Silver Shield Report #38- Important Member Update

Here is a quick 20 minute update on all of the moving pieces I see and how to best position ourselves in the coming weeks.

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29 comments to Silver Shield Report #38- Important Member Update

  • Joshua Stewart

    great! thanks for the update! making a big buy today, calling my pops to do the same!!! Thanks Chris!

  • Mary Dougherty

    This is the last great takedown of silver in our lifetime. You know that things are extremely bad behind the scenes for the takedown to last so long and be so severe. I’m ready to bug out NOW!!! (I’m also making my last large silver purchase between now and the end of next week)

    The people around me are still asleep and I mean really distracted with the nonsense on TV, sports, facebook, etc. I tried to explain what’s going on to my 87 year old father-in-law the day that JPM came out with the 2 billion $ loss. I thought he was going to punch me in the face for my take on the situation since he just purchased JPM stock. I’m done voicing my take on what’s going on and the crash that’s coming. I’ve done my best to educate my young adult children….they get it and they don’t. Cash is still king to them.

    Since I’m in a suburb of NYC I am VERY concerned about the coming chaos and Chris and I have spoken about it. My husband is a dentist so it’s not that easy to pick up and relocate but when we see the imminent warning signals…we are walking (running) away. Hopefully to our new community. Let’s get this figured out soon.

  • Joshua Stewart

    Mary, I feel very similar to you, except me and my wife are on the other side of country in LA. I feel it will get very bad here and I also feel a little stuck I own my company here and my wife has an amazing job she loves too. Me and my Dad are trying to buy some land in Northern CA but till that happens or we find a bug out location I feel like a sitting duck! I want to sell the TV and buy silver with it but I think my wife would kill me she still loves the Cooking Channel.

  • Mary Dougherty

    I have a brother that gets it but doesn’t really believe it. I’ll explain what I mean. He purchased 2 monster boxes of silver 4 or 5 months ago on my recommendation after lot’s of educating, forwarding e-mails and news events as well as videos from this website and others. When the silver price dropped a few dollars he sold it back for a loss. I begged him to just hold it but he was unsure of the value of holding metal. Then he bought Facebook at the IPO price and his order didn’t get filled until the $42 level. Now he’s lost 1/2 of his paper investment.
    I cannot waste my energy on anyone but my immediate family at this point. At least my husband is finally getting it. He won’t talk about it (he’s kind of turned a blind eye…doesn”t want to be responsible if I’m wrong)
    but he’s let me liquidate accounts, buy silver, store food, ammo, cash and he even got his firearms ID card. We have next to nothing in the banking system at this point. I feel relieved and yet anxious about how this will all play out. I’m paying very close attention to global macro events. Now I watch and wait.

  • Time to pay close attention. I am looking forward to the new virtual meetings and the direction in the recent SSR thinking.

    • Kyle Williams

      I’m looking forward to the virtual meetings also. It seems like I hardly have anyone to talk to about the importance of buying silver and the state of the economy. I mean, my parents, best friends, and girlfriend listen to me about this subject, yet they are still deep in the denial phase although they claim to listen. As an underemployed 23 y/o millenial, I see the Silver Shield Report as an oasis and bastion of information that I can sink my teeth into and prepare for. I wish I was making better money, and I did have a better start, yet I want to contribute as much as I can to help make the new paradigm better. I may not be an expert in anything, but I would like to do my best to participate.

  • Daniel Durham

    Hey Chris, I caught this video over at today and wanted to share it with everyone… I find it laughable…

    Here’s a link to the comment page and what I had to say about it…

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


    • Silver Shield

      Yeah I saw it too.

      There are frustrated people out there and this is a good way for them to get attention.

  • Daniel Durham

    Here’s links to a couple more compelling articles to support what you’ve been saying all along for everyone to read…

    A quote from the article…

    “That is why it is best to buy PHYSICAL NOW and not try to time the market. Because, you may have more FIAT MONEY to buy gold and silver, but it may come at a time when there is NO OFFER for anyone holding FIAT.”

    Another good article link…

    A quotes from the article…

    “Silver is currently preferable to gold for a variety of reasons. One of the most compelling is the price to supply ratio. The current supply of investment grade silver is 1 billion ounces versus 5 billion ounces for gold, while the ratio of metal in the ground is below 20 to 1.”

    “Another factor is that silver is actually a more strategic and necessary commodity than ever. Its growing use in electronics, health applications and solar power production assure strong industrial demand for years to come.”

    I post these just to reiterate what you’ve been saying all along… One day silver will not be available for ANY amount of fiat and that the growing demand for silvers industrial uses as well as increasing investment demand will outstrip it’s availability.

    I love this community and what it is evolving into!!!

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


  • nloquecido

    Chris, I was just listening to SSR 35, about to listen to #38. I know you have mentioned equitable interest in the community quite a bit.. and it is probably a lifetime of equating things like that to communism; I have a hard time seeing if things will also be based on incentive at all? I am a firm believer in Capitalism, but in the form that it is/was intended. Truly free markets, which I don’t feel exist right now.

    Should I be picturing a community where people choose trades or jobs where they are paid according to productivity and the laws of supplies and demand, and people build businesses that can do anything from failure to massive financial success… or something a bit more “shared” by all? Thanks.

    • Silver Shield

      What I am envisioning is a truly free society and voluntary cooperation.
      I dig into equitable ownership and competitive currencies over 3 Reports.
      This is just the scratching the surface and we will be able to ferret out the ideas that are most fair and just in our growing community.

      • Marvin Motsenbocker

        Amen to that: “ferret out the ideas that are most fair ….” nloquecido, Chris pointed out rightly that we need to get non-attorneys involved in setting up the contractual relationships and not rely on those with legal training (although attorneys can act as good scribes). From your comments it is clear that you have good ideas and are needed to help structure our community shield (against the outside world) and our individual shields (contracts and customs that maintain individual liberty within the group). We have so many exciting things to talk about, and need to include child care, education, and old person care. The group likely will more highly value contributions each makes towards the child care, education and care of elderly compared to the present paradigm that has only one currency that values such things at lower level compared to the psycopath led organizations that are running amuck. I think that Chris has new ideas regarding currencies for these things and I look forward to your ideas.

  • Janet Podojil

    heck of a B’day present for me! End Of Sept? B’day is the 27th. guess i’ll buy some more silver now for my present. also looking into free lakota bank.

  • Christopher Kroneberger

    Glad I took the leap and got a membership, great information! I just went and sunk a good chunk of what money I could into physical silver.

  • Christopher Kroneberger

    Chris, what is your take on 1/10th ounce rounds vs constitutional silver? I was thinking of getting 10 ounces in just these alone, but if constitutional silver is a better investment I would like to know.

    • Silver Shield

      Do the math between 1/10th ounce rounds and CS.
      CS always wins.

      • Christopher Kroneberger

        I only have around 350 dollars left to put towards silver right now and it seems that CS is the better deal in bulk purchases. I am still new to this so forgive my ignorance. Maybe there was something that I am over looking…

  • Brittany Yurkovitch

    I just participated in an AP Economics concert and got some people talking. Most are Keynesian apologists. I am so glad to have you all here.

  • Joshua Stewart

    I bought a ton of CS and Canadian Moose 1oz today! the lower it goes I will just keep liquidating accounts! …. are you a hoarder if its silver? lol! another thing I like about CS is it can never go lower than face value… how low will it go?!!

  • FiatFlatline

    Good advice in this video, Chris. I bought some more physical silver today, even though I believe deflation may (illogically) cause spot silver to drop even further during the next few months. No one can pick the multi-year bottom, but I think we are not far from it.

    At the end of your piece, you said “We’ll talk to you on Sunday.” What is happening on Sunday? Did I miss some announcement?



    • Silver Shield

      The next ?final? Silver Shield Report…
      We are moving forward with the virtual meeting instead of lil ole me talking.

  • speedspirit

    USD chart looks VERY bullish Silver probally heading lower. Just another buying opportunity ahead.

  • john genck

    Bought 640 ounces on apmex today at $26.93 plus spot. Right after I bought the briefcase, they rasied the over spot $.20. Can’t wait to get them.

  • Jeff Stein

    FRNs are tight right now for me, but I can’t pass up on this opportunity =)

  • lizcor68

    I went out urban mining today and found $50 FV in ’64 quarters and 2 1987 eagles for $100 (I even told the young lady selling it from the Grandparents estate she should keep it, NAHH I’m taking a cruise from the proceeds of the sale.) I tried. Than stopped at the local shop and bought more cs. Making a deal Monday to trade off all of my urban mined gold jewelry for cs.

    Buy all you can while the crooks have it supressed.

  • Joshua Stewart

    Urban Mining F*ck yea!!! love it you just inspired me to go on a urban mining adventure!!! Love this community!

    • Tybeir

      I get my CS from a local flea mall think out door market guy sells rolls of pre 64 dimes for spot most days. When dealing withh coin guys (like in other matters) I have found it pays to be loyal to just one dealer build a relationship and wait for the prices to drop. Out of cash now but I bought 5 rolls cs dimes at 28$ a few weeks ago that pushed me over 100 oz total not bad for a 1 income home on 13 frn’s an hour 😀

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