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  • Silver ScumbAG - Canada

    Americans are devils. They want growth, ie, more exports but refuse to allow countries to become wealthy via true wealth.

    1) Most of the worthless US dollars are held by banks and institutions outside of the US.

    2) I cannot think of anything better to help the world’s poor than a surge in the price in precious metals given that most of the world’s pms are outside of the US and Europe.

    3) How disgusting and cruel the American govt is for suppressing the price of silver and gold. Elements that are mostly mined outside of America. How dare you keep the world’s poor living horrible lives so you can use their females at the Hotel Caribe in Cartagena, Colombia as did your illustrious SecretService.

  • Fred Hayek

    I hope the previous commenter would please differentiate between americans and the american government. I’m an american but I’m not my government. I doubt that he considers himself to be the canadian government.

    • Silver ScumbAG - Canada

      I have seen too many Americans travelling to differ. But I will take your words into account in the future.

      Chris says that Zionists are the new Nazis. I do not see anybody differentiating on this site.

  • As they say colloquially round these parts – ‘class’ vid.

    The mainstream media over here tries to inform the public that gold’s in a bubble LOL. That type of interview simply wouldn’t get on Brit news.

    • Mark

      Gold? Brit News? When did this happen? Ohhhh, we can’t have that now Gareth. When Gold is north of $2500, we’ll be told how great Gilts are and it’s the ‘new property bubble’

      Long time no hear Sir :-)

  • larry

    I would like to add most governments are now controlled by others behind the scenes that dictate how to keep us as slaves and take our wealth.Be it Canada o rUSA or Australia I would think the very ,very,rich as in position to reduce population and take our energy away. So the devils are hiding behind governments and in turn just fictions that we have the ability to throw out if we really chose to. Here is a hint,we call ourselves good corporate citizens and are part of the system they control. but if you truly know who you are and claim yourselves a man and not your slave name you can certainly hold more power over these fictions. Do diligence on your part and wake up.

  • Sharky

    Nothing of any relevance at all gets on Brit news!!

    I literally can’t watch BBC,ITV, Channel 4 , Sky news, channel 5 news

    They are all completely propaganda barely scratch the surface crap

    RT And Press. TV are the only two channels worth watching period,

  • Nathan

    There’s something about the bow-tie, and a willingness to utter truth. Jim Grant. Jim Rogers. Whoever that guy was.

  • AS


    Congrats! Absolutely your most concise and significant video I’ve seen to date. Your captions/explanations which dovetailed with the commentators remarks instantly revealed the lies continually pumped by agents of the PTB. Who is the guy in the bow tie asking these remarkable questions AND on the Kudlow Report of all places? If he was a guest host for Larry, the biggest pumper of all, I guarantee he won’t be back. Even Mathisen’s remarks were reality-based. Refreshing to see such straight-forward questions from MSM and honest answers from, at least, one guest. Iurio is a corporate pimp. Kudos!!

  • Archangel

    ahhh, truth. Exactly why I came to this site.

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