After the “acceptance stage”

My cousins from N.Y, whom I grew up with as a child, recently came to visit me to buy fireworks on the cheap here in Pennsylvania.

Well, after I had finished going through a long drawn out “bargaining” and “depression” stage in October of last year, I was on my way to the “acceptance” stage. I’ve rid myself of using facebook; shunned the toxic people in my life; voluntarily quit a stressful and demoralizing job (despite not having another job “lined up” for me in such a scary economic environment. Trust me, I was nervous. I was shitting myself), and have put myself on the journey to leading a physically, mentally, and spiritually healthier life.

So you’re probably wondering, “um, that’s nice and all but why are you telling me this?”

I’ll tell you why. (And this is for those of you who are still in the “depression stage” as much as it is for those in the final and last stage of awakening — the acceptance stage.)

When I was in my bargaining stage, I would shout and scream to the top of my lungs. I would constantly post articles on facebook about big brother this! Big brother that! For about a year non-stop. And then, BAM! I was gone… like the dying heart beat of a JP Morgan banker. Oh wait, nvm, JPM bankers don’t have a heart.

Since those days, my cousin has not seen or heard of me. And now that he’s had the chance to see who I am now, today, in the present, he is ready to listen. And he reached out to me. And do you know with what action I met his reaching to me?? With open arms, understanding, and compassion.

So remember guys, for those of you that are still in the “depression” stage, keep pushing forward. Don’t stay stuck. I know it’s hard. I know it’s tough. But it’s a necessary step. Success does not come without a price. The best way to come out of the “depression stage” is by watching the Sons of Liberty Academy.

And for those of you who have made it to the final stage of awakening, hats off to you all. You’ve made it :) So glad to see that. Now is your time to shine. But you must do it with compassion, love, and understanding; and never with the the arrogant attitude of “I told you so!”

You must merely walk the path, once they notice that fire in your eyes, they will walk with you.

“All know the way; few actually walk it” ~ Bodhidharma

10 comments to After the “acceptance stage”

  • 4Liberty

    Irving, nice piece . My wife and I met you at the the first meeting with Chris in Ohio. We too are in Pa. What part of Pa are you in? In case the SHTF I want to be with like minded patriots. Maybe we could get together in future to discuss the future . I know Patriot Deb is also in Pa.

    • Irving14941

      Hey man! Good to hear that. I know if we met, I’d remember you. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

      My e-mail should appear when I reply to your comment (you’ll get an e-mail notification). But if you don’t, be sure to comment back here and I’ll get in contact with you.

      • 4Liberty

        Irving we are in Harrisburg. Maybe we can reach out to some others from Pa and pick as central a location as possible and meet for lunch or dinner?? Cabelas ?

        • Irving14941

          Did you get my e-mail? I responded directly to your comment when WordPress (the host of this blog) notified me of your comment and showed me your direct e-mail.

          I’m thinking about planning a meeting with all the SSR members (and any other non-SSR members who wanna come along) here in P.A.

    • Irving14941

      Oh and I almost forgot, I’m in Bethlehem.

  • Heward

    I’m in PA too, south central. Glad to see other aware individuals in the state.

  • Silver Eagle

    Damn Yankees! :) Just Kiddin’

    • Irving14941

      ahahaha 😀

      You know what, though. I’ve noticed that 9 out of 10 times, anyone who’s from the South or the West, I absolutely have a good laugh and connect with them.

      Can’t say the same thing about the people up here in N.Y, P.A, N.J, VA, and West Virginia.

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