What # is your country on?

1. A nation rises to greatness and becomes wealthy based on sound principles and the hard work of initial generations.

2. Eventually, being wealthy becomes the natural expectation… an entitlement, rather than a goal to work hard for and achieve.

3. A nation begins living beyond its means to maintain the high life without the hard work, leveraging its credibility to trade tomorrow’s production for today’s consumption.

4. Living beyond its means eventually becomes unsustainable. Government begins to slowly, then staggeringly, devalue its currency.

5. The market (i.e. people) finally wake up to the fraud being perpetrated.

6. Financial repression usually follows– high taxes which steal from the productive, negative real interest rates which steal from the savers, etc.

7. Capital flight comes next. People take their money and run.

8. Governments implement capital controls, border controls, price and wage controls, and anything else they can do to maintain the status quo. People find out who the police are really there to protect and serve.

9. Capitulation (default) is the endgame; the system resets itself and begins anew.


I got this list from an email I received from Sovereign Man.  I’m going to add # 6.5.  They take away your means of self defense (guns, ammunition, knives, etc…).  What they cannot take away is your hands.  Do you know how to fight with your hands?  Check out http://www.1lessonselfdefense.com for a quick overview on the difference between a technique based self defense system and my “Target Based” self defense system.  Or check out a new site I’m working on for woman called RAPE PROOF:  How to Defeat a Rapist and Survive a Violent Attack (Self Defense for Women Only) at http://www.RAPEPROOF.com

Thanks for reading, Coach David Alexander (Self Defense Expert)

4 comments to What # is your country on?

  • Silver Eagle

    I’ll choose to NOT relinquish my weapon unless it has been emptied then I’ll deliver it in a swinging club like fashion. Because if 6.5 arrives I know we are truly slaves, since slaves don’t own weapons and I would rather die free than live as a slave.

  • Coach David

    Silver Eagle, who do you think will come and take your guns? Will it be the local cop that you see at the coffee shop in the morning? Are you willing to shoot him dead and the 10 other guys that come with him? Tough questions. What do you think?

  • Silver Eagle

    If you aren’t prepared to use them against thug or tyrant(or agent of) when your life and liberty are at stake(i.e. Indiana’s new law,then why have them now? “huntin’ squirrels and such” with an AR, or shooting at nice round targets, seems a waste of time and a waste of squirrels, does it not? Why not voluntarily hand them over now? Why wait til they come to take them, load them up and delivery to the local sheriffs office? If you ( you in the general sense) have no plans to use them to defend your liberty, I say your are an irresponsible patriot with a nice gun to show your friends. Your point is understood, but they don’t have the numbers to confiscate weapons. Something about blood of patriots and tyrants rings a bell here. It will be a bloody mess and they know it. It is their one problem they have yet to figure out. I think part of the process of preparing is setting your mind on the line you are willing to die on. If you allow them to take your weapons, why would you want to continue to be a slave in those conditions? Capitulating to a #6.5 down the road is surrender so save them the gas, bullets and relinquish your weapon now.

  • Coach David

    Great response. Thank you, Coach David

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