SBSS 48. The Resonating Community

10 comments to SBSS 48. The Resonating Community

  • Rick

    Sounds great but my concern would be what happens when a bunch of “have nots” want what’s yours? That would include a bunch of desperate folks from the next town over or even a government that wants to pay for their next brilliant idea. Just look at the world, any country that has gold and not part of the “system” is getting attacked.Protecting those assets has to be priority number 1.

    • Silver Shield

      That is why a physical and barrier of entry buffers is required until humanity burns through the Anger Phase.

  • Excellence is what I aspire to nurture and develop each day in my family’s life to build strong character.
    It is said…. “Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical, and expecting more than others think is possible.”
    Chris, I see excellence in you. From me and my family, Thank YOU!

    • Silver Shield

      I take heart the comments of encouragement from people that I respect than the insults of those I do not respect.

  • LibertyDude

    I’ve been watching your video series for a while now and it really resonates with me. I would love to join a community like the one you’ve envisioned in this episode.

    How can I get more involved?

  • I am joining.

    Just curious, how does one find out more about your network, how you will create alliances verses trade partners and how your idea of barriers protect from tanks and missiles.

    As well do you have a means by which to participate in this community while remaining ananonmyous or participation via representation of conduct as the lifestyle of living near waves is something that is priceless to me (as many others too have connections to the life they get from where they live).

    • Silver Shield

      Think of it as a your favorite forum or comment board that is actually going to do something, that is 500 aware and prepared people from over 1.5 million that have seen my message.

      Then take away any toxic people that would destroy the community.

      We will form decentralized groups based on location and interests.

      We will get to know each other in face to face video chats.

      We will keep a low profile during the Anger Phase of humanity.

      After the fires burn out…

      We will look to build a sustainable, resonating community in a state that values honest money and honest people.

      We will create a truly free society based on equitable ownership, sustainable energy and something we can all be proud to leave our children.

      It is a long road but you will have good people along your path.

      “Most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.”

  • Terry Bytes

    This is very exciting.
    You’re really lining up the billiards nicely.
    I’m a few videos behind, so am curious what is in Utah.

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