From Great Depression To Billionaire

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  • Mayer Rothschild

    Soo- who is the third party that ‘holds’ that physical silver. The bank is going to want to have that right? I think that this is a great idea, just need more infor on how to do it.

  • Mayer Rothschild

    I see. I would even like to be a part of that, and I do have sufficient physical equity, intelligence, truth knowledge. (

  • Mustafa Cohen

    Could anyone please explain this slowly in layman’s terms, as if talking to a retarded baby? Because this is how I feel.

    – What is remarkable in this story?
    – What prevents anyone from borrowing, investing, defaulting, engaging in litigation, etc – today?
    – And more importantly: how is this man’s example relevant to the future that Chris urges people to prepare for?

    • Silver Shield

      It shows how a successful man went broke by not seeing the trends and a collapsing economy…
      The amazing deals one can find at the bottom of said collapse…
      How to create opportunities in the collapse…
      How to build one of the largest private wealth ever accumulated.
      How we do not have to lose everything before this collapse.
      How we can leverage our network and assets into creating wealth.
      Later I will show how this will fund an opposite consciousness community NOT based off of debt and death with tax free land, usury free loans and equity investing.
      More to come.

  • joe barr

    Great stuff
    How interesting would it be to borrow with silver as a collateral anyway, should the loan rates rise to 15-20% like in 1980 ?

  • Rick

    Will there be free toasters?

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