdic Jews and followers of Satan according to there Talmud, these people are evil and wicked and deserving of Hell!!!!!! these are not Jews People there secular Jews like Herod and and his clan, all from the same bloodline which is dirty.

  • Jen

    heartless lizards – money isn’t everything THANKFULLY

  • TJ

    Hah… the characterization of our banking system as “Anglo American” is at once ridiculous and hilarious. No offense, but you’ve got to have your head in the sand to attribute this system to old school WASPs.

  • TJ

    Right on Bill, spread the good word. We have been subverted and destroyed from within by the world’s foremost haters.

  • TJ

    And here’s another thing. They aren’t preparing for the collapse. They are preparing it.

  • More powerful than these dynasties?

    Like a bunch of slaves buying Silver? Around the world?

    Or could it be China who will be consuming 700 million tons of steel to America’s 50 million tons this year?

    You brought up Putin. Why not more on him? If the only collateral for the irredeemable promises of the USA is the ability to blow up the world why is the #2 power in this collateral position not even ever mentioned in this whole ‘paradigm’ story you are making a living propagating?

    Brought this up with Dan Collins at (he is a hero btw) now I cannot get to his site after a day of waiting for his typical response to my comment.

    You say debt and death is their agenda. Well the USA is king of debt and with an infrastructure so well done how easy would it become the land of death when you pull the power and food away from US drugged out zombies of idolatry? I live 15 minutes from the busiest international border in the world. Look forward to sharing my run for the border to safety in Mexico after all is said and done – if I make it.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  • luxille

    I think he is trying to tell those that are dim witted and those that are blonde that the Anglos are greater puppets for their use, than say most others that they also manipulate to gain in their schemes of world domination and corruption.

  • just me

    evil is evil. get right with Christ, period. His return is imminent!!

  • yousur

    I am not a Jew hater but 2 article surprised me as I read them. Here are their links
    Can it really true in a country like America?

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