It’s Just Another Day In Ben Bernanke’s Neighborhood-“Ranting” Andy Hoffman–25.June.2012 presents

“Ranting” Andy believes that the days of unfettered money printing and Quantitative Easing to Infinity are rapidly coming to an end. And it’s not because the central banks are unwilling to deliver unlimited amounts of freshly minted currency units, but rather that these actions have become less effective. When the Fed or the Plunge Protection Team prop up the Dow, their actions now last for a day or less. Their ability to affect markets and outcomes is diminishing. However, don’t believe they’re going to go out with just a whimper. As they get more and more desperate, their actions will too. And that’s the giveaway that the end is near. But until then, treat them as you would a wild animal that’s been cornered-a threat until it’s been caged or eliminated.

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  • rICK mOSS

    Typically our practice is to pick a word or phrase and simply repeat the sound over and over. It’s like watching a pendulum swing back and forth while undergoing hypnosis, thus meditation is a type of hypnosis. Anything can be used as the swinging pendulum. Shamanism uses the beating of drums, Buddhism the rhythm of breathing, as religion uses prayer.

    Many teachers give sounds that are actual names of spirits. Because of western objections their now called “Spirit Guides,” or “The Collective Consciousness” but the secret remains unchanged. Proof is found visiting places like India where you may see your Sound written on a shopkeeper’s wall for the purpose of receiving protection from that spirit. Meditation is therefore calling on spirits BY NAME. These creatures come into our minds during meditation and take control of our world through us. Cultures around the world have various techniques for using humans as a medium.

    From the everyday thinking state of consciousness, without effort, our mind settles into the highly alert state of pure awareness. No doubt same as the hypnotized state of mind. We are focused on anything until we enter the hypnotic state of pure awareness. At this point all thoughts have ceased. Even repeating has stopped. The mental pendulum has served its purpose. The mind is now empty, void of all individual thoughts and open to ANY suggestion. Our intellectual powers, our ability to discern and make decisions based on reason, have been switched off. Someone or something else now gains control…

    “What if a technique is used that does not access a spirit by name? Perhaps my ‘collective-consciousness’ or society gains control.” Since all forms of the practice stop human thinking, any spirit close by or most in tune with that individuals’ mind is most likely to gain control when a neutral wave is used.

    After summoning a god through meditation, we now begin a 2nd more powerful technique. A word or phrase of action is next employed in the presence of the summoned spirit(s) requesting performance of that action in our behalf. Commonly used Sutras are: Show Compassion, Lord Deliver Us, Grant Me Wealth, and Peace on Earth. With meditation, a series of requests sometimes at regular intervals are made in the presence of the summoned god(s). In effect we timidly start begging ET to fulfill our desires. Since these requests remain largely unfulfilled even after centuries of chanting them, we should by now realize, they are simply making fools of us.

    Perhaps there is a way to finally place humans in control and begin changing this violent planet they have created…

    Rather than helping them manipulate our minds, try the opposite of meditation and free our minds. Instead of timidly asking them for something, why not tell them to discontinue their activities in our world. First summon the spirits by calling their names same as before, or summon more powerful beings such as:

    Satan, Shiva, Baal, Allah, Jehovah, Great Spirit, Buddha, Azazel, Yahweh, Jabulon, or use any name already activated into your community by TV or meditators, then say…

    “that name here” remain in Hell completing payment for your crimes.*seeFootnote.

    Then begin the more powerful 2nd technique by chanting any of the following Sutras…

    Spirits of corruption – leave.
    Entities of torture remain in Hades.
    Martial Arts, suffer for violence.
    Liars & cheats – disgraced.
    Spirits of Human Trafficking – Gone.
    Gods of Abuse – Exposed & Humiliated
    Entities of child abuse and alien abduction – complete payment for your crimes in Hell.
    Entities of rape and prostitution – gone from the surface of the Earth.
    Satanism & Wicca – gone from power.

    Then replace them with the following. Or make your own commands:

    Honesty & Truth – Rule the World.
    Virtue & Chastity – Exulted.
    Human Trafficking & torture gone from existence
    Principles and Morality – Dominate.
    Family values – Exalted.
    Sex before marriage – humiliated.
    Sex only in Marriage.
    Corrupt Politicians – suffer in Hell. Torture gone from existence.

    Because these Sounds work in reverse of traditional meditation, they can finally remove alien world domination – a plague controlling the Earth since Eden. Also bring into existence a New Age of Mans-Rule – Free at last after torture and violence under spirit rulership.

    Now understood, meditation should no longer be called magic but science, actually a super-technology operated from within the human mind. We do not have all the technical knowledge they are using, but we now have a basic understanding. We know enough to make anyone of good will renounce tradition and begin something new as explained above – liberating our minds at last.

    A Sincere Reply from a Meditator.

    “Thank you for your letter… Here is my advice… You must take a bite in order to understand what a banana is like. You must taste it! Right? If you want to know something about meditation, come to a Zen Center and try! Then if you have a question, there will be a teacher who may… give you an answer. Just try!” No one or group is manipulating anyone.

    My Reply to Meditators:

    A banana can taste better than anything experienced in our entire life, but may still be poisonous. We are foolish to determine the value of something by consuming it. To determine meditations’ true value, you must reverse yourself from the practice NOW as outlined above, then take an objective view.

    Concerning not being able to manipulate someone against their will; a person will deny he was hypnotized even in front of people that saw him hypnotized! He could be standing on a table from a post hypnotic suggestion dressed like a turkey, brought back to the normal state of consciousness and have no idea how he got on the table as a turkey. Humiliating! Thus Zen teachers or any other variation are the least likely to provide accurate answers about what is happening to their minds and our planet.

    An Enlightened Reply – Generates ET abductions around the World:

    “If ANYONE stretches his arms out wide he or she will be able to touch… some person, or more likely… persons, who are [victimized by ET contact which follows meditation]. I too know of one… who is now in a mental institution; of another who is heavily into drugs and alcohol; of another that has attempted suicide; plus one more who has seriously considered suicide.”

    *Footnote: Only physical bodies feel pain. Hell is a place of torment not torture.

    The Stargat

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