SBSS 47. The Ultimate Exit Strategy

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  • michael

    I have been a fan of Chris Duane’s work for some time but these last videos are strikes a dissonant note. The original theme of decentralized intellectual revolution is the key.

    The Exit Strategy contradicts the body of work thus far in several respects. For example: to leverage ones silver to purchase cheap assets after a collapse.

    Firstly, the obvious issue that real credit (acceptable for purchasing real assets) will be nearly impossible to obtain in a collapse scenario (If a bank/other entity has acceptable $10 mill/10mill yuan/whatever to loan you and every other stacker, there is no collapse by definition).

    And what currency will the lender lend you? Well …it sounds like fiat…if the lender has hard currency silver/gold that entity/person will simply purchase the income assets themselves and make their money back in one year as demonstrated in the Hilton hotel example.

    And If it IS fiat…what are the ethics of (trying) to foist that on someone else (greater fool theory) in exchange for hard income assets? Does that resonate with you? Or will they even sell it to you, or demand your silver? Why would they sell for worthless currency when it would be common knowledge at that point that fiat is worthless? If the asset is cheap relative to real income, why sell? These questions are unanswered.

    On the taxation issue, if you are worried about a 95% windfall tax on sale of silver, meaning there is an operational government with the power to enforce, are you not concerned they will outlaw lending against silver/gold? Was FDR’s idea to get out of Depression to let everyone get a credit line on the basis of their gold, or did he confiscate and devalue? Btw if there is a 95%+ tax on gold/silver profits then the New Paradigm has not arrived yet, it will be an intermediate stage, and you need to continue to HOLD precious metals.

    More disturbingly, Chris is largely “shutting the door to the Ark” to concentrate on the chosen (paid subscriber?) few. How can you abandon trying to unlock minds? In any event it is and interesting notion that 30,000 people will be allowed to thrive while 6 bill sit around watching them and starving and otherwise perish. The key is to work towards no one perishing (or as little as possible). Work for the night is coming when no man can reap…but dont bail out at 2pm.

    Ultimately, the exit strategy is nothing novel or new. It is what the Elite of the world have done over thousands of years. We know how the story ends… someone gets greedy and tries to borrow more than the gold/silver he has to back it up in order to buy more assets. Congratulations you are now elite, but don’t you dare say you have solved ANY problem with an Opposite Conscience.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    The Ultimate Exit Strategy is for a number of extremely wealthy people to pool their resources and… and do what?

    • Silver Shield

      I don’t see how it is just for wealthy? We have a pizza delivery guy and a few students that resonate with the message. We are going to build a community like millions all over the world and it will be based on freedom. SO those can join our community can do a lot or nothing at all. I plan on creating opportunities and building things. Others may just want to smoke up…

      • Mustafa Cohen

        I don’t see how it is just for wealthy?

        @2:36: “We’re going to have a network of extremely wealthy and, more importantly, honest and thoughtful people”.

        SO those [who] join our community can do a lot or nothing at all.

        This my major question: why join anything, if they have this choice today, wherever they are?

        Two more questions:

        Question one:

        • What is the difference between joining this community and not joining it? What options or tools are available to members that are not available to anyone else?

        For example, if I pay $499 for a report at Forrester Research, it’s for something I can’t easily find elsewhere in usable form, let alone produce myself.

        Question two:

        • How does one join? What action makes me a full-featured member of the community, with the fullest range of responsibilities and rights possible?

        I think I am asking straightforward and important questions. Your answers will clarify the picture not just for me, but for a few others who, I am sure, are a bit confused like myself.

        If these questions are already answered, please let me know.

        • @Mustafa, when Chris stated,

          ““We’re going to have a network of extremely wealthy and, more importantly, honest and thoughtful people”.”

          I didn’t see this in anyway as only for wealthy people. I took it to mean that anyone investing in silver now is going to be wealthy when the current economic system fails. While I may not be as optimistic as Chris as to the certainty of that, what he meant seemed clear to me.

          As for the community aspect. It is only logical that people who were wealthy due to a common mindset and faced with a depleted society would work together to build even more wealth and if said people were of good morality they would do it both for profit and the common good.

          Now my take is I consider silver investing to be a gambit. It could pay off huge as Chris thinks it will or it may simply help to insure wealth and keep a person at par in a decline. Or something in the middle of the two. One thing I am certain of though is the dollar won’t get more valuable over any long term measure as it isn’t intended to. Hence silver is a safe haven for me. If it pays off the way Chris says (though I won’t bet the farm on it) indeed I would be happy to work with other like minded individual to leverage the resulting wealth.

          • Silver Shield

            When I said extremely wealthy… I meant when our silver stackers finally have our day in the sun and that a 1/10th of an ounce of silver is worth a days worth of labor….

            If this group was only for wealthy now… I would have made it $350 a month… and had 90% less people, but far wealthier.

      • Patrick

        I am one of the ssr members that is not rich I am right in there with the pizza delevery guy buying sometimes one cs dime at a time on a good week I might get a whole roll on saturday. My thoughts are that no one is forceing me to be a member and I have already learned so much from chris and others in our group to make it worth my frn’s to join :D. I may not be wealthy but I do own land and IF our group heads in a direction that does not resonate with me and I cant change minds then I can always stay on my mini farm in a community of family and friends in NC.

  • AgainstTheGrain

    Something, thats what were doing…..

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    Michael makes logical points and I respect his opinion, yet the facts comfort me:
    a. we live in a material world and need a strategy to provide material wealth for us to survive and accomplish our goals;
    b. Chris encourages these debates (non-dogmatic) and the plans are fluid/flexible and based on progress in the face of a changing world;
    c. Chris has demonstrated in not only word but his personal actions: values of a special kind of human society that we all want.
    d. If Chris (or the Silver Shield group) becomes elite-ist materialistic or power mad, we will beat him up or feed him too much marijuana until he get him back.
    e. All big advances involve navigating contradictions and risk. We need guns to defend against those with guns. We need wealth to defend against the elite and their wealth.

  • Joshua Stewart

    I don’t fee like this group has been elitist at all, Chris is always working to making it equitable. There is nothing wrong with like minded AWAKE people who resonate on basic ideas like the constitution and freedom wanting to separate themselves from sociopaths and psychos trying to control our lives! if it doesn’t resonate with someone they should take the hint and not continue with this group that should be a clue its not for you! The world is big enough for everyone to follow their highest excitement, as for me I have found no other person or site out there that has brought so much free information, now the people that needed to hear it are taking it to the next level I’m excited as hell!!!

    • mong00se

      I agree 100% I’m excited too.

    • Mustafa Cohen

      Maybe you would agree to help with my questions?

      I don’t fee like this group has been elitist at all

      A group is elitist by definition, as it divides the world into the minority inside and the majority outside.

      • If I am outside, what are the benefits of joining the inside for me?
      • What does this group offer that I can’t find elsewhere?
      • How will my life change, if I join the group?
      • How do I join, after all?
      • If members are expected to contribute, there must be a cause to contribute to. What is this cause?
      • What do members get in exchange for their contribution?
  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    Your questions are out of place and belong in a marketplace such as This is not a marketplace where we shop for a bargained for exchange of goods and/or services for something. Instead, this is all about liberty. Perhaps you want to buy something to make yourself happy. I enjoy using for that and I recommend that you look for something there. Maybe a good book or study results about finances and what you can do about the incipient depression we find ourselves in.

    1. Alternately, I suggest that you read the declaration of independence first. Understand that people have the right to live the way they want and that when a society becomes so corrupt or onerous, the individual has the right to go against it, or to leave and start their own. When enlightened logical and passionate individuals get fed up, they come together in a common cause for change. The declaration of independence is a good example. Perhaps you feel things are not corrupt. I see so much corruption everywhere that I am fed up and want to start over, but if you dont feel that way, I suggest you spend time at or some other market instead of this website.

    2. Second, remember that this group started as a visceral reaction of one person to a corrupt and dying paradigm that is extremely coercive by preying on the base instincts of people to control them for the pleasure and profit of a tiny elite. That one person found a way out and moved out of a nexus point of the corruption in NJ just before some of the pillars started to fall (in 2008). He has good ideas for how the paradigm (including much of the rules for creating the market that you instead are looking for and asking questions about) can be changed.

    3. Others spontaneously felt that same corruption and lack of liberty and looked on the internet for a way out. I can speak for myself, I decided to find or if not, to found a next paradigm society for the same reasons and realized that a rural, very civil place that ignores the central government already (and has for hundreds of years!), which is depopulating with much cheap agriculture land in an isolated island setting of an advanced country with freedom to build a self reliant (energy/food/water/export for trade) community to fit a next paradigm.

    4. This is a cause for liberty. This is what life is all about. The highest expression of being human is to participate in the development of the next higher level of life itself, the association of humans into a community. There is nothing more significant, more valuable, more worthy than that. Any notion of a bargained for exchange of goods or services is out of place in this context and lacks traction. Before we can buy and sell we must have liberty and a community that respects the individual. Only free participants unfettered by spiritual or physical coersion (Chris knows this better than most because of his previous role in that corrupt paradigm) can have a true exchange anyway. The “bargained for exchange” that you are looking for is not here because we are going about building a more liberating bargained for exchange system between individuals. If you are happy with the present buying and selling system paradigm and are looking to buy something then I have no clue as to why you are here.

    5. There is no elite in the sense you were using. We have to cut bait and fish at some point. Otherwise we will drown in the flood before we get a chance to make our preparations. After we have worked out our model alternative paradigm and can show DATA of a successful community (so people can believe and follow) there will be plenty of time and opportunity to show everyone else in the world how they can do exactly the same thing and follow our model. Because of time and the number of people (constraints) we have to act now. The hour is getting late.

    • Silver Shield

      Mustafa is being Devil’s Advocate.

      In common parlance, a devil’s advocate is someone who, given a certain argument, takes a position he or she does not necessarily agree with, for the sake of argument. In taking such position, the individual taking on the devil’s advocate role seeks to engage others in an argumentative discussion process. The purpose of such process is typically to test the quality of the original argument and identify weaknesses in its structure, and to use such information to either improve or abandon the original, opposing position. It can also refer to someone who takes a stance that is seen as unpopular or unconventional, but is actually another way of arguing a much more conventional stance.

      We talk about all ideas are worthless until they have been reality tested.

      I do appreciate in the counter argument or defense, but sometimes it better for us to do, than explain.

      • Mustafa Cohen

        Chris, I am, indeed, a devil’s advocate, but only to a degree. I genuinely don’t understand where this is going, because from the pieces I collected so far, it looks like the idea is to pool wealth and to buy land.

        “Pooled” means that I don’t hold it (unless, of course, I am the one who holds the pool). Which means, I don’t own it.

        Then the wealth that I don’t own anymore is used to buy land. Since I do not own the wealth used as payment for the land, I necessarily don’t own the land either.

        OK, so now I have no wealth and no land. In the best case scenario, it is owned by an organization that I am a member of. Wait, doesn’t it sound familiar?

        This plan stands in dazzling contrast to most of what you wrote and made videos about – unless there is something I am missing.

        I really, really want it to be the case, so I am asking: What am I missing? What did I not hear in the videos? How will the group help me achieve my highest and best self in exchange for my modest material possessions?

        • Silver Shield

          We had this discussion a few months ago about what do people do if they have no wealth? Not much. Hang on to what you can. This next stage is to hopefully help people meet up and maybe do projects together like a retreat to ride out the Anger Phase of humanity. The Ultimate Exit Strategy is about all of us establishing a community that has the capital, people, and the freedom to reestablish an economy. That is probably where those that have no capital come in. I talked about equity investing where those with capital, partner with those with ideas or talents. I also spent time talking about generational dynamics as I know boomers have capital but don’t relate with the next generation of ideas of the Millenials. I do also think that it would not be the worst thing to have a network of liberty minded. That alone could be worth your while.

          At the end of the day this community will live or die based off of if the members get more value out of it than they pay for it. Given my track record I must be doing something right and will hopefully continue to stay ahead of the curve.

    • Mustafa Cohen

      Marvin, let’s assume you were replying to me.

      Your questions are out of place and belong in a marketplace

      This is a marketplace. Chris is selling an idea, a BIG idea. I want to know whether I want to buy it; whether this idea is worth my time and energy. I am not in the habit of rushing headlong into a commitment that I don’t understand.

      The highest expression of being human is to participate in the development of the next higher level of life

      Maybe third time is the charm: What prevents you from developing the next higher level of life today, where you are? What will this group give you that you don’t have?

      Please note that the less a person has to say, the more words he uses. The less confident a person is, the fiercer his defense of what he is unsure of. The more reluctant the person is to answer questions, the more questions arise.

      • Marvin Motsenbocker

        Lol! “Please note that the less a person has to say, the more words he uses. The less confident a person is, the fiercer his defense of what he is unsure of. The more reluctant the person is to answer questions, the more questions arise.” I do not agree with your conclusory statements here.

        You misunderstood: I said that the community IS the next higher layer of life. Development of a Self Sustaining community (beginning with family and extending outward) is a valuable goal and is the most important thing an individual can do with his life in my opinion(but I already said that, it seems you are asking me to change my mind?).

        My skills will be USED by the community more than in the present paradigm. (I can give specific examples about how the present paradigm prevents this in many ways but dont want to take up time…..). And I cannot do that HERE and NOW because I am surrounded by non-resonating people who only communicate about and focus on their military retirement pensions. In contrast a small community that is self sufficient lets each to reach his potential much better. I can give examples of that too if you like. My biggest gripe is that everything that I would like to build and use is imported at low wages from China and has to be thrown out because it is designed that way. The self suffient community solves or at least alleviates that problem. I can give examples. Maybe off line by skype?

        • Mustafa Cohen

          Thank you for you patience and the detailed, to-the-point response. My major question is answered. Now I have one solid, real world example of how a person can benefit from joining the group in question.

  • Paul Nicholas

    I’m with Mustafa (who I rarely agree with) and Michael on this one.

    Listen to all. Follow none. Walk your own path the best you can.

  • Joshua Stewart

    you join by joining the silver shield its 35$ a mo. to have Chris spend his valuable time coordinating the basic strategy and intellectual foundation of a group of close to 500 like minded liberty defending individuals into a strong community to do whatever we want. what don’t you get about that? Its all fairly straight forward in my mind.

    • Silver Shield

      I don’t think it is what I am doing that bothers people…

      It is the fact that I am charging money for this.

      I have watched too many communities destroyed by rock throwers that have no stake in the community and become a toxic effect.

      They hide behind anonymity and offer nothing of value.

      This community will be supported by those that value the ideals and if it is not worth their time they will leave in droves.

      Given the quality of people I have personally met with, I cannot wait until our first virtual meeting so that the rest see the quality of this group.

      I am very happy with all of the work that I have done and will continue to do, but this next step among those that want to commit is best done in a small responsible group as humanity burns through the Anger Phase.

      • Paul Nicholas

        I genuinely would appreciate you addressing Michael’s concerns and Mustafa’s questions instead of just claiming that they’re being Devil’s advocates. I’m sure that you aren’t looking for a community that throws money, effort and time at something without having any questions or concerns.

      • Mustafa Cohen

        I have watched too many communities destroyed by rock throwers that have no stake in the community and become a toxic effect.

        Seriuosly? Asking a question earned me a badge of a toxic rock-thrower? From you, of all people?

        • Silver Shield

          Not you. I thought we knew each other better than this?
          Why don’t you tell me what is reall bothering you.

          • Mustafa Cohen

            Not money, definitely. You are not squeezing people’s private parts – they pay or don’t pay voluntarily. I am bothered by a possible discrepancy between what I saw into your work and what your work might actually be.

            My main question is (if it hasn’t yet sanded your eyes enough on this page), What prevents all of us who are on this site from living the way we want, today? How will this obstacle be gone from the physical community? People will bring their heads with them, and these heads will be the same as today, here.

            Communities must be managed, and management is cancer. While you may not want to turn the free community into Gulag, one or more of your closest partners already do – it’s not that I am paranoid, it’s history.

            I would join a group focused on living today, not on Building a Brighter Tomorrow with mergers, expansions, intricate politics, annual reports, etc. Any group with management and plans will eat itself.

            And any group where the value of individual members is judged by the amount of money they have is in no way different from our current group, called “the world”. You will have 10 guys who got rich in current paradigm, who will expect 390 others to slave for them in exchange for a promise of equity. Or promise of food. And use shared resources to secure the new status quo.

            How will the new community be different from the old (current) community, if it is designed and run by the same people with the same minds? What devices do you have in place to prevent history from repeating?

            • Silver Shield

              Nothing is preventing you from doing anything.
              We all can pursue what ever path resonates with you.
              I choose to work with others to do something far greater than one person can accomplish trying to be a jack of all trades.

              I think about the neighbors I have and so much time and effort is spent pursuing things that do not resonate with me. I know when I am in a room with people I resonate with, I become alive with ideas. The problem is most often we take these ideas and go back to our own little worlds where they die. Why? Why not purposely live with people you resonate with instead of living with those by happenstance? We marry people because they resonate with us but we do not really choose where we live, work, or play with others that resonate with us. I think a like minded community can be something really good in person.

              You and I have had a great deal amount of conversations and yet the most discord we have is when we are typing to each other. Yet during video chats we are on the same page. I am sure if I had a beer with you or you were a neighbor we would even be closer.

              Communities don’t need to be managed if you have people that respect others privacy and property. It is the psychopath in society that needs to be managed not the rest. I do not need a police state looking after me.

              First we are doing a virtual community to see if people resonate with the group and direction. If people don’t find value, they will take their time, talent, energy and $35 a month elsewhere. It is a free market. If this turns out to be something that it was not meant to be it will die. But after the year and a half of intellectual foundation we are growing stronger and the people that are joining are spectacular individuals.

              Next we will probably establish decentralized bugout communities. This will be done through voluntary cooperation and self organizing groups based on location and interests. Think of it like a forum except you have a video chat with other in your area or of the same interests. We will have a weekend Silver Shield Report for the whole group but I think the real power is going to be in the individual meetings throughout the week. For example Marvin might lead a weekly meeting of engineers to discuss plans for energy production. Or we can have others run permaculture discussions. Or we can have a meeting for people who want to relocate or meet people in the Rockies.

              Finally after the fires of humanity’s anger phase have burned out, I believe that all of us can go about creating the Ultimate Exit Strategy and move to a state or country that values our ideals and assets. There we can go about establishing something that resonates with us.

              That community will offer opportunity and a level playing field for others to create wealth through equity ventures. I am sorry but there is no easy way for those that do not have capital to change that other than stacking silver. If you do not have silver you will be slaving away for someone some where probably for a silver dime a day, and it will not be in an air conditioned room behind a computer. That is why I have been hammering the desk for years and educating people about buying silver.

              The benefit of our community is that I will not stand for another capital tyranny that rigs the game against labor with fiat, fractional reserve, debt, ponzi schemes. I think you might want to listen to Silver Shield Report #35: The Societal Operating System Pt.3
              Silver Shield Report #34: The Societal Operating System Pt. 2
              Silver Shield Report #33: The Societal Operating System Pt. 1

              That is just the original ideas that I am sure will evolve.

              If this community turns into something that you fear I am sure all of the liberty minded people that have been attracted to this future vision of freedom would have my ass. I would also hope that given my track record you would have a little more faith in me and the group we are attracting. I have always been open to discussion and changing our path, so long as it is intellectually honest.


              • Mustafa Cohen

                Thank you. This comment finally sounds like the answer I was looking for.

                you would have a little more faith in me

                You yes, others less, and you are not doing it alone. If a person brings a cart with 20% of project’s silver, he will say “I want 20% of decision-making power. Because I pay.” (You know, the old-paradigm approach, where bank accounts are for proportional to wisdom.)

    • Mustafa Cohen

      strong community to do whatever we want

      What prevents you from doing whatever you want today, where you are? What tools or opportunities will this community provide you that you don’t have today, where you are?

      • Silver Shield

        I am a lone wolf in a community of hopelessly unaware or unprepared sheep that will become angry when reality hits.
        I would rather be with other prepared people who resonate with me than going it alone.
        I could buy a cabin in the woods but I believe there is better options.
        And after the Anger Phase I believe this network can build something incredible.

      • Marvin Motsenbocker

        Mustafa (also see my comments above)
        I resonate with your concerns about “This is a marketplace. Chris is selling an idea, a BIG idea. I want to know whether I want to buy it; whether this idea is worth my time and energy. I am not in the habit of rushing headlong into a commitment that I don’t understand.”

        I dont think that you have to jump in and make a big commitment. Most people are holding back and getting involved to the extent they enjoy it or it solves a problem for them. I assume that no one will do anything at all unless they see something that really motivates them.I expect to work in the heart of the beast (K street between 16 and 17th) indefinitely and am not risking my present job or situation and expect to keep my job even in the worst of economic calamities.
        I am having fun (got my ham radio license now exploring antennas and like minded people) develop a DIY solar electric kit for others etc. and am NOT RUSHING into anything.

        You sound like an extremely well organized and careful person. I am beginning to understand you. I have absolutely NO plans to make ANY big decisions or rush into ANYTHING but am having fun and will continue to have fun helping in a SMALL way if time permits with getting things ready for the group (energy etc.). I am in this for fun. I already have a bug out and permanent healthy community place in Japan where most everything Chris talks about we are ALREADY doing from developing self sufficiet food and energy to local product production for external trade and considering new money etc. Everything in moderation and I dont think you have to make any big decision at all except just do whatever is fun (resonates). If people find a property within a few hours from me in WVirginia it will be fun to contribute. otherwise I might not do ANYTHING except read all of these enjoyable discussions and meet some cool new people who are exploring electronics, for the next few years. works for me

        • Mustafa Cohen

          I am a black-or-white person. If I commit, I commit with no ifs or buts. One of the reasons I can’t stand current reality is acceptance of advertising that says “One Thing*”, and in the footnote “* it is a 180 degree opposite” – why does it keep working?!

          If I find a cause honest, I work for it for free with as much dedication as Zuckerberg for money and power.

          As for rushing it or having fun… I want a radical change to everything, and right now. I want something I cannot imagine, something that has never happened. For example, Toyota Camry 2013 is not new. Even Toyota Prius is not new. There is nothing new about a cart with wheels and a motor.

          Remove borders, dissolve parliaments, get rid of legal system, let things happen the way they will – that’s new. Anything else is variations of what we already know for thousands of years. It is boring.

          If we’re talking RADICAL changes – I’m 150% in. Less than radical – why bother, we are already there.

          • Marvin Motsenbocker

            Mustafa: now I resonate completely with you. I hope you dont mind me saying so but I think this discussion has to do with differences in how we perceive the world: Chris and many others are INTJ wherein I am INTP (similar but much more self doubt and less judgment/action). I suspect that you are a different type entirely and please forgive me if I am pre-judging here but maybe that Jung test has value in helping us communicate with and understand each other.
            I want to see radical changes (a revolution) because I am astonished by how corrupt the judicial system is and also by how the elite have taken over the patent system and rigged the law in their favor. I am trying to leave the country for this reason but the SSR group alternative gives me hope for America.
            I am afraid that the TPTB are learning the art of empire decline management and will use various layers of police to hold the rotten thing together for some time. Unlike France, Russia and Japan, England went through an incremental approach based on liberty loving wealth creators chipping away rather than radical in evolving past their Monarchy. I think that non-radical changes can work if a clear and persistant vision exists.

      • Joshua Stewart

        Mustafa, I do whatever I want now, obviously I quite my well paid 9-10 job and started my own business from nothing and its thriving now. When I say a community that can do whatever we want I like Marvin think its fun and exciting to plan my future with like minded people who resonate and defend liberty and freedom. Why go at it alone? most the people in my day to day life don’t care about the same things I do. Thats ok but when SHTF I will not want to be hanging with those folks. Chris has always said anyone can take his plans and ideas and start their own group or whatever, I have found everything honest and straight forward and at first I only planned to check it out for a month or 2 but I have found info that works for me, you go be that radical change you want to see in the world, I respect and dig that for sure! make videos or something I would love to check some of your ideas out.

  • Chris,

    I have enjoyed many of your presentations. I never subscribed to your material; but many of my members have forwarded your newsletters and emails to me.

    I see now that you are discontinuing your newsletter. I read your reasons; and the reason that I am writing to you now is that…while all of your work as being heartfelt and of good intent…you have not presented the TRUE SOLUTION. I have that solution on my website: MATRIX SOLUTIONS. This has always been about getting out of the Matrix…i.e. the Leontief Matrix and the FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation) Matrix.

    These are both very real. The Leontief Matrix is the name of the software program that runs the IRS “mainframe”; called the IRS WAR GAMES COMPUTER. You are in it…it has you and all of your readers and subscribers.

    And, it had me until I found THE SOLUTION.

    In the movie (that THEY PRODUCED to give you priority notice of the existence of the “real world matrix”); the most important character was THE KEYMAKER. He made the “key” that “fit the doorway” out of the Matrix. That key is real and it exists in the Law of Nations and International Treaties.

    More than this I won’t say; and simply leave you with this: “time is of the essence” as you know. Due to this, I am reaching out to you in a manner that I normally do not do. I am an Ambassador and have Immunity. I know the Law of Nations and International Law and therefore I know the “key”…and how to help other fix “their problem called:CHOICE”.

    I suppose that you have my email. I hope to hear from you.

    All the best;

    David Williams

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