Don’t wait for November, vote for silver now!

A few days ago Chris and Patrick  collaborated on a video called Vote for Silver 2012 and the link is here . As I watch the melt down in the stock markets, the bond markets, and the paper currency markets I realize that the politicians and bankers are clinging to a failed system. They don’t know what to do and they have no creative capacity or the will to come up with any new ideas. Greece, Spain, and Europe as a whole are in turmoil and melting down fast. The fact that a bailout was announced for Spain and within 48 hours the bond yields were climbing again signals a melt down in confidence.  The Ron Paul campaign has melted down. The melt down in Italy as a bank holiday is declared, the melt down in the ranks of the U.S. military as suicides continue to climb. The melt down in the housing market which is the basis for the entire U.S. economy. This whole paradigm is collapsing right before our eyes. The key to the worldwide fiat money system is confidence and that is beginning to evaporate right before our eyes. Once confidence is lost on fiat paper you can’t get it back. Now is your last and best chance to own something that is real and has no counter party risk. Something that will feed you and your family in the biggest financial collapse in human history. This didn’t have to happen, but now it needs to happen. Collapse is the cure. Instead of voting for Obama whose change has failed, or for Romney who is simply Obama lite, vote for silver. Why donate to these failed politicians and campaigns when they have nothing to offer, when you can use that same money and vote for silver. Silver is real change! Silver is also literal change if you have silver dimes and quarters. Silver won’t promise you anything, but I promise you it won’t let you down either!

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