SBSS 44. Future Silver Legal Tender

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  • John George

    I like your point about not being so rigid on your plans going forward. But being willing to adjust depending on how things play out.

  • There is a group in Mo. called open source ecology that already is working on a post apocolyptic design for the future,combine4d with wikispespeed they have some truly interesting may have found a potential Gaults gulch ready made. Wish I could go, but at 74 cant make moves to the out back. Best of luck, start a new paradigm. mike

  • Claymore

    Hi! I have a simple question. Why not Gold instead of Silver? Why not Platinum?

    Also, I notice that you do not favour the option of buying land for food production. I favour that option simply because, if people are hungry, it is not silver that is going to feed them. Food is something required by all human beings when enduring long starvation periods, by which during that time, silver or gold is nothing but metal. If food supplies are short, no rational person would even think in selling them.
    I trully believe that a silver or gold can be used as a currency but not for a long time…

    Analize this simple math of gold (as of 2009)
    divided by (aprox.) persons in world (as of 2010)
    equals about
    23,5g of gold per person -> which is about aprox. 2,93 gold coins per person (8g each)

    How is it possible to have an economy with such low amount of gold? Also, gold as not been mined at the same velocity as the population growth…

    Since Gold (or Silver) cannot be indefinitely dividable and since there’s a limited amount of Gold and Silver in the world, with the industry consuming gold and silver and also people using them as currencies, these precious metals would become so valuable, that with a gold or silver coin, you could be able to buy a house but not be able to buy 1Kg of rice without loosing purchase power…

    I think that for this problem, Bitcoins might be the answer since they are truly decentralized and are capable of being indefinitely dividable.

    PS: I just discovered this blog and is now on my Google Reader list :)

  • JerryMatt

    Really enjoyed video, very imformative esp. about building a small community. I have been hoping to do this for all my friends and family and any like minded person. I have scouted out secluded mountain property in and around West Jefferson N.C. A great place to be able to live off the grid if need be,high elevation with valleys or hollows, plenty of fresh delicious clean spring and mountain water, plenty of wildlife from deer to turkeys.

  • JayInKett

    In the map provided by Chris showing the 13 states that have proposed or adopted precious metal legal tender laws, I notice that 8 of them are contiguous, with Missouri as the geographic fulcrum. Idaho would expand this contiguous region into the Pacific northwest.

    Just an observation.

    As a thought exercise, consider: As the dollar-debt paradigm collapses, other states will jump on the precious metal bandwagon. Which state or group of states will be the last to look to silver/gold as legal money?

    • Silver Shield

      Did you also notice that it is the opposite of the heavily populated areas… The silver belt of America.

  • John

    Hello All,

    The graphic, in Chris’ video’s, with all the facts and figures etc. For example @ 1:45 in SBSS 44. Can anyone point me to where I can find it, please ? It looks interesting but I can’t see enough of it on the video’s.

    Many thanks,

  • Ant

    Washington has no property tax (what other states have no property tax?). The Western states are not down wind of as many big power properties. When things go bad the third biggest fear I have is failing power plants (something you cannot control or protect yourself from).

  • Raul Pevere

    How about buying silver now (while its cheap) and borrowing against it then buy a hotel or income producing producing property? Or wait for the hotel to drop in price? any ideas…

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