A call to SSR members in Pennsylvania (update)

Hey guys,

So “4Liberty” and I have decided that it would be a good idea to have a meeting with other SSR members here in P.A as a primer or precursor for what’s to come with the virtual meetings that are to take place in the very near future. Let me know if you’re interested and what objectives you’d like to see addressed and where you think we should meet.

*Update: So it looks like we’ve struck a chord with this idea. Due to privacy concerns, I was thinking about taking this discussion to the SSR forums. By the way, this meeting is by no means an all exclusive meeting for only SSR members who live in P.A. If you’re an SSR member, you are more than welcome to join us. At this very moment I just want to establish the SSR branch (or cell) in P.A.

I have not used the forums yet myself, so I was curious about signing up in the forums too. Here are the directions to sign up:

64.52% of forum poll votes said “Yes, forum is a good idea”.

If you voted “Yes”, here’s the good news: Silver Shield Report (SSR) members now have a private forum group at http://forum.sonsoflibertyacademy.com/groups/ssr/

Key features of this group:
– Conversations inside the group are only visible to SSR subscribers.
– Any SSR subscriber can start a conversation.
– When everyone has joined, this group can be hidden so that people outside of SSR will not even see it in the list of groups.
– This group allows SSR members to communicate directly with people of the same degree of determination.

As with any forum, and unlike DTOM site, this group will be as good as members make it. There are no posts to comment. Everyone is encouraged to speak up about what matters to them.

To access the SSR Group Forum:

1. If you are not registered on Sons Of Liberty Academy Forums, please register here:
Please use the same email you use for SSR.

2. Login to your account and visit this page:

3. Click “Request membership”

Your requests will be processed as soon as possible for one person. In other words, it might take a while. But don’t worry: just created, the group is empty, so there is nothing to miss.

See you there in 3 steps:
Register -> Logn -> Request membership


~ Irv

25 comments to A call to SSR members in Pennsylvania (update)

  • Steve Golin

    Irv…great idea! As a suggestion as to where, central PA may work best for those located throughout the state or possible where most of the SSR PA community live. Topics could remain open for our first meeting…we all know the criticality of our times, however discussion of potential PA and regional locations for our community and what each of us can bring to the table should be touched upon.
    Stay well,

  • Irving14941

    Good idea! Central PA sounds perfect.

    Right on point with discussing potential PA & regional locations, as well as what each of us is talented in.

    I had sent “4Liberty” this e-mail earlier:

    Building an established network of like minded individuals with whom we can work with, should “it” happen before (also when it happens) we can start laying the physical foundation with the entire SSR group.

    Other things:

    – Weekly get togethers for practicing survival skills, gun skills, and any other activity that has a two-fold effect — in this case, I’m speaking about building trust and doing something that will be of value in the next paradigm (like, farming, nutrition, carpentry, stone masonry, welding, etc)

    That’s all I can think of for now. The ultimate goal, though, in my mind is the beginning of establishing trust.

    We already have a pretty good foundation of trust from which we can build upon, which is what Chris had laid out with all his work. What we need now is to expand on that. Which is why he plans on doing these virtual meetings.

  • Sturgis

    Irv…trust is absolutely essential as well as esential capabilities! . Good list to start…I have many more to add to your list of skills above, however we will need individuals skilled in medicine and dentistry. Let’s keep this moving forward and we will have a strong and prepared group!

  • Mary

    I’m from Jersey but would be interested if not too far west in Pa. It’s time to touch base.

  • Heward

    This is a great idea! I was unable to attend the event in Ohio due to lack of funds, but a central PA meet is well within my means. As long as there is a lead time of 10-14 days to the meet up, I’ll be able to adjust my work schedule so I can attend.

    Any email address Irving? I can’t seem to find the link to the forums anymore.

  • patriotdeb

    Hi Irving and all, thanks for the ideas. I would love to be involved with a group. Would Harrisburg be a good meeting spot for everyone?

    Mary you could meet up with me if you would like to. I live about 20 miles out of Phila., close to the Delaware border. Any one else near me?

    Happy 4th!


  • dlcsf

    I will be looking for fellow SSR members on the SSR forum. Glad to hear a PA group is in development as both my husband and I would be interested in participating.

    Stay cool and enjoy the weekend.

  • Sturgis

    Irv…I have requested membership and am awaiting approval. Who is to approve us and how long does it normally take? Once we get our initial group in the forum, we can set a time and place to meet in the Harrisburg area. There is considerable information available that we all should read, one excellent book is by Holly Deyo – Dare to Prepare. Many others to be discussed within our forum. To all…have a very safe and wonderful 4th of July Holiday!!!

  • patriotdeb

    Can my email be deleted from the post? Thanks.

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    Irving: I requested membership and cannot enter the private forum. I want to make sure that I go to any meeting you guys might have (Harrisburg sounds like a great place to meet). Could you please email me when a meeting time and place are fixed? thanks Marvin

  • […] I created a new thread in the private forums of the SSR group. The forum link to the thread for the PA branch of the SSR group is: http://forum.sonsoflibertyacademy.com/groups/ssr/forum/topic/a-call-to-ssr-members-in-pa/. Let’s take our discussion privately and get the ball rolling! Here’s a quick link to the FIRST post of this idea in case you missed what all the fuzz is about http://dont-tread-on.me/?p=19953 […]

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