Stay Out Of Debt, Stay Out Of Bankruptcy-Danielle Park–26.Jun.12 presents

Danielle Park of fame was with us to talk about the end of money printing throughout the world. She believes the world’s central banks are coming to their senses and the overspending and overprinting will soon be over. My personal opinion is never count on a politician to do the right thing, especially when votes and re-election are hanging in the balance. It would be a wonderful thing if just this once, sanity prevailed over politics. It might be a first, but stranger things have happened, as when the New York Mets beat the Baltimore Orioles in the 1969 World Series. While I believe that my position is the more likely, I will defer to Danielle with the proviso that I want to see proof of this event when it happens.

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2 comments to Stay Out Of Debt, Stay Out Of Bankruptcy-Danielle Park–26.Jun.12

  • Scales903

    I respect Danielle, but her opinion his solely dependent on the continuation of the current paradigm along with the pipe dream that governments will all of a sudden do something that they’ve never done over the entire course of modern history…make logical and tough decisions! There are multiple times during this interview where I believe Kerry had to bite his tongue to prevent from telling Danielle that her theories were absurd! Good interview none-the-less.

  • Travis

    I agree about biting his tongue part. She brought up the point how global warming is real and we should buy electric cars and he answered quite well but I could tell he wanted to say BS!

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