Silver Shield Report #37- Cannabis In The Next Paradigm

This week’s Silver Shield Report we will be discussing something radically different, cannabis.  I believe that cannabis will become legalized during this Great Depression, much like alcohol was legalized in the last one.  Since I do not smoke, I come at this discussion from the liberty and economics perspective.  In this extremely interesting discussion, we will see how this amazing little plant first became illegal and the incredible medical, industrial and agricultural advantages it has.  We will also explore why it is a major threat to not only the Booze and Tobacco industries, but the  Medical Industrial Complex, the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, the Prison Industrial Complex, Military Industrial Complex, and ultimately the dollar and our  paradigm.

For years I have been saying that this paradigm is created by debt and death, but after this report you will see why the trillion dollar drug trade is a huge part of it, and how cannabis can act as a Green Bullet and a Green Shield to this paradigm.

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64 comments to Silver Shield Report #37- Cannabis In The Next Paradigm

  • Helmut Kraiss

    When cannabis is an issue for our future community, then I will leave. Drugs are never a solution for spiritual beings.

    • Silver Shield

      I am by no means endorsing this or even use it. I think people should be free to do what ever they want so long as they do not infringe upon others.

      That being said if you were around in the Depression would you have felt the same way about alcohol?

      I think the hysteria about Cannabis is way over blown and should not be a class 1 drug like crack or meth.

      The beauty of our community is that no one would be forced to do or support anything including this.

      I am even trying to come up with ways to not have taxes.

      Hang in there my friend.

      • Helmut Kraiss

        Who invited you to select the theme “Cannabis” for Report #37 and then find his motives.

        • Silver Shield

          I invited Josh because we had an interesting discussion on freedom and the similarities to silver of TPTB suppressing this natural substance.

          We are not going to be some ganja smoking reefer madness group, just one of the many different aspects of freedom.

          I listen to all.. Follow none.. and walk my path the best that I can.

          • Helmut Kraiss

            A Greek proverb says:
            “Show me your friends..and I’ll tell you who you are.”

            Listen is ok.
            Resonate is follow. It amplifies.

            This is my last reply.

    • Marvin Motsenbocker

      Disease from smoking pot: the interviewed person has a voice that sounds like vocal damage (rough smoker voice) and also his breathing sounds like early emphysema. I am a little worried about his health. This reminds me that the last time I studied this topic, cannabis smoke had more tar than cigarette smoke and is inhaled deeper. I am concerned about the pulmonary disease. inhaled carbon monoxide etc. How will the community spend its resources to support preventable crippling diseases such as from smoking?

      • AgainstTheGrain


      • Joshua Stewart

        Marvin, I can assure you I am in 100% health, my wife is an Anesthetist at Kaiser so I get a check up as soon as I sneeze lol but in all seriousness I don’t even smoke I use a vaporizer, Also I don’t normally give interviews in my day job so maybe I was a little nervous, breathing to hard so you say. What amazes me is that you can diagnose someone without knowing anything about them over a skype call lol so Marvin is a Lawyer, a Solar Tinkerer and a Physician now! wow what cant he do? you should take a little more time on your research bud. You can not resonate with it and that’s fine but you sound like Bill O’reilly attacking me before you have a clue on the subject.

        “What if Cannabis Cured Cancer” Narrated by Peter Coyote

        • Marvin Motsenbocker

          Joshua: I was wrong and am sorry to make snap judgements. So you avoid most of the damaging chemicals with a vaporizer. I dont want to argue lifestyle merchandising or the pros and cons of adding weird mixtures of chemicals to ones body. Doesnt resonate with me, obviouslly.

          • Robert Burke

            You have no idea the chemicals you put in your body. Pot will be on the “minor effects to Health” list. You should check out twinkies.

      • Son of Liberty


        High quality cannabis is quite potent, so even if it is smoked the comparison to cigarettes is completely fallacious since most people would be satiated after several drags, if that. A typical pack-a-day smoker on the other hand smokes 20 cigarettes, each of which are larger than typical marijuana cigarettes (and aren’t typically shared). Not that this fact makes it healthy, but it is unfair to consider marijuana to be more dangerous than tobacco when weighing the benefits vs. drawbacks of using cannabis medicinally, spiritually, or as recreation.

        On a more general note, I see no reason for the community to necessarily spend resources preventing people from engaging in activities like smoking. Even the idea of the community spending “its resources” (aren’t they really individuals’ resources?) is not really in the spirit of what the SSR has been talking about I think. We probably won’t have collective health care spending like the modern insurance system… I suspect that if someone needs health care and they can’t afford it charitable individuals would probably help out (especially in this crowd). However if someone made bad decisions like smoking until they couldn’t breath or drinking until their liver gives out, the charitable individuals might not be so inclined to give. That’s part of the beauty of a society that is not coercive and does not force arbitrary collective morality.

    • Son of Liberty

      What do you mean, “when it becomes an issue”?

    • GoldSaver

      @Helmut, speaking for myself and not for SS, goodbye and good riddance. If you are so intolerant that you can not even conceive discussing another human being introducing a substance into their body voluntarily and without affecting you and yours, you would not fit in a voluntary society. What I choose to do or consume (BTW I don’t use cannabis)is non of your concern as long as I don’t “pick your pockets or break your bones”. There are only two universal rules that apply, the non-aggression principle (no one may initiate force against another) and the absolute respect of private property (it derives from the first).

      @Marvin, the community will not “spend its resources” since the community can not own resources. Communities are artificial constructs and have no property rights. Individuals, who voluntarily associate in communities, do own property and resources and each individual is free to spend its resources as he or she sees fit. Any group is also free to pool their resources as they see fit and either enter contracts or agreements to the their resources and as such are not obligated to use their resources for expenditures they disagree with. That is the beauty of voluntary association vs. forced at gun point states.

      I for one would never demand or ask to control your resources and would not accept your claim to mine. You are free to trade with me. You are free to not trade with me. Beyond that, there are no communal resources.

    • Marvin Motsenbocker

      Helmut: But arent the strongest communities the most diverse? If we can accomodate extreme differences in opinion and lifestyle, and still cooperate and pull together when needed based on important principles, we will succeed where other communities fail. To disagree, even vehemently and still work togther, is what strong communities are all about. Our secret to this is that each person is independent and allowed the freedom to take absolute responsibility (to succeed and to fail) for his/her life(style) yet linked to the group via deep faith in liberty and volitional community service and individual charity. You and I dont have to pollute (or “improve”! take your pick) our bodies in narcotic celebration but our ability to appreciate and cooperate with other humans with a different point of view through shared values that are more important than these extreme differences, actually helps us focus on underlying values, which are more important. The last place I want to live in is a lackluster and weak homogeneous community.

    • Ryan Blevens

      An attitude like that will not be missed…

  • Daniel Durham

    For personal reasons this is by far my most favorite SSR. As an advocate for the legalization of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use, I found this to be a very educational but I’d like to add a little more to the history of marijuana in America.

    At one point in time, the government required farmers to grow at least a quarter acre of marijuana and you could to pay taxes with it up until the 1820’s. In fact, if they didn’t grow cannabis they were fined and thrown in jail. Both George Washington & Thomas Jefferson smoked and grew marijuana on their plantations. The term “legal tender” meant that you were bartering and trading in marijuana. George Washington said “Make the most of the hemp seed, grow it everywhere.”

    One of the major industries that had influence on making marijuana illegal in America was the paper mill industry. Hemp fiber is extremely strong and doesn’t deteriorate like paper made from trees. Paper made from hemp doesn’t involve the sulfuric acid process that wood pulp paper requires. Also, growing hemp doesn’t involve deforestization which would affect the logging industry.

    Marijuana is the second most natural source of pain relief, the number one form of natural pain relief is hashish. The medicinal uses for cannabis are numerous, many of which were covered here in this weeks SSR. There are so many more to be discussed, but since you covered the basics of it I won’t get into detail on them at the moment.

    It was the stamp act of 1937 that made marijuana in America…

    Here’s a link for more detailed information…

    As always… thanks for everything you do.

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…

    PitBull Pappa

  • Joshua Stewart

    Cannabis is not a drug its an herb, and non toxic substance. EVERYONE! even Helmut Kraiss has an Endocanabinoid system. And through the use of cannabis you are stimulating a natural system that is already there, no one has ever died or over dosed from it. people die every day from aspirin lol

    • Son of Liberty

      I think that you gave a good synopsis of the issue, in a cohesive and obviously knowledgeable way.

      I look at the cannabis issue sort of like 9/11… before you take a look at the unbiased facts, it is easy to accept the propaganda at face value. Once you educate yourself on the history and the scientific facts however, it becomes nearly impossible to accept the “official” story.

      If, once presented with the unbiased facts a person still adamantly defends the official story, it is a good indicator that the person is not divorced from their authoritarian education.

      For example, to me, “19 middle eastern men who couldn’t even fly a Cessna spent and their time drinking and going to strip clubs used 2 airplanes to knock down 3 buildings that were designed to withstand impact with airplanes in NYC, and bombed the most well defended building in the world (the Pentagon) with a third plane” is a ridiculous statement. Even if parts of that are true, people accepting that story as 100% fact is something out of a Goebbels wet dream.

      As a former cannabis user I find the various justifications for eliminating this herb from society just as ridiculous. I hope that after this interview, people in our group might consider the possibility that marijuana prohibition is a campaign of the elites. After all, they’ll allow slave drugs like caffeine (helps you worker harder/longer) or tobacco (gives you cancer right about the time that you’re getting ready to stop paying into the system) or alcohol (allows you to drown your depression and put up with the paradigm another day) to be legal. Even if it is abused as a drug, what is the worst that marijuana will do to you? It will make you want to Wake Up and Do Nothing. Same plan that we have to defeat the elites.


  • speedspirit

    When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. (1Corinthians 13:11)

    Medicinal Marijuana ok no problem.

    Tribal Ceremony using Marijuana ok by me.

    Occasional usage ok.

    Growing Hemp definately could help us to have paper,rope,clothing, ect. But recreational drugs used continually overtime is a downward spiral. You dont want it to replace the spiritual experience.

    • AgainstTheGrain

      Very true, I lived the downward spiral. Moderation is key just like anything else.

    • Robert Burke

      Um, I have the most wonderful conversations with my wife and suggest any couple on the ropes to get on a buzz and really talk while the defense mechanism is down. Seriously the best marriage therapy ever. And if it were legal I could grow my own therapy cheap.

  • roy patterson

    this is not related to cannabis, but i wanted to continue the thoughts being kicked around about bug out locations.
    There are people like myself who have not made the commitment of finding/purchasing a bug out location and might be interested in the group retreat.
    There are others, i imagine, that have already established themselves either out of the city/suburbia or have an alternate place to go when it happens. These folks will probably want to wait it out at their own place.
    speedspirit, found a link to a place to a place in WV which looks like a nice property in a good region. however, that would be difficult for me and others to reach when/before/immediately after it happens.
    I like the idea of getting to know each other and bugging out together, but maybe it might be smart to have a larger number of more local bug out locations. Is there interest from people to share their existing retreat with those who live close? Or, are there folks who might want to combine resources on a more local level and acquire a retreat property? I could see this group having multiple retreats all around the country all in communication with one another. from these groups when it is safer to relocate we could buy the state park (or whatever) and make the final move.
    I know that folks here probably don’t want to reveal too much about themselves, but it would be nice to see how many members we have living in different states and we could start planning accordingly.
    Chris, can you make a widjet on the blog where people can reveal there location by state if they want? After we start having these online meetings, we should develop another level of trust and could further this discussion. by the way, I live in central texas. thanks.

    • TU-2000

      I was going to make this exact same suggestion! Although the old stone school house in WV looks like an awesome bugout location, driving 15-20 hours with me and mine during the anger phase of the collapse doesn’t sound like the best idea. It may make more sense to have locations on the East coast, central US and West coast. That would allow everyone to be within a gas tank or two of their bugout location. I would certainly be interested in discussing the pooling of resources with others in my general area. I’m in NE Oklahoma and SE Kansas.

    • Robert Selig

      Pooled resources for a getaway location is a great concept with like minded people. The land needs a water source, good soil, and affordable.I am really looking forward to more discussion on this topic…

    • Thomas Griffing

      I also like the idea of pooling resources.

      I have a 20 acre farm in North / East Texas and wouldn’t mind hosting some like-minded people, but don’t want to be overrun by people I don’t know and with which I may not “resonate”.

      How do we identify one another? In this age of virtual identities, it is difficult to do remotely. Perhaps a display of storable food and supplies?

      Understand: Land + Water does not mean food. It takes seed, time and work as well. Chris mentioned that we should also have supplies of food and I agree.

      Housing would also be an issue. In such times, this type of place would be very popular and I’d like to know who to expect.

      I’d also insist that “guests” not be disruptive and must be willing to contribute.

      Obviously, there are some issues to work out.

      • Thomas Griffing

        Thinking about this further, anybody arriving at a bug out site empty handed would not last long. They would have to bring something of value for this type of situation – and I don’t mean their personal stash of silver. I hope the “city dwellers” understand this.

        It would be better to visit the bug out site and stay there a while to get acquainted with the setup and better assess one’s needs and provisions. I would prefer meeting visitors before the SHTF they show up. If I have met and respect prospective visitors, I will reserve a place for them. Those showing up “out of the blue”, with no provisions and expecting a room and hot meals may be disappointed.

        The European economy seems to be a cascade of problems that will spill over and take down the dollar and there doesn’t seem to be much control over the timing. I’m always thinking far in advance, but it’s better to prepare early than too late.

        • Joshua Stewart

          Great info! its really got me thinking about this bug out location, when SHTF we are a lot safer around people we want to cooperating and resonate with. Maybe we should find a campsite in a couple weeks or months and our group can rent it out and we can all meet in person to see if we all resonate a campground is a great place to start cause its neutral place we all have our space, we can even pot luck the food everyone brings stuff and we bbq talk relax plan ect. get to know each other before SHTF..

    • Allen Halverson

      This discussion about bug out locations comes at just the right time as it is one of my goals to obtain a retreat location sometime in the next year. Being able to pool resources with local like-minded people of the SS report isn’t something I considered but it sounds like a great idea. Maybe this is something that could be discussed in greater detail on the forums? I myself am in Minnesota and hope to buy some land upstate when the right conditions align.

  • AgainstTheGrain

    Perhaps an interactive calandar that whould show date and time of the meeting, and the subject of the meeting. That way if your interested in something particular, throw up a meeting time and subject and people who are interested in that will come…

  • Robert Selig

    Cannabis is the quintessential moon herb which fits right into silver, as it is the metal of the moon. Moon herbs influence the nocturnal, which is why some get a little sleepy, and why it has been used for thousands of years to treat insomnia. The moon also influences our hormones, as the whole female cycle is based on the moon energy of 28 -29 day cycles, and the moon rules the water element and the water element in our body is blood. That is why they say never get surgery on a full moon when most complications happen. The moon controls our emotions when in balance, and if out of balance the word lunatic was derived due to the full moons effect on our psyche. The moon is the great feminine, nurturing, cooling, artistic, energy, this is why we become more sensitive to our emotions when we smoke the moon herb.This is also why some of the great works where performed under the influence of cannabis/ Beatles for just one example. sometimes we get hungry when we smoke as it influences our stomach which is always changing sizes and shapes as the moon dose. Also I said it influences the sex hormones which are moved thru the blood and is one of the great aphrodisiac with its amazing influence on our the sexual hormones, which helps connect us to our lovers when we are in a heart healthy relationship. could go on but hopefully you get the point on the doctrine and signature of the plants and its planetary role is has on consciousness…

  • Brittany Yurkovitch

    I am SO glad this topic is being covered in the SilverShield Report. Like the silver issue, I believe our world would be so much better if marijuana were legalized. It has so many important uses.

    I started a recycled fashion line in college using unwanted clothes and hemp cord to stitch the pieces together. My customers never complain about the clothes falling about because the hemp fibers are so strong. My fashion line is on if you are interested in checking it out.

    I made a dress out of a silver bikini top and silver lovers t shirt especially for you all out there.

    • Marvin Motsenbocker

      Brittany: I really like your dress concept and dresses for two reasons: 1. recycle shirts and bikini tops into something very valuable and 2. use of hemp as a superior wearing twine. I would prefer a SS report on such economic value topic as how to reintroduce hemp into the fabric (pun intended) of society to replace plastic (rope) and to create superior clothing. I wonder how difficult it is to process hemp (using basic machinery) into the type of twine you use and into rope. (what machines are used now in a cottage industry, perhaps can be imported from India, which is a major hemp producer/user?) This, and your downstream use of hemp to recycle and to create clothing is exactly the type of economic value creation that I would love to see this community focus on. I wonder, in a post reset world, your technique of using strong hemp fiber to give old worn out clothes a new life in new form: could be used for other clothing ideas as well as dresses?

      • Son of Liberty

        Also, industrial hemp is a great source of biomass for energy production. Exporting ethanol to an energy starved world full of dead cars would be a great way to maintain a positive balance of trade without have outflows of silver from the community.

        • Silver Shield

          That is really cool about ethonal. I had no idea about that aspect of it.
          Can we grow hemp that is not illegal(no THC) for this purpose?

          • Marvin Motsenbocker

            “Hemp that is not illegal (no THC)” this is an interesting science problem. I just spent a few minutes on this (I hope you find an expert and interview) but observe that: hemp varieties generally have at least 10 times less THC and there is a legal limit in some countries of 0.3% (% weight THC per % weight plant I guess]. Canada allows hemp of <0.3% and some US states allow "research" growing. This raises the issue of creating or finding a lower THC hemp that is unambiguously not-usable by the police state. I bet that there is a bioagronomist somewhere who knows how to do this (and perhaps less THC likely means more fiber). A more interesting problem is how to process the fibers into good stuff like ropes with machines for a cottage industry without having to slave for hours just to make a little bit of rope. For various reasons I suspect that India could supply us with the best/low cost processing machines. In the present paradigm, even if we could get hemp started, I predict that some people would mix garden plots of hemp with high THC plants and thereby invite police to "help us" lose our liberty.

          • Joshua Stewart

            you cant grow it in the USA but Canada has been making bank growing it and selling it to USA, you can have hemp and seed and import it but you cant grow it… one of the main reason it’s illegal is competition is a sin to these guys! once the SHTF or Obama legalizes to get elected, its on…

          • Son of Liberty

            Well, growing industrial hemp is illegal in the US as far as I know… also distilling at home is illegal in the US, making it difficult for individuals to acquire the skills necessary to build and operate a still for personal fuel production. You can get special permits from the ATF to build “experimental” stills, but I think you still have to have a farm to operate it (at least that the way I’ve read it in the US Code).

            I absence however of being able to use hemp if it is illegal, you can still build a distillery to use with other native crops (like cattails, which can also filter sewage without electricity).

            And to inject the obligatory conspiracy theory, here is a synopsis of how John D killed ethanol as an internal combustion fuel in the US:


            In the video that is David Blume… he is a permaculture expert and has experience consulting on establishing community supported energy based on ethanol. Might be a good person to talk to… I think I have an email address for him if you’re interested.

    • Son of Liberty

      I like the dresses a lot – that is a cool idea. The puppy is cute too :)

  • Brittany Yurkovitch

    Thanks for the support guys. I started this fashion project in college. I couldn’t find a job so I made my own doing something I love and even had my dresses featured in a few fashion shows in Florida.

    Now I am teaching AP Economics/Government in Texas and do the fashion on the side. Ideally, I’d like to be an artist full time but unfortunately, that is not practical for me right now. This week I am attending an AP conference and there are some rumblings about AP econ adopting a new textbook written primarily by Paul Krugman. Blah! It is the worst propaganda I have ever seen and is treasonous in my view.

    From what I understand about hemp, the stem fibers are what create the hemp rope material. The marijuana plant can be harvested before the flower (the part you smoke) is able to develop. Also, male marijuana plants can be separated from the female plants and can be allowed to grow. Male plants do not produce the flower part that can be smoked so male plants are ideal for hemp production. I think Canada allows marijuana to be grown for the purpose of creating hemp but the plant must be harvested before the flower develops. There is virtually no THC in the fibrous or leaf part of the marijuana plant (or male plants). It is the flower bud that produces the smokable stuff.

    I really appreciate this site more than anything out there right now. It gives me hope that there is more than doom and gloom out there. I love seeing sincere productive people being awesome and ethical. You guys are AWESOME!

    • Joshua Stewart

      I think you dresses are awesome! Great work! thank you for the info on hemp too very informative. Keep rocking out the art and following your highest excitement!

  • jumbo2012

    Georgia and Florida would be great places to grow hemp all year long.

  • Tybeir

    Great job Chris and Joshua I really enjoyed this one. The last 30 minutes were great you guys really resonate with each other you can hear it in the conversation. I will be glad to have a patch of cannabis or hemp on my farm in the new paradigm. Glad to see more people posting looks like were are turning into a active community this is a good thing 😀

  • Jim

    Another very interesting conversation! I find I am learning a lot with these reports and the comments after. I personally been using hemp powder as a nutritional supplement. It is very high in protein and omega fatty acids. I didn’t realize all the other uses for this plant. It seems almost all of the hemp plant is useful. has a pretty good info about hemp. It has uses in clothing, building materials, food, fuel. pretty amazing. I mean why wouldn’t we use this plant in our community?

    On a different topic. I also look forward to discussing land for a bugout location or retreat. I think I can hunker down where I am for the short term. We need to have a good plan to get wherever we are going. It would be a good idea to plan for this as much as we can before shtf. I’m in Connecticut. Any other members in my area?

  • Daniel Durham

    I live literally just off the south side of Chicago on the Indiana side of the border. I’m very interested in a bug out location as far away from here as possible. Is there anyone else here in the Chicagoland area?

    Keep stack’n… go long & hold strong…


  • speedspirit

    And as far as bugout locations here is a link to where it is best to be during a pole shift. I personally feel that if your going to believe in the Power Elite and what thy have been up to since before Christ then I better believe that the Earth is going to go through some changes in a revolt to human behavior. Everything is energy and the energy emitting from those presently in control and all those they control with their system is the problem. That mass consciousness has consequences. The recent account of animals all over the planet dieing in large numbers is their magnetic pole guidance system malfunctioning. Maps show the poles becoming less organized. Having a bugout in locations where this lady explains is a wise thing to consider. page 54 or 58 for the United states


    Safe Locations

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
    Aug 30, 2004 – Safe Locations. Dialog with the Zetas on the Relative Safety of Locations around the World during and after the Pole Shift. Last Updated August …

  • Hemp’s a wonder plant and it’s nobody else’s business but mine and ‘nature’ if I choose/chose to try and grow some.

    The potential uses are enourmous: fabric for clothes, paper, building blocks, bio-fuel at a proficient i.e. low acreage per output, medicine, animal feed, seeds for consumption by man……………etc

    Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, hemp used as fuel is good for the carbon cycle. Although gases are released the plant also consumes whilst growing. FAR greener than windmills, solar, hydropower etc

    I’ll be growing hemp, in a variety of strains, and i’ll protect them just like any farmer would.

  • Joe Ney

    Can’t wait to live within this community,where weed is not frowned upon.I have grown for years straight so count on me to make it happen.I am also percription drug free and won’t be breaking down mentally caus I don’t have my pills.Kinda something we should know about each other in this community I think.

  • Joe Ney

    what is all this spiritual talk doing in a liberty minded community?Did I just join the wrong group or something?????All this talk of boo hoo there will be drug use in our community,you bet there will be thats what liberty is all about.Go thump your bibles somewhere else.Alot of you do not resonate with me.I am a libertarian and I wan’t to live in a community where I am not preached to,who the hell are you to tell others what they can and can not do in this community.This is a liberty minded place,I’m hearing liberals and neo-cons

  • Brian Kay

    Here’s a video about how Cannabiniods actually destroy caner cells for certain types of cancer:

  • Justin DeArmond

    Cannabis is not a “drug” as the current paradigm defines it. It is medicine plain and simple. If anyone else has seen what cannabis can do then they would never look upon it as some evil demon weed. You must get over the current paradigms definition of what cannabis is. Your own body literally has to have cannabis in it to survive! Your brain has specific recptors in it that attact to THC only, they were literally built to interact with the cannabis plant! (incidently your brain has recptors for opium as well, seems your brain likes natural substances hmmmm…. perhaps they were ment to be used by humans?) I have been around cannabis for my entire life, everyone in my family has used it and most use it on a daily basis. my parents smoked pot every day around me and my brothers and sisters. we turned out fine, better than average perhaps even. I can reccomend multiple documentaries to watch about cannabis, Run from the Cure is a great one as is The American Drug War and How Weed Won the West as well as a slightly off topic one Cocaine Cowboys. Drugs are not the demon evil things that we as americans see them as. Yes some are dangerous and fatal even and probably should not be used, however in a free society who is to say what you can or cannot do. In my view if you want to have fun and know the risks involved and you do not hurt anyone else why shouldnt you be able to use that subatance? Cannabis has literally thousands of uses, the strongest natural fiber, it can literally cure cancer and hundreds of other debilitating illnesses, disease and illness that modern medicine has no answer for and says is impossible to cure can be cured by cannabis. The research is there but often suppressed. Imagine what could be found out if cannabis research was legalized and we spend billions on R&D on it as we do before paxil or prozac or vaccines (all which are harmful if not fatal). In all of recorded history no one has ever died as a result of ingestion of cannabis, it cannot be done. matter of fact a few years back some tried to OD on cannabis, they hooked up a gas mask to a bong and kept it full of pot and supplied the guy with oxygen so he didnt die from lack of it in the gas mask and he went through around 2.5 pounds of pot and finally passed out, no harm to him whatsoever. Cannabis is a life saver. it is good for almost any aliment known to man and because of that and you can grow it in your backyard the pharma companies and law enforcement and prison complex will never let it be legalized.Its more profitable to destroy life then to save it or create it. I grew up very very poor living at the lake in tents and in the homless shelter more than once. my parents used cannabis daily to deal with the shitty situation that our society put them in. My life and the life of my entire family would have been drastically different if cannabis would have been legal before i was born. So many things would have been different, my mother would never have to have taken anti depressents and pain killers my father could have gotten more lucritive jobs due to no urine testing. we would have had more money due to cannabis being very expenisve on the black market, as i said my life would have been drastically different if this plant that grows naturally on this earth were not “illegal” in this country, land of the free indeed. Due to it beein illegal growing up i saw all the hipocracy of government propaganda, what i heard at school from DARE officers and teachers and lectures was the exact opposite from what i saw when i got home from school and back into the real world where every adult in my family used cannabis on a daily basis. When I got older i made sure to learn everything about cannabis, how to grow it what the different strains do and how to cultivate them, legal status and laws concerning cannabis worldwide, the history of cannabis and drug laws in general, how cannabis affects your body and why. All of my research is very personal to me as im also a daily user of cannabis, i broke my back twice once in 04 and again in 09 and had 3 discs removed from my lower back and have a fourth bulging disc so cannabis is a life saver for me. However Im addicted to painkillers due to my horrific injuries and unfortunetly i live in Kansas where cannabis is very very illegal. I have 2 young children and a girlfriend (my family) that i cannot take care of now due to injury, i was told that im totaly disabled and now have to rely on social security disability which i have no illusions of it lasting much longer in this paradigm,im currently having to deal with the medical systems dark side (as is it has a light side) i cannot recieve painkillers anylonger because i refuse to urinate in a cup for my medication which is bullshit! because i use cannabis i cannot recieve medication to which im addicted to!!! if i lived in a state which cannabis was legal i would have never had to use the painkillers in the first place, cannabis is much more potent in certain forms that opiates but in Kansas cannabis is almost unaffordable as it is. I cannot wait until the new paradigm. i want to uese my knowledge to grow cannabis as medicine. I want to grow fields of it so that others can use the most potent best natural medicne on the planet. In the new paradigm that is my hope, my mission, to grow cannabis and distrubute it for free to those who are in need of this life saving plant and to use the whole plant for everything that cannabis can be used for, rope, medicne oil, fuel, you can make gasoline and bio desil from cannabis (wonder why its illegal?) food, the cannabis seeds have the exact amount of every amino acid that yoru body needs for the day (imagine that another bodily function that cannabis has an exact match for, your body was literally built for cannabis)Cannabis is really the miracle plant and i hope to use all my knowledge to fulfil my goal to give cannabis and medicie to all who need or want it! If anyone has any questions about cannabis i can answer virtually any that you may have. please feel free to contact me anyone! and thank you everyone, I just joined the group today and am looking foreward to participating in the new consiousness for the good of all humanity!!

    • Scott Blair

      Hi Justin

      Would love to speak about this subject with you to learn only study a little.
      May I suggest “Stone Age Psychedella” By Chris Everard.
      Know you will just love it.

      Kind Regards Scott

      • Justin DeArmond

        absolutly! i love to teach! im trying to get a cannabis group meeting going for everyone so hopefully you will be part of that. but if you would like to talk more personal here is my very open and open minded so anything is fair game my friend after all arent we all here to love laugh and learn?

  • Justin DeArmond

    Yes cannabis will pull out radiation from the soil, Yes it can heal the land after a nuclear disaster, it will clean the ground around fukushima and chernobyl however the international community will never allow it because cannabis would have the worlds eye for many many months and all the lies about cannabis will go up in smoke so to speak. Again yes it will pull the radiation out of the soil and literally clean the ground of all toxins. best part is that you can have up to 3 crops a year so the ground would be clean in a few years instead of tens or even hundreds of thousands of years. Hmmmm another all natural solution using the worlds most potent medicne to heal the earth as it heals our bodies….as above so below….nice how that all fits in, cannabis is natures medicine for not only you but for Nature herself. It literally heals the Earth of all of mans toxins and pesticides and fertilizers etc….again the international community will never allow this to be until the collapse of human industrial civilization that is.. I cannot wait for that day, a new paridigm indeed!

    • Scott Blair

      Mushrooms too my friend 😉

      • Justin DeArmond

        ha ha looking forward to next weekend for that. my “trip” will be very fulfilling i hope as i use those as medicne too. i use them for inner and outter insight. been waiting for this trip for about 2 years now (hard to find here) but i think that its worth the wait and im supposed to have waited till now., anyway heres looking forward to next weekend!

  • Calvin Niese

    I’m happy to see there are unbrainwashed minds in this group about this subject. As I’ve grown up in this paradigm and went to college I have seen these types of things being abused and they can ruin lives, I would rather somebody reach the bottom of their life from marijuana than alcohal or any other substance because they are not hurting their body (unless if they like Mcdonalds or Taco Bell after consuming ha). They’re are so many effective uses of cannibus that aren’t known out there including sleeping aid, hangover cure, annorexia, headache cure, pain medication, cancer fighter, and allergies, among about a million other positives.
    Can’t wait to get through this anger phase and live and prosper in a trully Free Society! We can consume this after the hard phase and look forward to the bright future we all have. I would recomend getting or storing seeds if your serious on getting ready for first aid during the anger phase also. It trully is a wonder plant that can save lives.

  • Wahr Heit

    Should read Jack Herer’s book, also. Hemp is very American. It makes better cloth, fuel, building material and medicine.

    As far as fears of smoking carcinogens goes, 2 words: vaporizer, brownies.

    All these experiments about lung cancer completely ignore the fact that a lot of chronic marijuana smokers also smoke tobacco, which has a strong affinity for soil carcinogens that get deposited in the lungs.

    Hemp is going to be part of this American Renaissance, just like it was in the Revolution when it composed the sails of the Continental Navy, was used for barter and a draft of the Declaration of Independence was written on it.

    It is such an amazing plant that the volume of disinformation heaped up on it is quite understandable.

  • Ray

    Thank you to Chris as always and all the great resources. I currently live in Colorado where they’ve recently passed Amendment 64 to legalize and mandate industrial use of hemp. I anticipate I will be reaching out very soon. For those of you who want a great read about Cannabis – “Too High to Fail” by Doug Fine is brilliant and references many of the sources above. Thanks again!

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