The End of the Line Interview

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  • sledmaster

    The question about “when will the masses wake up?”, I don’t think they will before the collapse actually happens. Yes there are a lot of people waking up, but compared to “the masses” the numbers aren’t even a drop in the ocean. I live in a small rural community and for this area, some people I know, that would be, when compared to “the masses”, these local people would be considered very “conservative” and “politically in the know”, and they go about their day not even giving any of this a second thought. Most of these people are generations removed from their relatives that lived through hard times, like the “great depression” and have been given “old money” to live on. Well all of that money is exhausted now. I really can’t think of anyone my age that lives around here, that is actually farming or is considered successful, that wasn’t given money to start out their farming adventure or whatever else they are doing. Well I truly think all that “old money” is pretty much gone now. I am just trying to say that even in rural areas people are so brainswashed and totally are still believing nothing is wrong. This collapse will be very very bad, the great depression will be no comparison, at least then “most” people had “morals”, unlike today.

    • Joshua Stewart

      That’s all true but hell as long as you tried waking up the people you love then its time to stand for what you believe in, The only person you can or should control is yourself. Walk away from a system that doesn’t resonate with you and focus your energy on what does excite you. Enjoy the Ride! we chose to be here and experience this!

  • Jon

    I have a question. When silver collapses back down to $20, will you refund people their money?

    • Silver Shield

      We are all big boys and are fully aware what we are doing. The risks and the rewards.
      Quick story. 2008 Silver was $21 and crashed to $8. I started writing all of the reasons why I bought silver and went ahead and bought more. I watched it go up 400% since then. Now I have the same people throwing the same crap at me and I am still buying more. Knowing that I beat Warren Buffet over the past 12 years was fun but I will really feel sorry for the pain most people will feel when this next rally starts and everything else they believed to be true fails. Good luck.

      • Mike

        I woke up after the crash of 2008. I had just read an article about Mitsui Corp. and their silver catalytic converter for diesels, and thought that was incredibly bullish. I then noticed that silver had plummeted juuust a little more than it should have. It was pretty obvious. Like the propaganda from all the news networks is so obvious now.

      • Scott

        Outstanding reply!!

    • Silver42

      Or, if silver goes way up should we send you money as a thank you?

    • trailhiker

      Typical response from someone unwilling to be responsible for themselves. Allways looking for someone to blame for their decisions in life, it is time to grow up and be a big boy Jon.

  • Silver42

    I heard a guest on the Peter Schiff radio show this morning who sounds like a member of the Silver Shield. He said there is no point in trying to change the current system and that he was done with the system. He left his job, cashed out his 401k, and bought physical silver.

    • Silver Shield

      Alright which one of you is bother Peter’s business plan :)

      BTW I have a HUGE announcement this Sunday about an interview. 😉

  • Nate

    It’s either Alex Jones, or Oprah. I just feel it!

  • libertybelle

    We should be gretaful that the masses are not waking up. When they become aware, prepping supplies will become hard to find and prices witll escalate. Supply and demand at work.

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