SBSS 43. The Devil Is In The Details

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  • John George

    Great work on this video Chris. One of your best yet.

  • marz

    After all those videos I´m still amazed at your ability to explain these matters. You are so right. It´s crucial to think in terms other than paper/plastic dollars (or go back to the original sense of the word, which is silver).
    I saw that you included permaculture in the next paradigm, something I was expecting, since I´ve been studying it for some time. I made a connection between silver and permaculture as soon as I discovered them, which caused some arguing with the permaculture people near me, just like you say at 6:53.

  • Ant

    Chris, You keep getting better.

  • speedspirit

    Chris, your SBSS videos keep me focused and grounded on my objectives. Thank you. Everyday I am preparing and yet all around me life goes on hoping these wonderful Govt men will come up with solutions. This video you touched on all the options that I have also thought about and saw that those options were not giving me the warm fussies. Zeigeist made a great video except the part about Christ so they got the axe,ect,ect. Now when you dig thru all the information out there about who the Elite are and where they came from it doesnt really matter except the information gives you clues about where we are headed. But how long it will take is the BIG question. That to doesnt seem to matter as long as we take everyday to get better prepared. My point is sometimes the more I prepare the more I feel unprepared. So looking forward to the next phase of the Silver shield reports.

  • Mark Khusid

    I saw the Thrive video and what struck me as interesting were the crop circles, which for some reason most of which end up in England and Mexico. The shapes of the crop circles are extremely complicated mathematical forms that would require some type of precisely controlled hovercraft or drone to produce. The fact that there are no footsteps, tracks or missed shapes is also very puzzling. But as one of my idols said, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” –Carl Sagan.

    Unless I see a spacecraft carving out a crop circle, I am not buying it. Being scientifically trained, it is also extremely unlikely that so called “free energy” generators exist. With these devices, there is always more energy input than what comes out.

    • speedspirit

      Sorry Marc but Free energy devices do work because exsiting scientific therory does not take into effect concepts and Laws that the scientific community hasnt accepted yet. Its just like when scientist thought the world was flat. Or that we could not make machines fly. Here is a lonk to a great book on the subject.

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